Everywhere we look we see lights. Everywhere there is joy and festivities. People are already in a holiday mood and offices are organising Diwali pooja and parties. We all are waiting for our Diwali gifts with full excitement and just can’t wait for the day to come. Diwali has a great significance in Hindu mythology and it marks the triumph of good over evil. We light ‘diyas’ and distribute gifts and meet people and it is undoubtedly the best time of the year.

But, Diwali has changed for us in some ways while growing up. There have been some major shifts in terms of how we celebrate the festival of lights now and how we used to celebrate earlier. Here, we have made a list of some things that remind us how the way of celebration has changed over the years.



diwali crackers

In our childhood we were unaware of all the damage crackers did to our mother Earth. But as we grew up and our teachers started telling us how this harms the environment we became conscious. But, most of us suddenly stopped bursting crackers as we grew up and realised that we get only one pair of lungs.




Diwali is a synonym to a lot of sweets and chocolates. We used to relish these without any guilt in our childhood but as adults, these seem like the toxic relationship we just can’t get rid of. We still have it but with guilt and name this season of festivities as a cheat day.

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Home decor

home decor

Ah, childhood! It’s so innocent and full of excitement and enthusiasm. We used to be so excited when we were all asked to decorate our classes. The same procedure was followed at home also. But now it seems a task as we are not necessarily free and are too tired to get up and do different things to decorate our house.

We do it anyhow but not the way we used to.




We used to be excited about the rangoli competition and even if we didn’t know how to make a rangoli we got all pumped up to see all the beautiful designs made by others.

Now making rangoli is only for home and you admire the rangolis made at your friend’s or relative’s doorstep.


Day off


In schools, it was a week off now it’s like 2-3 days maximum. God forbid if it’s a weekend. Corporates don’t really allow you to take a week off. This is the toughest one to deal with.


Things that we all follow in India on Diwali



In childhood, it used to be visiting people’s house and playing outdoor games or hide and seek and our parents used to drag us away because many houses to cover in a day. But now these games have been transited to playing cards.



As kids, we used to receive gifts but now we are the ones who are distributing gifts. This was a no-brainer, we told what we want and got it before Diwali but now we have to make a quality yet budget-friendly gifts and buy them.

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So, these were some major shifts we all must have experienced during diwali from our childhood to adulthood. If you have something else in mind then do share with us. Happy Diwali to all!




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