Lord of the Rings is a very famous series. The books are also equally famous and an inspiration for many writers including George R.R Martin. The many interesting lord of the rings facts from the entire trilogy have been mentioned here for you guys to enjoy and relive the special moments from the movies once again.


Lord Of The Rings Facts

  1. Lt. Christopher Lee, who played the role of Saruman in the movies met J. R. R Tolkien at Oxford bar unexpectedly. He had never met him before that.
  2. J.R.R Tolkien wrote the 1,200 pages of the books with just using two fingers.
  3. The Beatles wanted to make the movie based on the book starring themselves. but, Tolkien was not in favour of this idea and it was put to an end.
    LOTR facts
  4. Initially, Sean Connery was asked to play Gandalf but he turned down the offer after reading the script as he didn’t understand it.
  5. The cheerful Merry was initially named Marmaduke Brandybuck by Tolkien in the books. But he later changed it.
  6. 2 horses which were used in the film, were bought by Viggo Mortensen aka Aragorn.
  7. For the entire Lord Of The Rings Trilogy 10,000 arrows, 2,000 were created.
  8. J. R. R Tolkien’s son, Christopher Tolkien didn’t like the trilogy written by his father.
  9. Viggo Mortensen can speak 5 languages in total. He learnt to speak Elvish, especially for the trilogy.
  10. Christopher Lee wanted to play the role of Gandalf but was cast as Saruman because the directors thought it would hamper the fight scenes due to age issues.
  11. Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King was the first fantasy film to win an Academy Award in the best picture category.
  12.  No scenes were filmed together by McKellen and Elijah Wood.
    LOTR facts
  13. The budget of the Hobbit movies was twice as much as the trilogy.
  14. For the filming of Lord of the Rings, 18,000 costumes were made.
  15. Sean Bean didn’t fly via helicopter given to his phobia. So, he had to climb every time when they had to shoot.
    LOTR facts
  16. Peter Jackson along with his children did cameo roles. Peter was the director of the trilogy.
  17. Legolas’s hair colour is not mentioned in the books. Although, in the movies, he has white-blond hair.
  18. The Return of the King set a new record of featuring the highest number of people in it.
  19. Elf ears were given as a gift to Cate Blanchett. She played Galadriel and loved her costume too.
    LOTR facts
  20. Wizard’s hat and sword were kept by Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf.
  21. After the filming had ended Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood had number nine in Elvish tattooed.
  22. Before being cast as Saruman, Christopher Lee read The LOTR books every year for 40 years.
  23. Viggo Mortensen broke 2 of his toes while filming.
  24. Elijah Wood who played Frodo made a costume of a hobbit at home and created the audition tape in the woods. The efforts were paid off we must say.
  25. Tolkien’s estate filed a lawsuit, claiming 150$ million owed. they only received 62,500$ for the trilogy.
  26. The title of the third book was chosen by the publisher and not Tolkien. Tolkien believed that the title revealed too much about the book.
  27. Did you think Frodo fell to many times in the movies? Well, he fell down 39 times to be precise.
    frodo LOTR
  28. In the books, Frodo sets out after 17 years for the journey after getting the ring.
  29. Viggo Mortensen did his own stunts and with a real steel sword.
  30. Orlando Bloom who played Legolas fell down from the horse while filming the two towers and broke his ribs.
    LOTR facts
  31. John Rhys-Davies who plays the dwarf Gimli was actually tallest in the fellowship.
  32. The screeches of the Nazgul which seemed unbearable by the hobbits were created using plastic cups being scraped together.
  33. The battle of the Helm’s Deep was mostly shot at night and took almost 4 months.
    Helm's deep LOTR
  34. Tolkien’s daughter relates the dead marshes covered with thousand corpses to be inspired by his time in World war 1.
  35. The Return of the King won 11 Oscars which means in every category it was nominated.
  36. Initially, Gollum was supposed to be kind-hearted and give the ring to Bilbo as a gift for answering the riddles. J.R.R Tolkien realised afterwards that the effect of the ring won’t leave anyone that kind. Hence, he changed it.
    LOTR facts
  37. Aragorn’s life after everything has a sad end where he ends his life after living 210 years. he does this as he doesn’t want Arwen to watch him suffer.
  38. Queen Margarethe II of Denmark illustrated the LOTR and sent them to J.R.R Tolkien. Her work was published in the Danish translation of the book.
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So these were some Lord of the rings facts. do let us know more in the comment section below.



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