Season 4 of Money Heist or La Casa de Papel is just released on Netflix and it is all the rage right now. Over the last three seasons, Money Heist has become so popular. It even became the number 1 streaming show on Netflix. In this article, we have put together a Money Heist personality quiz.

Take this personality quiz and see which character you closely match with.

Money Heist Personality Quiz

Note: Read the questions carefully and answer honestly. These are situational questions so answer accordingly.


You have to experience the situation to fully understand it.

You are robbing a bank. You are surrounded by police and they will be coming in any second now. You?

You are more likely to hold a grudge if someone harms you.

You need to kill someone to keep your team and the heist safe

You have trouble making tough decisions

Someone got injured during the heist, you will

You got caught while your team escaped, You will say nothing despite all the torture

You hate waiting

You have trouble thinking and planning about future

You can handle a tough situation and you can easily adapt to the environment

Would you drive a car after having 2 beers

Would you gamble your whole life’s savings for a chance to win 10 Million Lottery but odds are 50-50

You are more likely to lose your temper when forced to do something unpleasant or unwanted.

You have some work but you want your friend to do it for you, you:

Which Money Heist Character Are You?
You are The Professor

You are a person with high morals and values. You can be a good leader in the situation and people look up to you for guidance. You are far-sighted.
You are Raquel

You are an extrovert person who likes to have meaningful conversations. You are practical and sensitive. You can be persuasive at times.
You are Berlin

You are a pragmatic person who can deal with bad situations in a realistic way. Loyalty is extremely important to you and you are ready to fight for your loved ones.
You are Nairobi

You are an introvert person who likes to keep it to yourself. You are a survivor with a practical approach. You are also a sensitive person.
You are Rio

You are an introvert person who can get impatient at times. You also have your moments when you shine.
You are Denver

You are an extremely loyal person. You are ready to fight for your friends and loved ones.
You are Stockholm

You are a sensitive and practical person. You can also be persuasive at times.

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