Fame is something that can instantly get to one’s head and transform that person forever. We all must have heard about a cocky celebrity once in a while but today we are talking about the most down to earth celebrities in India.

We’ve curated a list of the most down to earth celebrities in India who are renowned for their humility and leading a simple life:

Down To Earth Celebrities In India

Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid was the OG Captain Cool of the Indian Cricket team. He has been known for his humble nature. The picture of him standing in a queue for a science fair went quite viral where he was seen standing among other parents and kids.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Who doesn’t know ‘Captain Cool’ and his tales of kindness! From agreeing to take a selfie with a girl who followed his car to choosing a train ride over luxurious plane travel, MSD has been in the news for his humility. A fun activity for you: try checking out all the group photographs of India winning any major tournament and you’ll see that MSD never held the trophies in any group photographs. He was also seen helping Faf DuPlessis when Faf got injured during the game.


It is a universally known fact that one of the greatest superstars of Indian cinema, Rajinikanth, was a bus conductor before joining filmdom. The ‘Thalaiva’ has no animosities against sleeping on the floor and was also once confused for a beggar.

Shah Rukh Khan

Standing true to his song, “Jo main cha hu, wo main pau’, Shah Rukh Khan is the star who would have anything available at his doorstep. Yet the humility with which he treats his fans and even the journalist who interviews him is beyond words. If you would ever notice him stepping on the stage of any award show, he never forgets to offer ‘salaam’ to everyone.

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Nandita Das

Nandita has gained extensive respect for her social activism. The skilled actress has planted in a lot of effort building awareness to prevent sexual harassment of women and children. She is also associated with several NGOs in preventing life-threatening diseases like AIDS.

Rahul Bose

This actor has rarely spoken about his helpful nature in public. However, he has made many personal visits to Tsunami hit areas and reached his utmost help. He is also involved with several NGOs working against the sexual harassment of children. Lately, he started his own NGO named ‘HEAL’.

Vidya Balan

The actress is one of the first actors who has campaigned largely for a cleaner India. She has been supporting the construction of toilets in rural areas and was also the brand ambassador of the sanitation campaign for the Indian government.
Vidya Balan: 'I thought if my body changed, then I would be acceptable to everyone. I would be worthy of love' - bollywood - Hindustan Times

Celina Jaitley

The actress is recognized for her support of gay rights in our country. She has actively promoted the LGBT community and has lectured for the abolition of laws opposing homosexuality.

Sushmita Sen

Miss Universe 1994, she is remembered for her philanthropic works. She has also launched an NGO named ‘I AM FOUNDATION’ that strives at taking care of abandoned and poverty-stricken children. She has also set up two solar charging stations in West Bengal’s Sunderbans that has served 600 lives in the area.

Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar is acknowledged for his modest lifestyle. He also founded ‘Naam Foundation’, a non-governmental organization that aims for the betterment of farmers in drought-prone areas. He has reportedly given 90 percent of his earnings to charity.

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Priyanka Chopra

Miss World in 2000, the astonishing beauty has been in the spotlight ever since for her acting valor and her relationship with UNICEF. She became the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and traveled to war-torn parts of Syria to support children and families affected due to the conflict.

Sonu Sood

Everybody has been doing their part in supporting those facing the brunt of the COVID-19 lockdown. There was only one actor who decided to walk the talk. He is Sonu Sood. He brought it upon himself to make adjustments for 350 migrant workers to travel to Karnataka from Maharashtra. Throughout the pandemic, he has been constantly planning to provide transportation and aid for many more. He truly went the extra mile to provide help.

I love the way how all these down to earth celebrities are unaffected by the popularity and attention. Dear celebrities, never change!


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