In this new age world of selfies and posting pictures about everything that goes on in one’s life, being photogenic is very necessary. Otherwise you too will find yourself struggling for one good picture with your partner like Chandler. But most of us are not born star ready to pose right out of the bed. I mean we were born in an age where a date is scheduled for a photograph being clicked. So today, let’s have a look through those old dusty lessons which our ancestors -who considered getting photos clicked a grand event- have left for us.


  1. Be confident




Believe it or not, this is the only key mantra any expert will give you. If you don’t feel confident then no matter the scenery or your million dollar smile, your lack of confidence shows just as clearly as a pimple on your face.

  2. Dress Comfortably

It is a common belief that if you dress well, your pictures will also be good, but let me tell you this is just a belief. I know people who can rock a trash bag( hint: Sonam Kapoor), the most important factor is that you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing as this affects your confidence in a big way.

 3. Don’t try to ‘pose’




We all weirdos have a particular pose a particular angle at which we hold our heads and place our legs and think that we have mastered the art of posing. While in truth these poses are not helping our cause at all. It is better if we simply stand straight, not slouching goes a long way in improving our picture.

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 4. It’s not necessary to smile




This is one of those secret tips which no one tells you but the fact remains. It is not necessary to plaster the best fake smile on your face before every photo. In some of my best pictures, I am not even looking into the camera and I am no model.

  5. Practice, it’s fun




This is probably one of those rare times when practicing is actually fun. Instead of lamenting over someone else’s pretty Instagram profile you can make clicking pictures your new past time. The more you practice, the more you will become familiar with the camera and less conscious you will feel. You can even practice poses in front of a mirror.

  6. New age apps


          Presently there are several apps in circulation which improve your pictures in terms of light, makeup, background, and many other factors. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat have some really good filters which automatically takes care of all the settings.

  7.  Let there be light



Proper lighting plays a big role in improving your picture quality. Professional photographers always take good care of having an adequate amount of light. Make sure that there is not so much light that it turns into a glare. Standing against the light makes the picture dark and you will also have a squinting look on your face.

  8. Candids




Your best photographs will always be the candids, no matter how good a poser you are, nothing can be compared to that look of pure happiness or innocence which comes naturally. If you really want that Instagram worthy picture, take your time and let one of your generous friends take your candid shots.

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  9. The flash



Yes, this little tyke creates enough problems in clicking a good picture that it has a whole point dedicated to itself. Now unless you want to be clicked as Rita Skeeter does, you better keep the flash off. Only ultra legendary photographers know the proper use of flashlights because the only effect it has on my photos is the red-eye effect. The only time it is recommended is when it is absolutely dark and you just have to have a picture in that state of stark darkness.

10. Makeup




This may sound a bit presumptuous but a proper makeup can really improve your look in a photograph. Now, this does not mean that you go overboard and put on winged eyeliner. Follow the simple mantra of dressing up according to the occasion and that will be enough. The major visible difference in pictures is made of lipstick.


Now that we have brushed up our skills of getting clicked. Get set and pose!


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