Dating can be tricky and a risky process in today’s world. Things don’t work out as they did in the old times when you used to go to a bar to meet someone or ask someone out. Everything is almost available online from clothes to electronic items and so is your next date, at least on Tinder it is. It is very easy to find your match you both just have to swipe right and TADAA! It’s a match.

But do you know that the kind of profession you are in plays a very important role to impress someone? Men and women have different preferences. Women like men who are in the creative field whereas men prefer women who are strong and independent and can call shots.

Given below is the list of such professions which are responsible for the most number of right swipes according to GQ India. List of all the Most Right Swiped Professions On Tinder In India.


Most Right Swiped Professions On Tinder In India





















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  1. Hey Bhawna,
    I have never actually used Tinder. But it is fun to know. I hope blogger was also there. But in other words, you have mentioned Entrepreneur which does counts for something.
    Thanks for sharing this. I like reading your posts. They are different from what we read on a usual basis. Please keep up the good work.
    Vineet Saxena

    • Hey Vineet
      Thank you for appreciating. Yes, I also thought the same that what if there is no Blogger in the list Entrepreneur is there and it is kind of same if you are earning through your work.
      Thank you 🙂


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