Indian tv shows never about saas-bahu drama or similar stuff you watch these days. Before when the internet wasn’t so popular in India, there were some great gems that created the benchmark for creativity, originality, and imagination. You must have heard shows like Office Office, Malgudi Days etc. Even if you watch them today, they bring a smile to your face. It was the level of next-gen TV we expect from western shows.

Today in the article, we have put together some of the most amazing Indian TV shows before mediocre saas-bahu and soap opera ruined everything.

Most Amazing Indian TV Shows You Must Watch


1 – Malgudi Days

Amazing Indian TV Shows Malgudi Days

From the legendary R.K. Narayan comes the Malgudi Days. It was initially aired back in 1987. Sets of a short story set in the north India small village Malgudi. It shows the struggle of average Indian and the show is a true gem. Malgudi days even has 9.3 ratings on IMDB and considered one of the finest when it comes to Most amazing Indian tv shows. You can watch all the episode on Prime Videos.


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2 – Byomkesh Bakshi

Byomkesh Bakshi

Byomkesh can be considered Indian Sherlock Holmes. Created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, it became more and more popular. Doordarshan decided to make the tv show with veteran actors like Rajit Kapoor and K.K. Raina. The show was initially released back in 1993 and ended in 1997 with two seasons. If you are after the quality show then look no further. Plots and mysteries are truly awesome.

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3 – Office Office

If the comedy and irony is your cup of tea then Office Office is for you. Considered Pankaj Kapoor’s finest performance the show was effortlessly hilarious. Following the story of Musaddilal, who is struggling with getting his work done in corrupt office environments. No matter which episode you are watching it was very easy to relate. Maybe that was something which made this show so popular. You can find some episodes on Youtube.


4 – Flop Show


Sitcom from Jaspal Bhatti was surely ahead of its time. Showing the most common problems Indian people had to endure during the day to day life. It was a fresh take and one of the funniest shows till date from India. You can find several episodes on Youtube.


5 – Filmi Chakkar

Filmi Chakkar

It was the famous TV show during their time. Satish Shah’s finest till date. You can find some episodes on YouTube.


6 – Aarohan


One of the shows which really showed the woman empowerment. The storyline revolves around various women who joined the Indian Navy. They go through training and what was the life for women in armed forces. Among the most amazing Indian TV shows.

7 – Idhar Udhar

Idhar Udhar

Idhar Udhar was the true Indian Sitcom which first aired back in 1985. Supriya Pathak and Ratna Pathak were the main cast of the show. You can find most of the episodes on Youtube.




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