We all know that both actor and actress play an important part in making films. But many scripts are centered around either of the genders. There are many movies that depict strong female characters and the weight of the success of that movie is on the female lead only, obviously along with a good script. There are many inspiring movies for women in Bollywood and Hollywood which every girl must watch for the extra dose of motivation and when she has doubts.

Women can do and achieve anything they set their minds to. We have made a list of all the inspiring movies for women. Go on have a look-


Most Inspiring Movies of All Time for Women


Inspiring Hollywood Movies for Women


The movie has Angelina Jolie in the leading role. She plays the role of a CIA agent who is falsely accused of planning the assassination of the Russian President. But she decides to prove her innocence and hence flees.

She is shown as a sharp, capable, and intelligent agent who doesn’t let someone else take the matters related to her in other’s hands. If you like female leads doing some kick-ass action then this will definitely inspire you.

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The Help

What happens when women don’t treat other women right? Yes, others take advantage of it and it is regressive. The movie shows the wrongful attitude towards the maids who are of colour. Eugene notices this atrocity and the lesson given to us is that it doesn’t mean that the thing we believe to be true is actually right.

The movie has amazing power-packed performances and will surely warm your heart.

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Spy is an action-comedy movie that revolves around the story of a CIA analyst, Susan Cooper. It is a common perception that men are better at technical stuff and excel in that field but Susan Cooper is shown as an epitome for women who know what they are doing and are good at it.

More of her skills are displayed when she becomes a spy after an agent is compromised.

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Amelie is the story of a woman who does not wait for things to come around and is an in-charge of how she wants to see things and how she wants others to feel. She is a waitress but helps people find happiness. This is her purpose and this, in turn, makes her content. This nature of hers, her self-love and her love for life find her true love. This is another addition to the list of strong women movies which you must watch for the dose of inspiration.

She is a free-spirited girl who thinks life is a gift and should be lived to the fullest. This is a positive movie and will surely fill you with gratitude.

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Million Dollar Baby

Hilary Swank is the main lead of the movie and has portrayed the role of a strong boxer, Maggie Fitzgerald. She decides to get trained from the best Frankie Dunn, who generally keeps to himself. Initially, he is apprehensive to train her but later they develop a bond very much stronger.

Maggie is a strong woman both physically and mentally. She is determined, disciplined and focused. She fights everybody to pursue her love for boxing and wins over every hurdle that comes her way. This movie will definitely inspire you and gives a message that women can do pretty well in a field requiring physical strength as well while acing other roles effortlessly.

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Bend It Like Beckham

This is again a sports film which gained popularity when it released in 2002. The story is of a girl who is taught to cater to the needs of the others from the time she remembers. She is expected to find a nice boy and marry but she has something else in mind. Soccer is her passion and she bends the rules to reach her goals.

This is the story of the girl who knows what she wants and ready to fight anybody and not compromise with her dreams.

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Monalisa Smile

The story is of the 1950s when women were still struggling for equal rights and is very inspiring movies for women. There is an all-women school which has a teacher who challenges the societal norms and the role of women in it. She encourages the students of her class to follow their dreams and do what they believe in.

We all know the role a good mentor can play in shaping up the future. The mentor shown in this movie is a strong-headed and liberal woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. This is probably one of the best inspirational movies for women.

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Gone With The Wind

We all have known it to be a romance novel and a movie has been made based on the novel.

This is a conflicted love story revolving around a mischievous and deceitful man and a manipulative and cunning woman. The story is set in the times of the American Civil War.

Scarlett O’Hara is the lead in the movie and her story of how she survives in the war against the world which is always changing is beautifully shown.

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Thelma And Louise

Thelma is a housewife and Louise is her best friend who is a waitress. They both decided to take a trip together but end up stuck in a situation after Louise kills a man who tries to harm her friend.

We all know that women progress when they have each other’s back. Well, this movie shows the unbreakable bond between the two female characters and how they support each other through thick and thin. This is a movie which you can watch with your friends as well on a ladies night.

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Winter’s Bone

Ree Dolly is a 17-year-old teenager who is abandoned by her criminal father and has a careless mother. She takes care of her two siblings and provides for them. As they are struggling to make the ends meet she gets to know that her father has put up their house for a bond. Ree decides to find him and ask questions and get rid of this problem once and for all. But the path is dangerous.

Ree’s character is stubborn, determined and supportive who achieves what she sets her eyes onto. This movie is a good watch to see what a strong-willed woman is capable of. This is one of the best movies for women and also one of the most inspiring movies for women.

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Little Miss Sunshine

We all are taught about self-love and appreciation. This is the story of a girl who is very much in love with herself and knows there is no one like her and she is special.

A family takes a road trip and Olive decides to participate in a beauty pageant. The movie is fun and you would definitely learn a thing or two from the adorable little girl, Olive.

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Erin Brockovich

This movie is based on the real story of an American clerk and environmental activist. She handled a case where she targeted the giants like Pacific gas and electric company for chromium poisoning.

Erin’s resilience and determination and empathy are brilliantly portrayed by Julia Roberts in the film. It is shown that with consistent efforts and strong-will you can win any fight you pick.

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There is nothing furious and content than a woman who knows herself. This is the story f a woman who gets divorced and decides to go hiking along the 1100 m long Pacific Crest Trail. She wants a fresh start and the best way to do that is to find herself which she does on this journey.

the movie is very inspiring and is a bit adventurous. If you like the stories of self-discovery then this will be the right pick for you. This one is another addition to the list of female-oriented Hollywood movies.

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Little Women

This is a movie with a story around sisterhood and the love and support between them. Jo, Amy, Meg and Beth. All the sisters have a deep-rooted value system shown by their parents and do well for themselves given to the backdrop of the Civil war. They all get back together when Beth falls ill.

The movie is emotionally enduring and will show the depth of each woman and how she is unique in her own way.

This is one of the female-oriented Hollywood movies which every woman must watch.

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The movie stars Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone and George Clooney as Matt Kowalski. Gravity is a sci-fi thriller and both play the role of astronauts who get trapped in space and looking for their way out to return to Earth.

The emotions, determination and resilience are beautifully portrayed by the actors. Girls are actively taking part in activities involving going to the moon and this is one of those movies which will depict that strong-will helps you a long way in fighting any war.

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Devil Wears Prada

Meryl Streep is shown as the lady boss who is strong-headed and a go-getter. She doesn’t take no for an answer and know how to steer things her way. The movie revolves around the secrets and truths of the fashion world. There are strong female characters who will definitely inspire you to achieve your dream and conquer the world.

Though many believe that the women are shown to be somehow sacrificed is too bold a statement you can judge that after you watch this movie. But the attitude and the passion of the characters is definitely something to watch out for.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a very successful and widely recognised Trilogy starring the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. Her character in the movie is very fierce, strong, fearless and instinctive. Her life soon becomes a struggle to survive and emerge even stronger than before. This is one of the best sci-fi adventure movies about strong independent women.

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Many of us have played this video game with the same name. Lara croft is a strong and brave woman who knows what is required to survive. We generally see male characters doing such movies but Angeline Jolie does justice to the character of Lara Croft. She survives under many dire situations. She is a skilled martial artist and we bet after the movie is over you would definitely consider getting the lessons for this art yourself.

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Most of us are familiar with the very famous artist Frida. She was an artist and truly gifted at what she did. She married the most famous artist of Mexico, Diego Rivera. The many ups and downs of her life are shown in the movie and how she deals with all the challenges. All her professional achievements and struggles are highlighted in this movie and this one must not be missed. This also falls in the list of one of the most inspiring movies for women.

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Kill Bill

This is again a power-packed action movie with a female protagonist. A bride is shot on her wedding day, the day which was supposed to be the happiest day of her life turns into a blood bath. She is severely injured and remains in a coma for 4 years. When she wakes up she is thirsty for revenge and makes her enemies pay. She wants to kill a person named Bill who is behind the attack.

This movie has the female character who is bad-ass, fearless and determined. The message is when a woman sets her mind on something there is nothing that can stop her.

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The Iron Lady

The movie is based on the story of Margaret Thatcher. She is the first Prime Minister of Britain and is a strong and sophisticated movie. Her character is brought to life by Meryl Streep. The strong and determined personality of Margaret is shown in the movie with brilliance. You have to watch this to see what she was capable of. This is one of the most inspirational movies for women.

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Another brilliant movie starring Angelina Jolie. She depicts every character with such ease and with right emotions which reach out to the audience. This is the story of a mother who reports that her child is missing. The child is found but she refuses that it’s hers. She is put in an asylum and the agony, desire to find her son and tiredness of a helpless mother is amazingly depicted in the movie. You must watch this one for a good performance and story.

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The Hours

The movie is a sum of the life of 3 women from different backgrounds and lifestyle connected by a novel Mrs Dalloway written by Virginia Woolf. The leading ladies are doing different things like preparing for an award party, an unhappy woman who is tired of her marriage and the author of the novel, Virginia Woolf who is battling mental illness and depression.

One day Virginia takes off and wants to get away from the set-eyes of the household servants and her husband. Se takes a decision of treating her illness the way she wants it to be treated. She decides she wants to live freely as long as she does. this is a beautiful message which we all should apply in our real life too and not wait for something huge to wake us up from the sleep which we experience with our eyes wide open. This is one of the most appreciated female-oriented Hollywood movies.

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G.I. Jane

We all have heard of the very famous movie series G.I. Joe well this version has a strong female character to take the weight and responsibility. A young woman is enrolled in the training in the US Navy Warfare group. She is the first female officer to undergo this training and everybody is pretty sure that she is bound to fail. But she takes pleasure in proving others wrong and is as efficient as any male officer in the training program.

She is dragged into a conspiracy without any warning signs which is later discovered and she is free from the charges which were put up to defame her and stop her training. This is one of those girl power movies which must not be missed out by any woman.

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Captain Marvel

There are superheroes like Thor, Superman, Iron Man many are male and few are females like Wonder Woman, Black widow, etc. Captain Marvel was a much-anticipated movie by the Marvel and was to introduce next female superhero who is undoubtedly stronger than many superheroes combined.

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Captain Marvel later plays a very important role in fighting the war against Thanos who is trying to wah away half of the population. There is a point where she single-handedly is about to take down Thanos with her powers. This is one of my favourite female-oriented movies in Hollywood.

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This is another critically-acclaimed sci-fi movie which brings the concept of the wormhole to light. There are strong female leads along with the hero. The role of an astronaut is beautifully played by Anne Hathway and Matthew McConaughey plays the role of another astronaut who decides to leave behind his daughter to discover a second home for mankind. His daughter is later responsible for bringing him home when he is stuck in space. She is shown to be very intelligent, determined and has a great presence of mind. Anne plays the role of a physicist Brand who is researching which planet can be the second home to mankind.

This is one of the best movies about strong independent women and also inspiring movies for women. It has two ladies in the lead role and who conquer something which is impossible.

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Eat Pray Love

This is a very famous movie based on a novel with the same name. The role of the leading lady, Elizabeth, is portrayed by Julia Roberts. Elizabeth gets divorced and comes to a realisation that she becomes the reflection of the person she is with. She decides to take a trip around the world in order to discover her true self and understand herself better. She spends time in Europe, Bali, India before coming to terms with what peace actually is.

This is one of the movies for women which will send you into a trip of introspection and encourage you to take a step forward to become self-sufficient, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

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The Blind Side

The story revolves around an African-American teenager who is homeless and is adopted by a well-off family. He later becomes an NFL Player and is quite good at it. To achieve this goal he is helped by his family and most importantly the woman with a good heart who showed him love and kindness at the most difficult times of his life.

The story of how she raises him against all odds is perfectly shown in this amazing movie. She defies all the notions sets by the society for caste, colour and race.

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Lilo And Stitch

This is a very famous animation movie. Stitch escapes the prison of an extraterrestrial place in space and makes his way towards Earth. He takes solace in an animal shelter but is later adopted by Lilo. This changes things for him. Lilo takes his utmost care and looks after him. This movie shows a beautiful bond between the two and you can watch it with children as well to teach them the lesson of kindness and humanity.

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Black Swan

Black Swan is a widely-acclaimed movie starring Natalie Portman who plays the role of Nina the ballerina. She is very good at it and is selected to play the white swan in a play but is soon told that she will be replaced by another girl, Lily. The insecurity and her capability to do anything and what it does to a person when vengeance takes over is a lesson to be learned from this movie. The performance, direction and screenplay all are brilliant and thus make this movie a treat to watch.

This is one of the famous women-oriented movies in Hollywood.

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Hidden Figures

The movie shows three African- American females who are quite intelligent and help an astronaut John to accomplish his space program. Though the females are mathematicians with a bright mind they face gender discrimination at work. The truths of society like racial discriminations are shown in the movie. We can take the inspiration from the strong-headed female characters who let their work speak and handle all the situations thrown into their way with grace.

“Hidden figures” is one of the movies every girl should watch.

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This movie has a different story of a teenage girl who gets pregnant and how her life takes a major turn. She is not like the way all girls are expected to be, she is unique and has good humour. Juno experiences an emotional turmoil when she gets more and more involved the adoptive parents of the baby.

The way she handles the whole things is worth watching this movie for.

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Julie & Julia

Another gem starring Meryl Streep who plays the role of  Julia Child. Julie Powell is a food blogger who idolises Julia and decides to take on a challenge of trying all the recipes created by Julia Child from her cookbook. Both women share the love of food and are very consistent and the movie shows how you can achieve everything and there is no time too late to start with something you love. This one is the best in the list of female-oriented Hollywood movies.

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Coco Before Chanel

This is a fashion movie hence gives you one more reason to stream this one. Coco Chanel is a young woman who works all day and all night to make the ends meet. She has a knack for fashion. She meets a wealthy heir and is hired to give him fashion advice. At. the time when there are just corsets and laces to the women fashion, she creates a clothing line to change that and bring elegance and comfort to the lives of the women. One of the inspiring movies for women.

Coco Will inspire you to follow your heart and do something that you love and reignite the passion in your heart. This is one of the movies every girl should watch.



As the name gives you a hint it is a movie where the things are mostly quiet. The life of a writer is in danger when she decides to go into a peaceful setting and thinks everything will be fine. One day she is attacked by a masked killer through the window and she has to struggle to survive. The writer is deaf and dumb so shouting for help is not an option. This movie will keep you on the edge.

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Miss Sloane

The movie is about Elizabeth Sloane who is fighting hard to win the battle to pass the gun control litigation. She believes in a fair fight but the opposition does not shy away to use the information of her personal life to win the above-said battle. They dig into her past and find things to use against her.

Elizabeth is a fierce, strong and determined lady who knows how to get things done and how to maintain her integrity at the same time. This is one of the most inspiring movies for women.

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North Country

North Country is a story of a strong woman who escapes her husband along with her two children. For a long time, she was abused by her husband and decides to get herself and her children out of the toxic environment. The movie shows her struggle to become self-sufficient and provide for her children. She starts working at a mine but this is faced by the disapproval from her father.

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We all know that women are told to be a certain way, select certain career paths but she breaks all these stereotypes and the performance is outstanding.


Inspiring Hindi Movies for Women


Queen as registered A-class performance from Kangana Ranaut. She plays the role of a disciplined and rule-abiding Delhi girl who is about to get married to a boy but gets dumped on her wedding day by him. But she decides to go on her honeymoon without her husband to Paris. She lives her life freely, books a hostel and makes new friends. This trip makes her realise what she is capable of when she participates in a cooking challenge.

The transformation is shown nicely and it should be on your list of must-watch movies for some inspiration.

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English Vinglish

Sridevi plays the role of a simple housewife who is unable to speak English fluently. Her own daughter is ashamed to take her to school and doesn’t get the respect and attention she deserves from her husband as well. She enrols in a class and learns to speak in English fluently and surprises everybody.

Shashi is a loving, caring and dedicated women and this is one of the must-watch movies for women.

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Vidya Balan won many awards for this well-directed movie where she plays the role of a pregnant woman. She sets out in the search of her husband who is missing. She travels to Kolkata for the very purpose but finds out there are many things which are still not what they appear to be.

You will be blown away with the zeal and determination of a woman and her efforts to look for what she desires to find out. This is one of Bollywood’s best women-oriented movies and is also inspiring movies for women.

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No One Killed Jessica

This movie is based on the murder of Jessica Lal who was killed by the son of an influential politician. Sabrina is Jessica’s sister and seeks the help of the badass reporter Meera to attain justice for her sister. These are two strong-willed women and achieve what they set their eyes on. One of the well-directed movies which every woman must watch.

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NH 10

This movie shows a happy couple who goes out on a long drive to celebrate a special occasion. They encounter an honour killing while on the road and they become the next target of the killer. The husband is killed and she decides to make them pay.

The emotional turmoil and fearless attitude of the wife keep the audience hooked until the end. She takes on danger and fights alone.

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Nil Battey Sannata

This is a story which many students will relate to. Apu is a student with not so financially stable family. She thinks that studying is a waste of time as it does not make people rich. She has differences with her mother who is trying hard to make her understand the importance of studies and collecting money so that she can hire a tutor and help her cope with her weak subject mathematics.

The struggle of a mother to raise a daughter who doesn’t listen to her is beautifully portrayed in the movie. This is a must-watch female-oriented movie.

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This movie is based on the true story of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters. He is a retired wrestler who wants to bring a gold medal for his country but is not able to do so. He decides to coach his daughters. The father and daughter duo fight with the prying eyes and judgement of the society. They are from a small village in Haryana where girls are taught to learn household work and then married.

The dedication, pressure, the resilience of the female wrestlers will surely inspire you to overcome the barriers set your way. this is one of the most inspiring movies for women.

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Another amazing and inspiring movie based on the true story of an air hostess, Neerja Bhanot which every woman must watch.  Sonam Kapoor has done a brilliant job in this movie showing the courage, presence of mind and sense of duty to save many lives in a hijacked plane.

She gets killed in the process but is successful in saving the lives of the others. Neerja is one of the strong women movies which will definitely inspire you.

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Mother India

Though this movie released in 1957 it is still the talk of the town in terms of story, performance and portrayal of all characters. Radha is a widow who struggles to raise her children due to her financial conditions. There is a cunning and greedy moneylender, Sukhilala. She fights all the difficulties and tough situations without compromising on her self-respect.

This is one of the best inspiring movies for women.



Mary Kom

Mark Kom is also based on the real-life story of a boxer who convinces the best coach to teach her. She is passionate about boxing though her father doesn’t approve for the same. Mary fights all the odds to achieve her dream. Even when she has children she decides to go back to the ring and trains hard to win yet another medal. One of the most inspiring movies for women.

Mary Kom is played by the very talented Priyanka Chopra who depicts the vulnerability, composure, determination and motherly affection towards her children. This is one of the best movies for women to watch.

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The role of a focused and strong police officer is played by Rani Mukherji. She is trying to hunt down the head of the child- trafficking cartel and end the atrocities it inflicts on children. she even fights many men in order to accomplish her mission.

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Chak De India

This movie has more than one strong female characters to inspire you. They all are from different backgrounds and a different mindset. All are united by their coach Kabir Khan to win the Hockey World Cup. They all learn to have each other’s back. We learn the lesson of sisterhood and how women progress faster if they have each other’s support. This is one of those movies every girl should watch.

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This is a movie about a mother who is trying to bring justice for her daughter who was raped and left for dead. She moves heaven and earth to avenge her daughter.

Sridevi plays the role of the loving and strong-headed women who tries everything possible to ensure that her daughter gets justice.

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Black is the story of a blind and deaf girl Michelle McNally. She is the epitome of determination and hard work. Her disability does not stop her from getting a degree. She is pulled out of the darkness from one of her teacher who later is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This movie shows us that nothing is impossible if we set our mind to it and Michelle proves it.



This was the list of some inspiring movies for women. Choose your pick and enjoy watching.

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