J k Rowling is being praised by many of us for introducing us to the magical land of harry potter. All of us have a special place for this series in our hearts. Whenever it is being telecast on the TV we don’t miss watching it. But I was wondering what if the spells could be used in our day to day life as well? What would our life be like?
There are some spells which I think will make our lives easier. Have a look-


What If We Could Use Hogwarts Spells in Real Life


1. Wingardium leviosa-

As hermione says-” it’s laviOsa not laviosar”.
I think this spell would be like a blessing in disguise for lazy people like me who don’t want to move much and lie around and get things done. For instance- picking up TV or AC remote. Calling for a glass of water from the kitchen etc etc

2. Expelliarmus

It will be a boon during our fights with our siblings. Okay! You have a pillow to beat me- expelliarmus!! How about that ?

3. Expecto patronum-

The darkest period of our year-yes! Exams.
We can pass them easily by just thinking about the good memories. It feels so good just thinking about it.

4. Confundus

Best spell if you don’t have comebacks during argument. Make the person standing in front of you forget what he was saying. *sigh*

5. Stupefy

Can also be called ‘knock out’ in our day to day life ?.
Can be used to surprise your opponent

6. Lumus-

This can be easily used to save our phone battery.. Small torch anybody?

7. Protego totalum

A protection spell that can be used multi-purposely. To hide from parents when you get low scores or just at times when you are in no mood of being disturbed

8. Imperio

How satisfying would it be to get things done exactly the way you want them to be done by others!!
No questions asked!! You can then use the phrase ” dance my puppets , dance” *evil laugh*?

9. Obliviate

Okay this one is similar to confundus but in this we can erase the memory.. hmmm ?

10. The unbreakable vow

The one that Snape takes to ensure the death eaters that he is in their team.
This can be used aptly on our parents when they promise to buy something and then forget about it later. Next time you promise and I have powers- you are making an unbreakable vow! Period!

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So this was our take on how we will utilise the spells. Do tell us in comment section what is your plan if you get to use these ?


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