Indian television faces criticism for its bizarre and unrealistic storyline but Indian adult web series are becoming popular day by day. The content is improving day by day and the directors have started including some intimate scenes as well. People are also becoming more receptive to this kind of content.

We have made a list of Indian adult web series. These series have adult content but the main hero is the compelling storyline.

Indian Adult Web Series


Four More Shots Please

IMDb Rating: 6.8                                        Available on- Amazon Prime, Just Watch

This might be the Indianised version of Sex and the City with 4 women who are exploring the situations thrown by life at them. All of them have a different outlook on things and have different personalities but are very good friends. This is not your typical adult web series but will feed you enough content which is adult in some other sense.



IMDb Rating: 8.3                                                     Available on- Hotstar, ALTBalaji

This is one of the best and most engaging adult web series available on ALT Balaji. The story is filled with plot twists and thrilling. This web series is filled with drama, action, and violence. Intimate scenes are also placed here and there in this series.


Maaya: Slave of her Desires

IMDb Rating: 5.6                                                                    Available on- MX Player

If you like strong adult content then this will prove to be one of the best Indian adult web series for you. Maaya is an erotic love story that will keep you hooked and has received good reviews. The female lead in the series has a nervous breakdown and her husband revisits her past and some secrets are revealed.



IMDb Rating: 6.1                                                Available on- Jio Cinema, MX Player

This series is directed by Vikram Bhatt so the bold scenes really come in for free. This adult web series has the element of horror so if you are a fan of the horror genre then this is just the right pick for you. A girl is trapped in the house with 4 people and one of them wants her dead.


Hello Mini

IMDb Rating: 9.1                                                       Available on- MX Player, Netflix

This is an amazing series with adult content and a thrilling storyline. The movie will keep you on the edge the whole time. A girl gets really scared when she discovers that she has a stalker after she relocates to another city to follow her dreams.



IMDb Rating: 8.1                                               Available on- Jio Cinema, ALT Balaji

This series is about a normal guy trying to tackle the situation with his stalker who knows his gruesome secrets. This Indian adult web series is based on the Black Suits novel and will really intrigue you.

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IMDb Rating: 7.8                                                                    Available on- MX Player

This Indian web series is generously packed with adult content. This series is the story of a young man who lives in the rural Himalayas. It is set in the 80s. Mastram is a man with imagination and this series depicts that aptly. Be careful while watching it and keep it away from the eyes of your parents.

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Wanna Have a Good Time

IMDb Rating: 5.2                                               Available on- MX Player, VOX Player

This is yet another Indian adult web series that highlights the story of having intimacy outside of marriage. A husband hires a prostitute after his wife leaves for her maternal home. The twist comes when the prostitute looks just like his wife. Is it her or is it someone else? It unfolds as the series progresses.



IMDb Rating: 7.5                                 Available on- Amazon Prime, SonyLiv, Netflix

If you are in the mood of binge-watching an adult web series then this will be a good pick for the weekend. The story revolves around the life of a Bollywood actress and the different aspects of her life. The dark side of Bollywood is also shown in this movie and the performance of the actors is also really good.


Sex Chat With Pappu and Papa

IMDb Rating: 8                                                                        Available on- YouTube

Sex education is a feared topic in India. People mostly refrain from talking about it with their children. But, this adult web series discusses such topics with a father-son duo who talk about intimacy and relationships more openly in an educational way.


Dev DD

IMDb Rating: 6.5                                                  Available on- MX Player, ALT Balaji

The life story of an Indian boy is shown in this movie and this is not at all similar to Dev D movie. This guy does alcohol and smokes. The series encounters many social stereotypes surrounding the girls as well. This is quite a good web series if you want to binge-watch this genre.


Bambai 4*4

IMDb Rating: 6.3                                                                    Available on- MX Player

The concept of this Indian adult web series is very grounded and explores the life of a couple who moves to Mumbai and face hardships. They try to survive but due to lack of money they are forced to live in the slum area this leaves no time or atmosphere for physical intimacy which really takes a toll on both of them.

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Sex Drugs and Theatre

IMDb Rating: 6.5                                                                        Available on- Zee5

This is a story of 6 medical students who explore human relationships, intimacy. The world of drugs is discussed in this web series. The students are participating together in a competition to present a play and represent their college.


Love Lust and Confusion

IMDb Rating: 5.8                                                                     Available on- YouTube

This adult web series revolves around a naive city girl who takes all the decisions on a limb and really bears the consequences. This is a popular adult web series that will keep you entertained and really has all the elements like intimacy, storyline, and good performances.


Virgin Bhasskar

IMDb Rating: 6.5                                                         Available on- Zee5, ALT Balaji

This adult web series is not only popular for its adult content but also for its comic timing and laughter. This is the story of a 26-year-old virgin who is an author of erotic novels. This movie will keep you entertained and hooked.


Made in Heaven

IMDb Rating: 8.3                                                            Available on- Amazon India

Another web series with an interesting storyline and adult content-packed here and there. This is a perfect web series to binge-watch on a weekend and explores the life of two friends who are dealing with their own battles. One is homosexual and the other is struggling with a failed marriage.


I Love Us

IMDb Rating: 5.8                                                      Available on-  YouTube, Vimeo

I love us is a web series about 2 lesbians and throws the light on the LGBTQ+ community. The story is about a girl named Shreya who knows that she is interested in girls and what she goes through in her life and finds a person she truly loves. But, obviously, there are complications in her path, the series shows those complications.


Baby Come Na

IMDb Rating: 4.3                                              Available on-  MX Player, ALT Balaji

This is a perfect adult web series that you can binge and finish within a day or over the weekend. This is available on ALT Balaji and is about a guy who is double dating. His friend helps him in this charade and the confusion creates many laughing points.


One Night Stand

IMDb Rating: 6.2                                         Available on-  MX Player, Amazon Prime

This Indian adult web series is packed with twists and turns. This series is about three strangers who are trapped together on a lonely night. All of them are very different from each other and have vivid personalities. This is an interesting watch and you will not regret binging this one.

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X X X Uncensored

IMDb Rating: 4.8                                                          Available on-  Zee5, ALTBalaji

Watch this adult web series only if you are above 18. This web series has bold scenes along with an interesting plot. This is a comedy web series which will entertain you like crazy. Many actors are regular household names due to their popularity.


The Bull of Dalal Street

IMDb Rating: 6.7                                                                   Available on-  MX Player

Does the name ring a bell to you? You guessed it right, it is similar to the big Hollywood hit- Wolf of the Wallstreet. This is the Indianised version of that movie packed in an adult web series. It revolves around a middle-class man with sky-high dreams of becoming a top stockbroker in Mumbai.



IMDb Rating: 5.4                                                                   Available on- MX Player

As the name suggests this web series deals with the concept of sex trafficking and the loss of childhood of young girls. It is so obvious that the series will have adult scenes. The girls are treated like objects who are auctioned and the highest bidder gets them. The vicious cycle is headed by an obnoxious woman.


Mona Home Delivery

IMDb Rating: 4.2                                                     Available on- MX Player, Ullu

This Indian adult web series is available on MX Player and is very popular because of its adult content and riveting plotline. It is about a prostitute named Mona and how she operates her business and the downfall of that business. She visits her clients at their homes to provide services.


Gandii Baat

IMDb Rating: 3.6                                                          Available on- Zee5, ALT Balaji

This Hindi adult web series does not have a good rating but will keep you entertained if you are a fan of this genre. This adult web series became popular given its adult content in every episode. The series is based on dirty stereotypes that plague rural India.


Kavita Bhabhi

IMDb Rating: 7.1                                                            Available on- MX Player, Ullu

This is an adult web series where a woman named Kavita pursues a hidden career where she calls men and enjoys erotic conversation with them. She tells them stories and makes them feel good. This is a good series if you like Indianised erotica.



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