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Inspiring and Awesome Hima Das Facts You Should Check Out

How many of Hima Das Facts do you guys know? In fact, most people didn’t even know the name Hima before 2018. She became the first woman to win a gold medal in sprint running. Hima Das has made India proud on the international level and establish her name in the field.

Hima was born on 9th March in Kandhulimari village, near Dhing in Assam. She has 4 siblings and she is the youngest of them all. Her parents are farmers.

She did her schooling from Dhing Public School and was always shown excellence in sports and physical activities. Hima used to play football and wanted to pursue a career as a professional footballer. Due to the less popularity of the sports, she changed her focus to running.

Her physical education teacher suggested she take up sprint running and now as we know it, she is the first woman to win a gold medal. Hima is an inspiration to so many people and especially girls out there. She doesn’t come from a wealthy family, she didn’t even have proper sports gear before 2017. Hima has shown the world that hard work and dedication can bring all the success you can want in this world.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most interesting Hima Das facts. They will inspire you do get off your lazy butt and start taking action.

Dhing Express Hima Das Facts


Born on 9th March 2000 in Kandhulimari village, near Dhing in Assam

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She did her schooling from Dhing Public School and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.

Facts about Hima Das
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Hima was interested in Football. But due to the popularity of football in India, she switched to sprint running after the advise form her physical education teacher.

Hima Das Facts
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Hima is lovingly called the ‘Dhing Express’ after her achievements in the field of sports.

Dhing Express facts
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She is the brand ambassador of sports for the Government of Assam.

Brand Ambassador of Assam
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Hima has won 5 gold medals so far.

Hima das Facts
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At the beginning of her career, she won the bronze medal in Guwahati for 100m race.

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Until 2017 she didn’t have any sports gear eg shoes, clothing, gear.

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She made her international debut in April 2018 with commonwealth games in Australia.

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Hima became the first Indian sprinter to win a gold medal in the international events. 400m in World-U2 Championship 2018.

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In September 2018, She signed the first brand endorsement deal with Adidas.

Hima Das Adidas sponsorship
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Hima won the Arjun Award on September 25th, 2018

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Hima is the Youth Ambassador of UNICEF-India.

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So here you have it guys. Most Inspiring Facts about Hima Das. Do share this post with friends and family to inspire them.

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