These are difficult days. Every country is implementing a strict lockdown policy to keep its citizens safe and fight the battle against the coronavirus. Passing time at home can be a challenge after so many days as we can’t step outside. Some of us are stress-cooking while some of us are searching for different movies and TV shows to binge-watch. So here we have compiled a list of all the miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend.

The best thing is you don’t need a long term commitment and can watch multiple series by the time lockdown ends. Have a look-


Miniseries to binge-watch over weekend

When they see us

Released– 2019                                      IMDb Rating– 8.9                                                            Genre– Drama

The story revolves around five males of colour, who are falsely accused and prosecuted for raping a female jogger in New York City.  The turn of events proves that they have been wrongfully convicted and the matter is settled with a huge amount of money for the wrong-doing. The series has 4 episodes in total and at 71st Primetime Emmy Awards it had 11 nominations in different categories. Critics Choice for Best Limited Series award was also bagged by this amazing miniseries. The series is based on a true story and the performance of all the actors is applaudable. This is one of the best mini-series to binge-watch over the weekend.

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Released– 2018                                IMDb Rating– 7.8                         Genre– Comedy, Psychological Fiction

The lead characters of the story are Owen and Annie. Owen struggles with Schizophrenia and Annie has a tormented childhood and a broken relationship with her mother and sister. Their life takes a turn along with 10 other people when they decide to participate in a 3-day drug trial which will supposedly solve all their problems and has no side effect whatsoever. There are 10 episodes in total and is a treat to watch.

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Released– 2019                                         IMDb Rating– 9.4                                      Genre– Historical Drama

As the name suggests Chernobyl is based on the nuclear disaster of 1986 which occurred in the Soviet Union and how it was handled. The efforts made for the cleanup are depicted wonderfully in this miniseries. The lesser-known story of the firefighters and the miners are shown in this series and how they dug a critical tunnel under Reactor 4.

The series won the Best Miniseries or Television Film Award at the 77th Golden Globe Award and we are no surprised given to the screenplay and writing of this miniseries. It has 5 episodes.

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American Crime Story

Released– 2016                                         IMDb Rating– 8.4                                      Genre– True Crime Anthology

This is one of the best short tv series available on Netflix. The story revolves around the murder case of O.J Simpson (NFL player whose trial was publicized event after the murder of his wife and her friend). This miniseries has won critical acclaim for its writing, direction and a fabulous performance by the entire star cast.

The series won 9 awards out of the 22 nominations at Primetime Emmy Awards. This is a miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend and has 10 episodes making it perfect for your weekend-binge.

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Released– 2016                                         IMDb Rating– 8.2                                      Genre– Science Fiction Thriller

This miniseries is based on a book written by Stephen King. The story is of a teacher Jake Epping who gets a chance to travel through time and alter the event of the death of John. F. Kennedy. But the trouble starts when he starts liking his life in the past. He decides to reveal the name of the assassinator of the Kennedy. How he does it without creating suspicion around him is worth watching this miniseries for.

There are 8 episodes in total and the miniseries was positively received by the critics as well as the audience.

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Big Little Lies

Released– 2017                                         IMDb Rating– 8.5                                      Genre– Drama

The story shows the set up of a town where a murder takes place. There is a trio of young women living in Monterey, California and this event turns their life upside down. The issues faced by women in everyday life are beautifully depicted in this miniseries. The subtle details which are crucial to the twists make it worth watching on any weekend. The cast has done a marvellous job. The series has 2 seasons and 14 episodes in total and has won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Series.

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Released– 2017                                         IMDb Rating– 7.6                                      Genre– Crime Thriller

The series shows the struggle of a human rights solicitor, Emma who makes it her mission to get Kevin acquitted of the charges on him. He was convicted for the murder of a 14-year-old schoolgirl. She does everything in her power to prove that the man is innocent. The miniseries has 6 episodes in total and are in the list of must-watch if you like this genre.

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Released– 1990                                         IMDb Rating– 6.8                                      Genre– Horror Thriller

We know this is quite old but this is a classic that you must not miss out on if you like horror series. It is also a movie. There is a child-killing clown who is unleashed by a demon. A group of young teens decide to get rid of him once and for all when he is back in their hometown. There are only 2 episodes which ensure that this is not a long-term commitment.

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Released– 2019                                         IMDb Rating– 6.5                                      Genre– Drama

The story revolves around a girl who gets a heart transplant after she has a heart attack. But, there is some mystery around the person whose heart she got. She starts inculcating the characteristics of her donor and tries to uncover the real reason behind the untimely death of her donor. This series is dark and is a psychological thriller. There are 10 episodes in total.

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Over the Garden Walls

Released– 2014                                         IMDb Rating– 8.8                                      Genre– Comedy

If you are looking for something light and innocent then this miniseries would be the right pick for you. This series has 10 episodes where 2 brothers embark on an adventurous journey but get lost in a forest. They are helped by Woodsman and Beatrice to find their way back but the journey has many obstacles.

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The Sharp Objects

Released– 2018                                         IMDb Rating– 8.2                                      Genre– Drama

Camille Preaker is a crime reporter who wants to solve a murder case of two girls. In the process of unravelling the truth, she is forced to deal with her demons too as she returned to reporting after recovering from a mental illness. This is probably one of the best miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend.

This miniseries has many awards to its name in different categories including Critic’s Choice Television Award for Best Limited Series. There are 8 episodes in total.

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The Keepers

Released– 2017                                         IMDb Rating– 8.1                                      Genre– Documentary

If you are into watching documentary then you will truly appreciate this one. The documentary is on Cathy Censik who was a nun and a teacher in Baltimore. She was murdered and her body was found 2 months later from the date of her disappearance. The killer is unidentified till date. The documentary is about her murder mystery only and will keep you engrossed throughout the 7 episodes.

Watch it here- Netflix

Band of Brothers

Released– 2001                                         IMDb Rating– 9.2                                      Genre– Drama

Band of Brothers is probably one of the highest-rated and best miniseries. There is a total of 10 episodes which are a complete visual treat and highly engaging. The show has the story of East India Company from 1942 to World War 2. The exploits of the company during the war are depicted wonderfully. You must consider this miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend.

It won the Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries.

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Night on Earth

Released– 2020                                         IMDb Rating– 8.2                                      Genre– Documentary

Night on Earth is a nature documentary which shows the activities of animals during the night time. This is a very eye-pleasing and soothing experience. There are a total of 6 episodes.

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Little Fires Everywhere

Released– 2020                                         IMDb Rating– 7.6                                      Genre– Drama

This series is based on a novel by Celeste Ng. The story is of a mother and her teenage daughter who come in contact with another family. The value system of both families is different. One is free-spirited and the other one is the rule-abiding and schedule following mother. This miniseries consists of 8 episodes and is well received by the audience too.

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The Night Of

Released– 2016                                         IMDb Rating– 8.5                                      Genre– Crime

The murder of a woman is involved and how it changes the life of a man who gave her a lift. He gave her the lift and invited her to a party. Later, he is charged with murder when her dead body is discovered. The series has 8 episodes and will keep you hooked. This is one of the best miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend.

This miniseries has many awards to its credit including 69th Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series.

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When We Rise

Released– 2017                                         IMDb Rating– 7.1                                      Genre– Docudrama

LGBTQ community dates way back and this docudrama is based on the history of LGBT rights advocacy in the US from 1970-2010. How the gay rights and community evolved through time is shown in this miniseries. The personal struggles, little achievements and political setback are portrayed aptly in this one of the best miniseries you will come across.

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The Game

Released– 2014                                         IMDb Rating– 7.8                                      Genre– Drama

This is a political drama. If you like the stories based on strategies and actions taken by the government to protect the country then this will prove to be the right miniseries to satisfy you. Operation Glass is devised by the Soviets to bring Britain down. After getting the wind of this agent Joe Lambe heads the secret team assigned to tackle this issue. The risk is the sleeper agents which are all across the U.K and they try to find out and stop them before its too late.

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Released– 2019                                         IMDb Rating– 8.1                                      Genre– Drama

This is again a recently released and very famous miniseries to watch on the weekend. The problem starts when the government agencies start treating the masked vigilantes as criminals and miscreants and the decide to start a mutiny to teach them a lesson. But some of the band together to stop this as it will result in instability and chaos.

There are 9 episodes in the series. There are also a few awards in the bag of this miniseries.

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War and Peace

Released– 2016                                         IMDb Rating– 8.2                                      Genre– Romance

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This miniseries is the adaptation of the novel written by Leo Tolstoy with the same name. The story is set in 1805, Russia and has Natasha, Pierre and Andrei as the lead. They have a different purpose and despite being from a rich family they want something different. Natasha wants to have true love, Pierre wants to make the world a better place and Andrei also seeks a purpose to his life. The story is set around the time Napolean withdraws his troops from Russia and how the life of these characters is effected. The series has 6 episodes. This is one of the most praised miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend.

Watch it on- BBC One

Dark Tourist

Released– 2018                                         IMDb Rating– 7.6                                      Genre– Documentary

Whenever you visit a different city or country you probably make a list to visit all the popular tourist attractions. But in this documentary, David Farrier visits the places related to death and tragedy instead of visiting places of interest to a normal tourist. He meets the death-worshipping cult in Mexico, meets Vampires in New Orleans and watches tourists soaking up the radiations in Fukushima.

Watch it on- Netflix

Evil Genius

Released– 2018                                         IMDb Rating– 7.6                                      Genre– True Crime

This is a true-crime documentary based on the high-profile murder case of Brian Wells also known as the pizza bomber case. A bank heist was committed in America and the story is based on that. This will keep you interested throughout and is a good miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend. There are 4 episodes of this series.

Watch it on- Netflix

The 10th Kingdom

Released– 2000                                         IMDb Rating– 8.8                                      Genre– Romance

Are you a sucker of fairytales and watched the Disney movies with enthusiasm? If ys, then this is the perfect pick for you. This is a story where a father-daughter duo get caught in the parallel universe which has been sent to ruins by the goblins, trolls and giants. The kingdom is of Red Riding Hood, Snow White and cinderella. The miniseries consists of 5 episodes.

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Lost in Austen

Released– 2008                                         IMDb Rating– 7.4                                      Genre– Romance

We all have heard about the very famous protagonist from Jane Austen’s novel, Elizabeth Bennet. This is a take on that only but with a modern twist. a girl named Amanda Price swaps her life for the life of Elizabeth Bennet and tries to fit in with the Bennet’s. The series has 4 episodes.

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Released– 2019                                         IMDb Rating– 8.5                                     Genre– Drama

This is based on a true story where a teen reports that she was raped and was later charged with lying about the same. Two detectives try to find out what the true story is and are determined to reveal the truth. This miniseries was nominated for many awards and consists of 8 episodes.

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The Nest

Released– 2020                                         IMDb Rating– 7.2                                     Genre– Thriller

The story revolves around a couple who are well settled and happy with each other. The only thing missing in their life is a child. Their life changes when an 18-year-old girl offers to be their surrogate mother. They think their prayers have been answered, or is it so? The series has 5 episodes to entertain you.

Watch it on- BBC One

Good Omens

Released– 2019                                         IMDb Rating– 8.1                                    Genre– Fantasy

This miniseries is based on the book written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. A demon and an angel decide to stick with each other as a team. They go in the search of the Antichrist to stop the approaching Armageddon. The Antichrist is an 11-year-old boy who has no idea that his purpose is to bring an end upon humanity. This is a bit different miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend.

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Alias Grace

Released– 2017                                         IMDb Rating– 7.8                                    Genre– Drama

The story shown in the series is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. There is a young girl who is convicted for the murder of her employer and housekeeper. She is an Irish immigrant and is trying to make her ends meet in Canada. Stablehand is also convicted and hanged to death and she is sentenced to a lifetime in prison. The story is based on the actual events of the 19th century.

Watch it on- Netflix

The Staircase

Released– 2018                                         IMDb Rating– 7.9                                    Genre– Documentary

This is a French series also known as “Death by the staircase”. The wife of a novelist is found dead at the house. It was implied that she fell down the stairs after having few drinks and hence losing her balance. The trial takes place and his fate is decided. Many other truths are revealed which are not pretty. This miniseries has 13 episodes.

Watch it on- Netflix

Political Animals

Released– 2012                                         IMDb Rating– 7.7                                    Genre– Drama

This show is about the struggles of a woman who is trying to strike a balance between her personal and professional life. The protagonist is the former First Lady and is now serving a the Secretary of the State. Quite an interesting series and has been critically acclaimed. This series has few awards in its kitty as well.

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Released– 2020                                         IMDb Rating– 7.9                                    Genre– Drama

If you like a storyline revolving around the software developers and all the things they do including hacking then you should watch this one. This is the story of a girl whose boyfriend dies and she thinks there is something fishy about his death so she puts her skills into use and starts digging for the truth. There are 8 episodes in the series.

Watch it on- Hulu

The English Game

Released– 2020                                         IMDb Rating– 7.7                                    Genre– Historical Drama

This is another well-received miniseries that you can watch on the weekend. If you love football then it is a plus. This series shows the invention of football and how it became one of the greatest games in the world, rather a religion. There are 6 episodes in the series hence not a long-term commitment.

Watch it on- Netflix

Harper’s Island

Released– 2009                                         IMDb Rating– 7.5                                    Genre– Horror

Abby Mills’ mother and 5 other people were murdered on Harper’s Island but she returns for her best friend’s wedding. But not everything goes well in this mysterious town. The stay turns into a fight for survival and the celebration is ruined. The series consists of 13 episodes.

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The Capture

Released– 2019                                         IMDb Rating– 7.8                                    Genre– Crime

The series depicts the story of Shaun Emery, a British soldier who is convicted of murder in Afghanistan. He is freed after there is a problem with the video evidence which was necessary at his trial. He again gets into trouble and Rachel Carey a new detective is set to find out the whole truth revealing some deep-rooted conspiracies. There are 6 episodes in total.

Watch it on- BBC One

The White Princess

Released– 2017                                         IMDb Rating– 7.6                                    Genre– Drama

This is one of the miniseries to watch on the weekend if you like watching stories about royalty, i.e kings and queens. The story has 3 ladies who want to gain the trust of the newly crowned King Henry VII. But a rumour runs across that Prince Richard is alive which puts one of the protagonists in a dilemma of choosing between the new King and her own blood. This miniseries has 8 episodes in its bucket.

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The Dracula

Released– 2020                                         IMDb Rating– 6.8                                    Genre– Horror

If the stories around vampires and Dracula fascinate you then this miniseries is the one you should be watching this weekend. This series has 3 episodes to entertain you.

Jonathan HAwker gets lost and trapped in a maze-like castle in Transylvania. The castle is inhabited by undead brides and a vampire count who wish to rule the world.

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The Spanish Princess

Released– 2019                                         IMDb Rating– 6.8                                    Genre– Historical Drama

We have mentioned the miniseries ” The White Princess” above in this list. This series is in the continuation of the same. The miniseries sheds some light on the life of the people who were not white in London. Catherine is the young princess of Spain who is to marry Prince Arthur but he dies suddenly. Things seem to be getting out of hand when she decides to do everything possible to marry the new heir, Prince Harry. The series has 8 episodes in total.

Watch it on- Hulu

Pride and Prejudice

Released– 1995                                         IMDb Rating– 8.9                                    Genre– Drama

We all have heard of the novel by the same name by the legendary Jane Austen. Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters want to experience the life of high society people. While doing that they fall in love and that is beautifully shown in this one of the best short mini TV series. The series is 6 episodes long. Pride and Prejudice has also won many awards.

Watch it on- Prime Video

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Released– 2020                                         IMDb Rating– 8                                    Genre– Docudrama

The story revolves around Sultan Mehmed II of Ottoman and how he launches a campaign to take the capital of Constantinople, Byzantine. This is a Turkish miniseries which has been translated in English by Charles Dance. The docudrama has 6 episodes in its bucket.

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Wolf Hall

Released– 2015                                         IMDb Rating– 8.1                                    Genre– Drama

Another famous miniseries for you to watch on the weekend is this one. This miniseries has been nominated for many awards and also won a few notable awards including 73rd Golden Globe Awards for Best Miniseries.

The rise of Thomas Cromwell is shown in this series and how he succeeded in freeing the King of his marriage to Anne Boleyn.

Watch it on- BBC One

The Pacific

Released– 2010                                         IMDb Rating– 8.3                                    Genre– Action

We all know about the battle between America and Japan during World War II. The marines try to survive during the battle from different regiments. The miniseries consists of 10 very engaging episodes and also has won many awards. This is one of the best miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend in the action genre.

Watch it on- HBO

These were some of the best-selected miniseries to binge-watch over the weekend in different genres. Choose your pick and start binging.



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