The whole life we have been fighting with our siblings over small things. As we grow up and get engrossed in our lives we start valuing that time more and more. Teasing each other and bullying each other, passing orders and emotional blackmailing is all the things we start cherishing more.
Sometimes we love to pamper them and shower them with love and warm gestures.

As Raksha Bandhan is around the corner you must be thinking what can I gift my brother/sister which is different yet useful.
Don’t worry we are here to help you out. Have a look-

10 Interesting Gift Ideas for This Raksha Bandhan


1. Headphones


Very basic gift but it is a saviour if traveling time is long in your sibling’s case.
These have an amazing bass effect and will become their favorite within a moment.

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2. Man box


Who said only sisters are supposed to get gifts on Raksha Bandhan. Try pampering your brother by gifting him this box. It has all the utility items which he can use.

3. Artist set


If your sister has a creative side try gifting this to her and look at the smile on her face.
These are good quality brush and colours and will give her desired effects and let her embrace her creative side


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4. Makeup kit


For your fashionable sister, this is the best gift she could ask for. It consists of compact, foundation, blush, kajal and cleanup gel

5. Power bank


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Interesting Gift Ideas for This Raksha Bandhan mi power bank

If your sibling travels a lot and charging his/her phone is a big task for them then this power bank will solve half of their problems. One of my favorite power banks is from MI. It is very budget friendly and the build quality is top notch.

6.Echo dot / Google Home


echo dot

For your tech-savvy brother who likes new technologies in the market. This is a multipurpose device which can make calls, tell you about weather and songs. It provides you with answers by connecting to Alexa Voice Service. He is going to love you for this. If you are more invested in the Google ecosystem, then you can have Google Assistant with the help of Google Home Mini. It is among the most interesting gift ideas for this Raksha Bandhan.

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7. Wallet


Interesting Gift Ideas for This Raksha Bandhan

This is an evergreen gift option for guys. Buy a wallet that has enough space to fit all his cards and cash as well. Plus is amazing to look at and easy to keep in a pocket. Among the most common yet Interesting Gift Ideas for This Raksha Bandhan

All these were gift options which you can buy but if you want to give a personal touch then try making something on your own.
These are some gift ideas which are easy to make –

8. Collage


Collecting all the pictures right from your childhood till date and making a collage out of them will surely brighten up their mood. Add highlighters and captions to make it more interesting and take a walk down the memory lane together.

9. Bake the cake


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There is something about easy homemade cakes. Very simple recipes are available online all you need is an oven, ingredients and basic cooking skills.

10. Scrapbook


Another gift idea which includes pictures. If collage making is too much for you, then this can be tried and it looks equally good. This can be kept as an album.

so these were some of the easy and interesting gift ideas for this Raksha Bandhan. Did we miss anything? What gift are you planning to give to your siblings?



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