There is a different fanbase for Horror Web Series in Hindi. People enjoy watching horror shows at night with their family or group of friends. There is always one person who is very scared but can’t seem to just let it go and watch the entire show and later they are too scared to use the restroom. We all have been there. The jump scares, building tension everybody enjoys that. So, today we are making a list of all the Indian Horror Web Series in Hindi that you must watch next time you are in the mood for something scary.

Indian Horror Web Series


Vikram Bhatt is well known for his style and how he plays with the horror genre and this series will not disappoint you. This horror web series revolves around a girl who has something from her past bothering her. There are two guys involved in the story- one is her best friend and the other one is her mysterious neighbour. The show has moments when there will be chills down your spine. There are 10 episodes so can be binge-watched during this lockdown.

IMDb Rating- 7.5

Available on- Viu



Do you like old dead girl ghost stories? Yes, then you would definitely enjoy this Indian horror web series directed by Sangeeth Sivan. As always Kalki has done a great job in portraying a PTSD suffering girl who keeps seeing a girl everywhere. At first, she thinks it is just her imagination but later it is discovered that the girl died 20 years ago.

IMDb Rating- 6.6

Available on- Zee5


If you like watching short horror web series with different plotline and story in each episode then this will be the right choice. All the short horror stories are taken from the work of the very famous Ruskin Bond and consist of many chilling moments throughout the show. This is one of the best horror Indian web series available right now.

IMDb Rating- 6.1

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Available on- Zee5


Do you like ghost stories as well as the military backdrop to the stories? If your answer is yes then this is going to a good watch for you. There is a strange prisoner who is captured by the military. When they start interrogating him unusual events start taking place. This is due to the fact that he summons a demon from Arabic folk fare. The ghost is capable of taking the form of any human being which he feeds upon. There are 3 episodes of this web series so you can easily finish this in a short time.

IMDb Rating- 7.1

Available on- Netflix


Directed by Sujoy Ghosh the TV show is available on Netflix. It was released in July 2019 and has 1 season consisting of 5 episodes. The story of the show revolves around a young group of friends who want to hunt ghosts. There is a spooky villa in their neighborhood and they want to quickly catch the ghost given to the past stories related to the house. The acting by the cast is decent and you can give this show a go if you are in a mood of some horror-filled entertainment.

IMDb Rating- 6.5

Available on- Netflix


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As the name suggests it is related to black magic. Many shows and movies have shown the black magic and the despicable, dark powers which are unleashed because of this. This is a series where a woman decides to destroy her in-laws due to jealousy using black magic.

IMDb Rating- 5.3

Available on- MX Player

The cottage

This is another horror web series in Hindi which has many opinions regarding its performance. You must watch it on your own and be a judge of that. the story is of a girl who meets a boy and asks him for a lift and takes him to a haunted cottage.

IMDb Rating- 5.6

Available on- ULLU

Ragini MMS returns

We all have heard of the movie Ragini MMS which released a few years ago. The movie did quite well for itself so the producers decided to come up with an Indian horror web series Ragini MMS Returns. The story revolves around a college-going girl and her friends and of course, there is a ghost involved. The ghost kills the person who gets laid, quite weird right. Well, it is quite a good show which you can watch it though it did not perform like the movie. It is worth watching one time. This Hindi web series has 2 seasons and 27 episodes in total.

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IMDb Rating- 4.2

Available on- ALT Balaji


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Simran- The Lost Soul

I personally like horror shows in which there are secrets involved. This Indian horror web series does justice to this element. A group of friends take a trip to Rudrapur. One of them is an architect and explores the very beautiful fort. But, she accidentally opens a door which is forbidden putting all of them in danger. This is a very recent web series in Hindi released in March 2020.

Rating- 4/5

Available on- Primeflix

Ghost Leela

How many times have we read a book and fallen in love with the characters, many times? This is a story about a girl who is in love with a guy who actually doesn’t exist in reality. The story has a love triangle factor to give you the dose of romance and also involves the angle of human sacrifice. This web series was released in 2019 and has 1 season.

Rating- 4.3/5

Available on- Primeflix


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Darr Sabko Lagta Hai

A horror fiction web series which has tales set around paranormal activities, supernatural events, zombies, spirits and ghosts. this is what any horror genre lover look for in a movie or web series. This Indian web series has 2 seasons and a total of 49 episodes. There were mixed reviews for this horror web series but you can definitely give it a go.

IMDb Rating- 6.2

Available on- Netflix


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The Last Night

The story revolves around a perfectly happy family whose world turns upside down when the husband’s mysterious past takes his family to a hell home. The wife is ready to go to any lengths to save her family from this dark and powerful soul. This series will surely give you chills down your spine.

Rating- 4.5/5

Available on- Primeflix



There is something about horror shows and graveyards. This web series revolves around a cop who is out of rehab and takes a shift of the graveyard morgue of a hospital. The cop comes across many bashful, violent, dark and strange events that are caused by an evil entity in that proximity. There is suspense throughout the series that has 1 season.

Available on – Youtube



Flip has received a good response and the web series consists of 4 episodes only and there is a different story in each episode. This is a must-watch web series in the horror genre which will not disappoint you.

Available on- Eros Now


Shaitaan Haveli

This retro horror web series has 1 season comprising of 8 episodes. A filmmaker of B- grade horror decides to shoot a movie at an old haveli. After strange events and happenings, they realise that the haveli is haunted. This series will keep you at the edge of your seats and has many scary moments.

IMDb Rating- 7.1

Available on- Prime Video



This is another horror Indian web series which is a new addition to the list. The show depicts the story of a curse placed on a village from the time of the battle between the Indian and British army officer. Betaal is produced by the Red Chillies entertainment. The series will be available on Netflix on 24th May 2020.

Available on- Netflix



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