As a female, I can tell you that we love breaking stereotypes and going after our dreams. It gives us immense pleasure to leave a safe career option and do what we really love doing.

Not all girls are girly and there are many professions that we love taking up and excelling in it, one of such thing is the passion for riding. Nowadays it is common to see girls riding bikes. Some of them have decided to take this up as a profession.This post to dedicated to all the girls who take pride in enjoying the adrenaline rush which they get by chasing their dreams. So here are some inspiring Indian female riders breaking all stereotypes.


Inspiring Indian Female Riders Breaking all Stereotypes



Roshni Sharma

Inspiring Indian Female Riders Breaking all Stereotypes

If you follow riding community Roshni Sharma is the name you must have heard of. Roshni started riding the motorbike at the age of 16. Being the first woman to complete the ride from Kanyakumari to Leh is very remarkable.
She is an engineer by profession and rider by choice.


Urvashi Patole

28 years old Urvashi Patole is from Pune, Maharastra. She is also the founder of The Bikerni in 2011. A group of female motorcyclists in India. She has done many memorable rides.

The Bikerni has approx 800 active members across India and its growing strong every day.


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Aparna Bandodkar


Aparna Bandodkar is a dental surgeon by profession and adrenaline junkie and a Royal Enfield enthusiast. She started riding bikes at the tender age of 13.

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She owns a Bajaj motorcycle for the daily commute. Aparna uses Royal Enfield Standard 350 for those longer trips.


Maral Yazarloo


Maral Yazarloo is Iranian by birth and Ph.D. by education. She is best known for her love of superbikes. She is the first lady owner of Ducati Diavel and a BMW GS in India.

Maral has also founded Lady Riders of India. She was also featured in many Indian publications. Not only she rides her bikes on Indian tarmac but she has also mapped other continents.


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Sarika Mehta

inspiring indian female riders breaking all stereotypes

Dr. Sarika Mehta is yet another really inspiring female rider in India. One of the most notable work was 10,000 KM ride to raise awareness about Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan.

Dr. Sarika Mehta became the first Indian biker to ride across 10 countries. Dr. Sarika Mehta is also the founder of Biking Queens.


Alisha Abdullah


Round 3 on June 6-9th at the Chennai race track ❤

A post shared by Alisha Abdullah Official (@alishaabdullah) on

Alisha Abdullah is country’s first female national racing champion. 28 Years old shown her love for speed at very tender age. At the age of 13, she won the MRF National Go-Karting Championship.

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Back in 2004, she parted ways from four-wheelers and switched to two-wheelers. She also has a very impressive track record.


Dr. Neharika Yadav


She is the fastest female superbikes. She is a dental surgeon who lives in Gurugram. Dr. Neharika Yadav is breaking all barriers and among the inspiring Indian female riders breaking all stereotypes.

Dr. Neharika Yadav was the only female rider in 2015 JK Tyre Superbike Championship and participated in the KTM Open Track Day.


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Sarah Kashyap

inspiring indian female riders breaking all stereotypes 1


Sarah Kashyap is the only Indian Female Rider to complete Raid De Himalayan. For those who don’t know what Raid De Himalayan is? It is the second toughest rally in the world after Dakar. In 17 years of the Raid De Himalayan history,

Sarah was the one to break it. She is a true inspiration and the biggest stereotype breaker. Sarah is one of the inspiring Indian female riders breaking all stereotypes.


Priyanka Kochhar


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Priyanka Kochhar is a model turned biker. As per her interview, a bad breakup and curiosity was the reason she got into biking.  Priyanka currently owns KTM Duke 200.

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Priyanka stays very active on Instagram (Doing occasional lives, engaging with fans) @bikewithgirl. Along with Instagram she also has a YouTube channel where she posts regularly. A few months back when TVS Launched  Apache RR 310, she was the only female vlogger to cover it.


Conclusion – Inspiring Indian Female Riders Breaking all Stereotypes

There were some of my favorite and all-time inspiring riders in the country. Do you ever think about leaving with your bike and just explore and experience? Do you ride bikes?

What places would you like to explore first?

Let us know in the comment section below. If you enjoyed this article, do share it with your female friends, sister or anyone who might be inspired with this.


  1. One pic must be added that is yours on bullet ms kaushik, as stephen Hawkins died yesterday ,for his demise write on stephen Hawkins that’s my personal suggestion it will be great about his life journey how good he was in his field and in his life too

  2. Hey girls, all of you are really inspiring. Its really good and important to do what you want and like.
    All of you girls portray Women Empowerment. Agreed, that its not easy for everyone and anyone to leave a secured job and pursue what you like and change it into a profession. There are many things to look after like family, kids and for some, the bottom line is their family’s image,
    Though it’s, our society needs to understand that’s its important to do what you are born to do.
    Very less women have courage to do that. We are really glad to see of you changing the stereotypes and becoming Idols for coming generations.


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