Has it happened with you too that as soon as someone sends you a text with some short form or a one-word description of something that you have never heard before? You open your google and end up searching the meaning of that word? If you are standing in a group and can’t keep up with the conversation due to unfamiliar words being used, then you are just like me my friend!
After some researches and references, I have started understanding and catching these fancy words more. These are not so hard to crack or decipher but it is a plus point if you know them beforehand.

In earlier times humans used to communicate through signs or the history tells so. We found various drawings in caves depicting the life of a human. This gives us a glimpse of how people expressed their thoughts and how they lived.
But as time passed by various languages developed and communication became easy. In the present scenario, where people have advanced many new words are being added to the dictionary formally and informally.

There are some made up words and short forms which have become an integral part of our lives as we rely so much on texting. Short forms come in handy. These modern words have gained recognition worldwide and are part of our day to day life now.

Here I have made a list of all such words which are gaining popularity lately. I understand your pain, so here it is. Go have a look-


Modern Words Worth Adding in Your Vocabulary


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1. Askhole-


Askhole is a person who asks too many questions.
Mostly these are irrelevant questions and will irritate you to your very core and you would either want to stab yourself or the “ASKHOLE”.


2. Textpectation-


Expecting a text from someone.
Expecting a person or keeping some expectations from a person is too mainstream. Plus this is our day to day story of “textpecting something from special someone”.


3. Blamestorming-


Brainstorming is putting the blame of some situation or incident on another person.

Who would ‘brainstorm’ when you can ‘blamestorm’.?

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4. Youniverse-


When a person has knowledge about himself only.

It is kinda okay because very few people know themselves that much. Why take everything in a negative sense?


5. Ambitchous-


Acting more bitch than usual.

My personal favourite. Keep your bitch mode ON and tackle the world head-on. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious or a little ambitchous.


6. Errorist-


The one who makes too many mistakes.

A person learns from his mistakes only they say. I wonder how much an Errorist would have learned till date! A person of great wisdom may be.


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7. Boregasm-


This is the climax of boredom.

Being bored to a point that you finally invent a word to define it aptly.


8. Underthink


Not think it through properly. Also called the opposite of overthinking.

Don’t overthink, but at least think the proper amount. Overthinking and underthinking both are dangerous i think. How much am I supposed to think? ?



9. Textrovert


When someone is more comfortable over text than in person.

This is a very common phenomenon in the modern world of technology where dropping a text is much easier and hassle-free than meeting someone in person.


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10. Internest


Making a bunker of pillows and blankets while working on the internet.

I do it all the time, it’s so comfortable and cozy.


11. Bedgasm


Loving your bed and experiencing utmost comfort after a tiring day.

This one is even better than an orgasm. There is no need to return the favour to your bed.


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12. Masturdating


Going out to a restaurant or movie alone.

Why masturbate when you can masturdate! Worth doing once in a while.


13. Nonversation


A conversation that is pointless and a complete waste of time.

Sometimes it’s necessary for having a meaningless conversation, it brings people closer. Talk non-sense and look for a person who makes that non-sense sound like it makes complete sense.


14. Flirtationship


Not being in a relationship but enjoying the thrill of flirting.

Something more than a friendship and less than a relationship. Why does it sound similar to half-girlfriend?


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15. Cellfish


A person who is constantly engrossed in the phone even if they are sitting with someone.

A cellfish is better than selfish. Can’t even complain about this one.


I know there are many words in this category. Let us know if you are an inventor of any such interesting and modern word. Share your wisdom with us in the comment section below.
Be a Typetator The one who types his comments below. Sounds lame I know, but worth trying!

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    • Thank you for your appreciation Keligh. These words are gaining popularity recently and the good thing is you can invent one yourself, just need a little bit creativity. HAve a good day 🙂


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