Despite its simplicity, the romantic movie Endless Love was one of the sweetest and loveliest films ever made. Therefore, some of the most romantic movies like Endless Love, are listed here.

Shy Jade Butterfield is a social recluse who doesn’t have any close friends when she graduates from high school. David Elliot has long admired her. He tells her after receiving encouragement from his father and best friend. The valets at the country club are David and Mace. They take Jade on a joyride before getting kicked out. Jade invites the entire class to a party after asking her parents for permission. The Butterfields are well-off, and David’s dad runs the neighborhood garage. David tries to become friends with Jade’s father, but a number of things make him reluctant to do so.

So if you were only interested in a summary of the film Endless Love, this was it. It’s one of the most heartwarming romantic movies with a dash of drama because what kind of romance film would it be without a little drama? Here are some movies like Endless Love if you enjoyed that film.


Movies Like Endless Love


The Notebook (2004)

IMDb – 7.8

Every day, Duke recounts from his journal to Ms. Hamilton, an elderly woman with dementia, the tale of Allie and Noah, two loves who were torn apart by fate.



The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

IMDb – 7.7

At a cancer support group, Hazel and Augustus, two young cancer patients, meet. They go out together in search of a reclusive novelist in Amsterdam.

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Me Before You (2016)

IMDb – 7.4

Louisa Clark agrees to take on the responsibility of looking after Will Traynor, a stiff man who is paralysed. But as the two progressively grow close and eventually fall in love, her life changes.



A Walk to Remember (2002)

IMDb – 7.3

Following an incident, Landon is required to perform community service. Participating in the spring performance as part of his punishment also causes him to fall in love with Jamie, the daughter of the reverend.



Now Is Good (2012)

IMDb – 7

A dying girl tries to cross off her bucket list of things to do before she dies. The urge to lose her virginity before she dies is at the top of her list.



The Longest Ride (2015)

IMDb – 7

Due to their divergent job paths, Luke and Sophia’s chemistry starts to deteriorate. Then an elderly man named Ira tries to convince them of the benefits of removing obstacles in their relationships.



The Vow (2012)

IMDb – 6.8

Paige suffers an awful accident that puts her in a coma. She doesn’t recognize her husband Leo when she awakens, so he tries to win her back by courting her once more.



The Best of Me (2014)

movies like endless love

IMDb – 6.6

Dawson catches up with his former high school sweetheart as he returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his surrogate father.



Safe Haven (2013)

IMDb – 6.6

In Southport, North Carolina, a mysterious young woman makes her way there and develops feelings for the widower store owner. Her troubled history, however, interferes with her new life.

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The Choice (2016)

IMDb – 6.5

After relocating to a new suburb, Gabby Holland starts to feel attracted to Travis, a veterinarian. She must make her last choice, though, when her boyfriend comes to ask her to marry him.



The Lucky One (2012)

IMDb – 6.4

A lonely and disillusioned Marine searches for the woman he thought was his lucky charm after the battle in Iraq. He ultimately discovers tranquility while staying with her folks.



Dear John (2010)

IMDb – 6.3

Savannah, a college student, is the love of John’s life. After the 9/11 attacks, he reenlists, but they keep in touch via letters. Over the coming years, fate puts their relationship through numerous tests.



The Last Song (2010)

IMDb – 6

A strained father-daughter relationship is given new life when the two starts to discover they have a common interest in music.


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