“Joey doesn’t share food”, “How you doin’?” , Ken Adams if you also can hear all this in the way and tone Joey speaks then congratulations you are also a fan of this amazing TV show just like us. Joey was dumb but was most forgiving and an amazing human. Earlier we made a post where we made a list of all the incidents where he proved to us that he was dumb but some incidents play in his support where he is the ‘Good Guy’. He had some issues with commitment but he sure as hell had no issues when it came to supporting his friends. Today we have made an appreciation post for this amazing character where we write down all the incidents where he proved to be an amazing guy.

Reasons Why Joey is the Best


When he asks Chandler to go after Kathy




Yes, we all know Joey didn’t love Kathy and was just dating her. Chandler was in love with her and in fact, shared a moment with her. Though he didn’t do much wrong he didn’t tell Joey about his feelings before acting on it. He was pissed at Chandler for sometime after he found out but later gave a green signal to his friend to go after her. This proves that he valued the happiness of his friend over everything else.

When he tells Chandler to bow out





He was always honest and did the right thing. When Chandler was dating Janice(he was serious about her this time), he wanted to take things further with her even after finding out she had feelings for her husband. He asks Joey for his opinion and he tells him that he thinks that their child deserves happiness and Chandler should bow out.

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The bracelet incident




After years of support from Chandler(paying bills etc), Joey wanted to return the favor and displayed a sweet gesture by buying a bracelet for Chandler as a Thank You. Chandler unintentionally hurt his feelings by making fun of his gift in front of others. But Joey let bygones be bygones.

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When he bought all dead Christmas trees to make Phoebe happy





At Christmas when Phoebe finds about the fate of all the dead trees when they do down in shredder and gets upset. Joey lifts up her spirits by bringing all the dead trees to the apartment and making her happy. He sure knows a thing or two about making his friends happy.

When he once again forgives Chandler for lying





Chandler switches his career path and now is in advertising, Joey sees this as an opportunity and gave him his Japanese advertisement tape but Chandler dismisses that he was lying and he watched the tape but his agency didn’t like it. Joey was hurt that his best friend would lie about small things but forgives him, of course with some punishment this time(itchy balm- lipstick for men)

When he left the foosball table for Chandler while moving out





He was moving out and there was some heat between him and Chandler. They even faught over the foosball table and played for it. Though Joey won the table he left it for Chandler as he didn’t want any bitterness among them.

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When he tolerated Janice for his best bud





Well, he hated her and couldn’t stand her but went out with her for outing anyway just for Chandler. He still didn’t like her.

When he advises Monica to wait for the right time to have kids

Monica was desperate to have babies and wanted to go to the sperm bank instead of waiting for the right guy. Joey didn’t say anything against it but he made Monica realize what she actually wants to go with this thing.

When he lets Rachel go





These are feelings, these would disappear. He felt so strongly for Rachel at that point but still thought it was best if she goes and lives with Ross as she was pregnant with his baby and he never wanted him to feel left out.

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When he was Treeger’s dance partner





Remember Treeger? He was nervous around his crush and didn’t know how to dance but Joey agreed to help him learn it by being his dancing partner. He started enjoying being his dancing partner later.

When he let Emma play with Hugsy





He always mentioned Hugsy and there are several incidents showing that he was always attached to his bedtime partner and always slept with him. When Emma wants Hugsy he lets her have him reluctantly.

When he sacrificed meat for Phoebe while she was pregnant

Joey and his love for sandwiches have been shown at many points in the show. He eats Ham sandwich even in the shower. When Phoebe craves for meat she feels guilty because she doesn’t want the poor cows to pay. Joey tells her that he would leave the meat until she was done with her pregnancy.

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When he keeps Chandler’s and Monica’s secret

It is quite hard to keep secrets. When he finds out about Chandler and Monica, they request him to keep things secret from others. He even takes the blame for many things to keep their relationship secret(many questioning his reputation).

When he hugs Phoebe after David leaves





He was pissed at Phoebe for making plans with her flame the same day they both were supposed to meet. but after David leaves Phoebe Joey comes to console her as he knows what she felt for David and would need a friend.

When he writes a letter to the adoption agency

He seriously wants his friends to be happy. When Chandler and Monica are trying to adopt a baby he writes a letter to the adoption agency requesting them to go ahead with his friends. It was Joey’s letter which took them a step further in the adoption process.

So here you have it guys. Reasons why Joey is the best guy on the show.



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