One thing that affects your mindset the most is your home. As the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart lies”, it is your safe space that gives you a sense of belongingness and security. The concept of self-care and self-love begins from the place your heart and peaceful state of mind dwells in- your home.

A person’s surroundings play an important role in deciding his set of mind. Most times, a cluttered house can cause silent chaos inside a person’s head which more often than not leads to anxiety subconsciously. There are ways to achieve wellness and content through meditation, therapy, counselling, change in lifestyle and more. However, all these exercises are long driven and take time to show results. Moreover, they require consistency and dedication. Apart from these long term effective exercises, there are some tiny changes or home décor ideas you can implement in your home to have a more stable and peaceful state of mind.


1. Space by the window

Small comforting spaces have a soft corner where you can sit, relax and have a cup of coffee is all you need to come back to after a long tiring day. If you have space and the facilities to get a bay window or a French window which can overlook a garden or the streets, make sure you get it. Throw in some blanket, cushions or anything that comforts you and give yourself some much-deserved me-time.

If you have a view to overlook from the window, it is even better, as our peaceful state of mind feels more relaxed when it can have an eye on the world while not being vulnerable dwelling in it or feeling exposed amidst of the chaos.


2. Natural Light

Light has both a physical and mental impact on the human being. The first rule while building or picking your home is to make sure each and every room gets enough natural light. A radiant room emits so much more positivity than a dull and a shady room. You can also add the artificial warm lights to enlighten the mood as in when you like but having enough natural light entering the room is extremely important for your mindset.

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When the first rays of the sun hit your window, it accelerates the natural body alarm and you wake up without being grumpy and the warm feeling you get when the room turns into a bright caramel shade during golden hour right before the sunset. Natural light helps you close to the natural setting of the environment, kills the unwanted bacteria in the house and as a bonus point, it saves a hell lot of electricity too. Sunlight induces a lot of good vibes into the house and to maintain a healthy mindset, vibes matter and so does the light.


3. Nature

Get your greens inside! We know the city life becomes hectic and not everybody has the privilege or the facilities of having a garden, a patio full of plants or even a terrace garden. But each of us can get few greens inside the house to feel the natural elements around us. Being close to nature has proven to be one of the most therapeutic experience for a human being as it calms the soul and clears the mind. If you can’t always live in the outdoors, you can get the tiny aspects of outdoors in your house to keep you attached to the roots.

Indoor plants help keep the energy in a room positive and light, the fact that the plant survives in an enclosed wall gives us humans a sense of assurance. With so many modern upgradations today, you can keep multiple plants inside the house today and even you cannot keep the actual plants, you can keep the artificial ones for a show as well, they will work the same way for rejuvenating the peaceful state of mind.

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4. Things made out of wood

Like we discussed the greens, we often hanker for our roots but surprisingly we tend to distance ourselves from everything that brings us close to the roots and keeps us grounded. Living in a big city, away from the forests, with technologically advanced things around us and the contemporary modern design furniture, but there is something about the smell of wood that makes us realize our true existence even for the time being. The smooth feeling of a wooden bureau, the silent creak of the wooden floor or the feeling of sitting in a wooden rocky chair ignite our senses and gives a subtle reminder of the world outside.

It is always a good home décor idea to have wood around the house in the form of furniture, decorative pieces, children’s toys or any other form. Wood gives the sense of belongingness and assurance of being simple in the world full of complexities.  The added advantage of wood is it gives you the vintage feel and having vintage pieces around the house is one of the most loved and popular interior themes.

5. Declutter

A cluttered home will result in a cluttered mindset. This theory is researched, tested and proven that a human mind is affected whilst dwelling amidst a cluttered space. Take the time out of your busy schedule and declutter your house, starting from one corner at a time. The whole process of getting rid of the things you don’t need in your life will make you contemplate about your life choices but as you start seeing your home getting clearer, the whole process will be exhilarating.

As you take the unwanted stuff out of your home, you will sense the area of the room is bigger and clear. With a clear and clean surrounding, the weight in your mind tens to reduce drastically and you become capable of thinking clearly again.

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6. Books always bring peace

You may or may not be a reader, but it is advisable to devote a space in your home to some books. It can be any kind, motivational, self-help, rom-com, thrillers, political or even merely children book; the genre does not matter. As long as you spend some time reading even one page in a day, the books will make you feel welcomed as soon as you enter the house.

The best part about being engrossed in the books is you cut off from the real world for the time and indulge in the parallel reality which subconsciously helps in the development of your brain. After all, there’s nothing a good read and a hot cup of coffee cannot fix.

7. Personalise the home décor

With the advert changes in the concept of interiors. There is absolutely no limit to the number of ways you can design your house. But rather than buying a piece of décor. Try and keep a few elements that have a special personal value to you or your family. Be it an old vintage chair of your grandmother, amateur abstract wall art made by your 5-year-old daughter, travel souvenirs, portraits or polaroid pictures of the family member or just a piece that defines a special memory of the residents.

A house is always a reflection of the person who resides there. Rather than coming back to an enclosed room, one would always prefer coming back to the warmth of the memories, emotions, and values attached to those little elements that you add.


If you are going through a difficult phase of your life or you are just looking for things to make your mind peaceful, before going out and seeking help, you might consider these few changes in your house and you will guarantee experience a positive change in your life.




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