We have all grown up watching cricket and get super excited in the name of the World cup and other tournaments like IPL.

Cricket is like a national sport in India and we can see kids playing this in every street and park near our house. Every player has his own qualities and weaknesses which are responsible for the way they play in a match. All have our favourite players and it is a treat to watch them play. A true cricket enthusiast is the one who invites his friend over at his home to watch the game and scream and clap at every ‘six’ his favourite team hits. They are aware of every rule and become the Third Umpire as soon as a player asks for review during the match.

Have you ever imagined what would it be like when cricketers were in the classroom? We have put together some of the Indian Cricket players and the possibility of how they would be in the classroom. Indian cricketers as class students reimagined, Have a look –

Indian Cricketers as class Students

1) Jasprit Bumrah

  • New Guy in the Class
  • Either Sit on the very left of the very right seat
  • Know the subject loses marks for his weird handwriting


2) Hardik Pandya

  • Last bencher, PET sir hat him for his hairstyle
  • Highly talented and teachers believe in him
  • Sometimes surprises everyone by his performance
  • Known for making some weird comments.

3) Bhuveneshwar Kumar

  • That innocent guy who attends all the classes
  • Knows the answer but often not able to finish the paper in time
  • most teachers worry about his speed
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4) Yuvraj Singh

  • The guy who performs well in studies and sports
  • Always perform better when it comes to facing other schools
  • Misses lots of classes for being sick
  • A hardworking student

5) R. Ashwin

  • The guy who transferred from CSK School
  • An underdog who have scored good marks
  • Kuldeep Yadav & Yuzvendra Chahal helps him with proxy

6) M S Dhoni

  • Ex-monitor of the class
  • A student who is respected by the teachers also
  • He has won many interschool events
  • One of the nicest guy who is always helping other students.

7) Ravindra Jadeja

  • Best friends with ex-monitor form the days of CSK School
  • He is one of those students who never fail and also never tops the class
  • Proved his valor many times during the years.

8) Rohit Sharma

  • He is very talented but sometimes shows laziness
  • Have topped the class many times
  • He will perform better in home exams
  • HOD’s favorite student

9) Virat Kohli

  • He is the class monitor and teachers favorite
  • He is a class topper and also performs better in all activities
  • Hardworking and class topper with hot girlfriend
  • He can be aggressive sometimes
  • Teachers will compare him with great alumni of the school

10) Ajinkya Rahane

  • Always sits in the middle and often quite
  • He is an obedient student and never gets in trouble

11) Shikhar Dhawan

  • A good performer during summer classes
  • He is a tough looking student and can be trusted with the responsibility


So this is our take on Indian Cricketers as class Students, What other qualities would you highlight. Tell us if you liked the depiction in the comment section below.

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