Ever imagined Indian Location for Game of Thrones? It is all the rage right now. The first episode of the final season is coming this Sunday and we are nothing but excited. Here at Moodswag, we are Game of Thrones nerds and with the season ending way back, we wanted to do something special.

What if Game of Thrones happened in Indian lands, what state would represent which house. We have put together a list of all the places that would be the location for GOT in India.

Indian Location For Game of Thrones


Kings Landing – Mumbai

Well, this is an obvious choice. Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Just like kings Landing it has slums and posh places like castles. You will also find the coast like which makes it accessible to the world.


Casterly Rocks – Banglore

The capital of Karnataka would make for a perfect Casterly Rocks. It has plenty of natural resources like silver and gold. It also has a good trading environment.


The Iron Island – Andaman And Nicobar 

iron island

Iron islands are located in the corner of Westeros just like Andaman and Nicobar. In the game of thrones, lands are infertile in the Iron Islands and here in Andaman and Nicobar, the story is the same.


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Kashmir – Winterfell 

First of all, both reside in the north of the respected country. Both of them are the only stronghold against the invaders (Whitewalkers). Climate is more or less the same.

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Beyond The Wall – Ladakh 

There is no doubt that Ladakh makes for the best Beyond the wall. The cold and harsh environment with unpredictability.

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The Riverlands – Madhya Pradesh 

Place with constant chaos and struggles. Madhya Pradesh makes for best Riverlands.


The Reach – Gangetic Planes 

Reach is the most fertile land in the region, just like Gangetic planes.


Dorne – Jaisalmer 

Dorne is harsh and full of sand dunes just like Jaisalmer. It is one of the hottest places in India. It is also full of different customs and a different ethnicity.


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Dragon Stone – Kutch Area

Vast and Salty white planes desert that borders the foreign land.


Highgarden – Munnar

Munnar is the Highgarden of Game Of Thrones. With rich greenery and fertile land, Highgarden becomes of the richest kingdom in Westeros.


So here you have it all the Indian location for Game of Thrones. Although Season has been ended and many people didn’t like the season finale but it was the greatest show that has ever produced on television.

The good news is that another prequel is coming in some time and you can expect more action and drama of GOT level.



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