Books are the best friend of a man. Every avid reader will readily nod at this made up proverb. Each book gives you something very unique and leaves an imprint that lasts a lifetime. We use those words of wisdom in our life. At least once.
There is a wide range of books to read from the various genre


Some of My Favorites



1. Mysterious-

Who doesn’t love a book that keeps him glued to it? What is better than a thriller mystery with some crazy plot twist and all the action not less than a Hollywood movie.
If you want to give it a shot and want to start on a new book then there are many to choose from.

Sidney Sheldon’s – Are u afraid of the dark.

There is something about this book that keeps you hooked, no wonder Sidney Sheldon is one of the best authors of our time.

Lost Symbol, Inferno – both written by Dan Brown, a well-known writer. He mixes reality with imagination in the best possible way and before you know you get highly engrossed in reading this masterpiece.

The Lost Symbol



These books work best on the days of self-doubt and when you are busy procrastinating. Reading these leaves you thinking that how simple everything is and you can achieve it. One of the best examples of such a book is

The Monk who sold his Ferrari




Who will cry when you will die by Robin Sharma

who will cry when you die . bhawna kaushik




3.Power of positive thinking –

You must have heard many times that whatever you give to your surroundings comes right back at you. So it is advised to release positive thoughts into your surroundings. The book that supports the power of positive thinking is

The secret

the secret bhawna kaushik


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Many people have claimed that their life changed for better after reading this book. Worth giving a try.


4. Biographies-

There is something about reading the life journey of your idols. Reading about their efforts, their failures and the driving force behind their success. It inspires us to push our limits and achieve our target. For starters try reading,

Wings of fire APJ Abdul Kalam




In this book, some Amazing thoughts are expressed in the simplest sentences. You will get to know the person behind that post and position of a president. His struggles efforts and way of thinking will definitely inspire you.


5. Some short stories-


Traveling? Want something to pass the time? Read a book which has a collection of some amazing short stories. You will feel like you have completed a story without reading 200-300 pages.
Try reading

Tenth of December





6.Book series-

There is a reason why the movies like Lord of the rings and harry potter are such big hits. They have an amazing storyline and great surprise elements. Must read these books as the movies leave out some minute details. Some must-read series are-

Harry Potter (J K Rowling)



Harry Potter has a special place in our hearts. We grew up watching Harry Potter. If you want to take a trip down the memory lane, you should definitely try reading it.

Song of ice and fire ( George R.R. Martin )



George R. R. Martin is a genius when it comes to epic fantasy novels. Game of thrones (TV Series) is based on “Song of ice and fire”. Although the TV series focuses on the later events on the history of westeros. But if you want to learn more about that universe you should definitely read these books. There are 7 books in the series but the last two books haven’t been published yet.

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Lord of the rings (J. R. R. Tolkien)



Lord of the rings is an epic novel written by English author J. R. R. Tolkien. This series is the sequel to The Hobbit series. Epic movies have been made based on both lord of the rings and the hobbit. They are really good novels to read.


If you are a die-hard romantic and want something to feed your soul, try reading a good heartwarming romantic novel like

Gone with the wind (Margaret Mitchell)



Fault in our stars (John Green and Rodrigo Corral)


These were some of my favorite books. Do share with us your favorite books to read.  in the comment section below. Happy reading 🙂



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