Photos are the best way to preserve the moment. Our phones are filled with hundreds of pictures. And talking about sharing those moments with world, in the era of social media it is not that hard. One such platform is Instagram where you get to see lots of amazing and mind blowing creative photographers sharing their work.

In this post I have compiled the list of some of my favorite photography accounts to follow. If you are into photography you can consider following these accounts. Not only they are best at what they do, you might get some inspiration.


Instagram Pages to Follow if You Love Photography


Elena Shumilova



#September #kuznetzovo

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Elena Shumilova mother of two is based in Moscow Russia. She lives and works in countryside in Tver region, Russia. Her work has been featured in many online publications. Her work has also been used in Vodafone and Petcurean ad campaigns around the world. She usually takes photographs of her kids and landscape. Capturing that picture perfect moment.


Adam Senatori


“Watchman” / Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah USA from the SR-9 bridge.

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Adam is a professional pilot and in his feed you will find amazing collection of landscapes. He takes pictures wherever he visits. It is truly a travels dream. If you are into landscape photography, you might wanna check out his page.


Josh Packer



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sJosh Packer is a professional photographer based in Idaho. His feed consists of amazing capture of landscape and ever changing seasons. Do check his page if this kind of photography tickles your photography side.


Simone Bramante



Simone Bramante describes himself as a storyteller first then the photographer. His work consists of landscape along with human subjects. His work is truly a story in itself confirming his claim of being a story teller.


Janske Kaethoven



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If you love landscape and animal photography, look no further. Kaethoven has amazing feed of truly inspiring pictures.


Ha’a Keaulana



Keaulana is a surfer and a photographer from Hawaii. She usually takes picture of seas, beaches and surfing. Follow her for the daily dose of sea and adventure.


Scott Rankin



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Scott Rankin is a Vancouver based photographer. He and his camera loves the outdoor. Watching his feed will inspire you to wander and exploring the wilderness.


Maria Marie 



Marie Marie is little bit different. Her feed is colorful, moving away from that black and white photography style. All the photos are tastefully taken and they are calm and soothing to look at.


Asa Sjostrom



Asa Sjostrom is a Sweden based documentary photographer. She focuses her work on social issues, concerning women and children. “As a photojournalist, I want to create awareness and strive for intimate situations between me and the people in my photographs,” she says on her portfolio website.


Dave Yoder


Dave Yoder is a contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine & National Geographic Society Explorer. His feed is full of tasteful, inspirational, insightful and really beautiful imagery.

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Brandon Woelfel


Dream while you’re wide awake⚡✨

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Brandon is based out of New York. He usually does portraits but his style is quite unique. His work has more contrast and rich colors which is soothing to watch. If you want something different and something inspiring, Brandon should be on the top of your list.


Dan Rubin


Memories of Manhattan #film #fujifilm #superia #superia200

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Dan is a well known designer, speaker, writer, traveler and photographer. Being a traveler, he gets to visit around the world. His feed revolves around showing landscapes, buildings and mundane situations from a different perspective.


Instagram Pages to Follow if You Love Photography . So these are some of my favorite Instagram photography pages I follow. Do let us know which one is your favorite? If you follow any other photography page do tell us about that as well.



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