When it comes to watching comedy shows there are certain series that has proved to be evergreen. How I Met Your Mother is one such show which has a huge fan base. People love this show so much that there is merchandise still available of this. The characters are also very relatable and the show was made thinking and keeping in mind every minute detail. This has impressed the fans.

People boast that they are die-hard fans of a certain show. The best way to find out is by taking a How I Met Your Mother quiz. If you claim to be a HIMYM fan then find out for yourself.

How I Met Your Mother Quiz


How I Met Your Mother Quiz

Which drink makes Ted think that he is good at beat boxing?
What is the name of Stella's daughter?
In which profession is Ted's sister, Heather?
Which city does Lily goes to pursue art program after breaking up with Marshall?
First drink Tracy buys for Ted?
In which University did Ted, Lily and Marshall study?
What was the name of the girl 'Blah Blah' whose name Ted can't remember?
How many times does Barney gets slapped by Marshall?
Which class does Ted take by mistake?
Whose wedding did Ted and Victoria meet?
What was the name of the building Zoey is trying to save?
How many kids do Lily & Marshall have?
What was the name of Barney's half-sister?
what was the name of Barney's rabbit?
Which of these is NOT a play from "The Playbook" ?
What was the name of Ted's daughter?
How old was Barney when he lost his virginity?
What was Robin's 2nd stage name?
what does Ted's doppelganger does for a living?
How many parts were there of "The Wedding Bride"?
How I Met Your Mother Quiz
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