Are you often being called as “BIBLIOPHILE“, “BIBLIOLATER“,  “BOOKWORM”  and sometimes even “BIBLIOMANIAC“? If yes, then you are also a book lover like us….. Even if you are not into reading then you must be having friends who love reading…In either case, you will relate to the points listed below-

Things you would relate to if you are a book lover

1-You get involved

Yes….too involved. You can easily imagine the location or character described in the book. You can feel their happiness and sorrow. Until you finish a book the characters become a part of your life.


2-You never get bored

Be it travelling alone, no matter how far your destination is you never get bored because you have your book to the rescue. Sometimes you even wish you have to travel more so that you can finish one more chapter. You don’t even need any company because your books are your best companion.


3-You lose track of time

So it’s 12 a.m and you have decided to sleep but just one more chapter, but before you know its 3 a.m. It’s not the story of one day this is your normal time table.


4-No place is too bad to read

You can read anywhere- be it your study table, bed, car, your college canteen even bathtub sometimes…




You truly understand the use of a bookmark you have an entire collection of stylish bookmarks because let’s face it, they are equally important as paper folding and marking on your precious book is a “BIG NO”.

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6-You are well aware of bestsellers

You know the current bestseller and the one before that. If two people are discussing any book you join that discussion without hesitation. Also, you have a list prepared for the books you want to read next. You know the best books from a different genre.


7-Weekend = more reading time yay!!

You prefer staying at home and sipping your coffee while reading your favourite book.

8- Bookshelves


There is no such thing as too many boos shelves. The ration of storage space is always less than the number of books.


9- You wait to be alone-

Because more time to read books and nobody is there to disturb you.


10- The  Smell of a book is like a drug to you


This is the drill before reading a book you always tend to smell its pages and transferred to smell heaven.


11- Your best travel companion


No matter where you are going or what deadline you are facing you keep a book handy just to utilise all the time gaps.


12- Admire fictional characters


Falling in love with one of the characters from the book is nothing new for you. You find it difficult to talk to people who don’t understand this.


13- Reviewer

Whenever someone wants to read a new book they always consult you for the reviews. Your choices are highly trustworthy when it comes to books.

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14- You get pissed when movies modify the facts


The phrase ” this is not how it happened in the book” seems to be your go-to when you are watching any movie being based on a certain book.


15- You don’t really connect with people who do not read


You just can’t seem to find a common topic to discuss with them and hence lose interest.


16- Physical book is always better than reading online


It gives you the feeling of an ownership and a sense of belonging. You can actually feel the story when you have a book in hand instead of some online download.


17- You don’t know what to do after finishing a book


Your life seems so dull and empty after you finish a book. You find it hard to say goodbye to the characters.


18- You are not able to explain that you are not anti-social


People think that you are so indulged in the book that you don’t like socialising. Which is not true. Mostly.


19- It is hard to pick your favourite book

It is the hardest question you face in life when someone asks you to name your favourite book. There are so many and every book has different emotions involved.


20- Your fantasy is having a personal library


Yes, this is a fantasy of all the book lovers out there. To have a personal library and unlimited coffee to keep you company.

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  1. Sound of some positive rapprochement,hoping to be a more sarcastic content which readers fulfill their life with more positivity they build more amiable type of relations with their freinds and u are likely to be his/her ideal person I wish u were the same


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