We have bid goodbye to 2019 and welcomed 2020 in our lives. Each year we have different achievements as well as some failures. There are some new friends and a few lost connections due to the time shortage or change of priorities. Same goes for technology and other things. We had something different in 2010 but that has gradually faded away from our lives and has been replaced by something new, something better. Many things changed in the last 10 years.

In this post we will take a look at all such things which were a revolution at the starting of this decade but now are a thing of the past. Have a look-


Sms packs versus internet

Changes in a decade

Remember the days when we used to get a recharge done from the local recharge shop and send forwarded texts to our friends and laugh at those the next day we met. Thanks to technology we don’t have to take that pain anymore. We can avail different services and chat with people at any platform through super-fast internet services.


Pen drives versus Cloud storage

Changes in a decade

Pen drives used to be our go to portable devices to share data with friends and we used to flaunt it after giving up on CD’s. Now we all have online storage platforms given to the fast and reliable internet connections.

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Orkut versus Instagram

Changes in a decade

I still recall everybody in my school and tuition classes talking about creating and account and sharing things on Orkut. Facebook came into our lives and Orkut gradually became history. Now, Instagram is so widely followed and used and people actually use it to build trust among the people by promoting products through common folks we can relate to.


Songs.pk versus Spotify

Changes in a decade

We all can relate to the hassle faced while downloading the songs from the very old and widely famous songs.pk. But the very latest personalised app called Spotify has managed to garner a huge fan following given to its amazing user experience. Also, you don’t need to download anything to listen to songs, just an internet connection which is a no-biggie in today’s time. The way we listen to music has changed in the last 10 years.


Torrent versus Netflix

Changes in a decade

We all have downloaded movies form Torrent in our times and we all have cursed the slow internet at that time. But time has changed and changed for good. We can watch movies live with active internet connection and have many options to choose from. It has really changed the way entertainment is perceived.


Dial-up connections versus 5G

Changes in a decade

It was really a pain in the ass with the dial-up connection in previous day. Time is changing really fast with 5G connections. Accessing internet has become very easy on our mobile phones as well.


Earphones versus AirPods

Changes in a decade

Ok earphones have not been replaced by AirPods but we have to agree on the technological and user experience terms that AirPods have changed the whole experience of music. We do need the AirPods to be a lot cheaper.

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PSP’s versus Smartphones

Changes in a decade

Many new games are launched every single day and many games become a rage like PUBG. There are many epic games on PSPs and the experience is different but now a days nobody buys them. In childhood it used to be a dream to own a PSP but the game has changed now.

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