A fantastic piece of work that will not disappoint cinema aficionados. The film Get Out is a fantastic thriller. In comparison to other thriller films I’ve seen, this one has a very unique and inventive plot. It’s more of a societal commentary on racism’s oppressive nature. It comes out the other side as a one-of-a-kind film. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best movies like Get Out that are available on Netflix’s OTT platform, so have a look.


9 Movies Like ‘Get Out’


Shutter Island (2010)

IMDb – 8.2

Genre – Mystery & Thriller

Directed by – Martin Scorsese

Cast – Leonardo DiCaprio
– Mark Ruffalo
– Ben Kingsley
– Michelle Williams
– Emily Mortimer
– Patricia Clarkson
– Max von Sydow

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – Martin Scorsese has outdone himself once more. In “Shutter Island,” he pays close attention to every detail, making it one of the best suspense thrillers of all time. The plot is kept simple enough that it does not become silly, but it does allow for an unexpected ending. To totally engross you in the movie, the film employs everything at its disposal, from gorgeous landscapes to meticulously laid-out shots and the best performances. Even if you’re not a typical lover of the genre, there’s a lot more to this movie.


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Gone Girl (2014)

movies like get out

IMDb – 8.1

Genre – Drama, Mystery & Thriller

Directed by – David Fincher

Cast – Ben Affleck
– Rosamund Pike
– Neil Patrick Harris
– Tyler Perry
– Carrie Coon

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – On their fifth wedding anniversary, upper-class Nick Dunne reports his wife Amy missing in small-town Missouri. Detective Rhonda Boney examines and immediately detects several problems. This is a Lifetime movie taken to the next level. It’s a complex, cold-hearted story.

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Hereditary (2018)

movies like get out


IMDb – 7.3

Genre – Drama, Horror & Mystery

Directed by – Ari Aster

Cast – Toni Collette
– Alex Wolff
– Milly Shapiro
– Ann Dowd
– Gabriel Byrne

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – For the first hour of the film, you just have the impression that something is wrong with the family. A few essential events occur during the first hour—important and shocking enough to keep you alert, but not yet informative enough to tell you what’s coming next. The horror that unfolds in “Hereditary” is as much about loss and the ever-present concern that women are failing their families in some way as it is about any of the real events on screen.


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Don’t Breathe (2016)

IMDb – 7.1

Genre – Crime, Horror & Thriller

Directed by – Fede Álvarez

Cast – Jane Levy
– Dylan Minnette
– Daniel Zovatto
– Stephen Lang

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – This is a unique modern horror film that employs tension and atmosphere to establish suspense. A group of teenagers goes into a blind man’s home with the intent of robbing his belongings, but they quickly discover that he is far sharper than they anticipated. Don’t Breathe is that uncommon modern horror movie that succeeds intellectually as well as viscerally, thanks to Stephan Lang’s unnerving acting and an innovative tale of suspense and turns to produce true modern horror.


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The Platform (2019)

IMDb – 7

Genre – Horror, Sci fi & Thriller

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Directed by – Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Cast – Iván Massagué
– Antonia San Juan
– Zorion Eguileor
– Emilio Buale

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – It falls into the suspenseful thriller category. It depicts humanity at its worst; it basically sends the notion that things are fine at the top, but as you descend the social ladder, things grow worse and worse, with those above you doing slightly better. Socially and ideologically, this is a significant victory; it really makes you think, especially in these times when has had such a devastating impact on the world.


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Run (2020)

movies like get out

IMDb – 6.7

Genre – Mystery & Thriller

Directed by – Aneesh Chaganty

Cast – Sarah Paulson
– Kiera Allen

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – Diane Sherman is the overprotective mother of Chloe, a wheelchair-bound teenager who is homeschooled. Chloe begins to have doubts about the medicine her mother provides her. An interesting take on a concept that will keep you engrossed with ratcheted tension, supported by two amazing performances from Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen. Because there were so few individuals in the film, the pressure on the stars to deliver was increased, yet they pulled it off admirably.



Hush (2016)

IMDb – 6.6

Genre – Horror & Thriller

Directed by – Mike Flanagan

Cast – John Gallagher Jr.
– Michael Trucco
– Kate Siegel

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – Hush blends the predictability of its intriguing premise with the familiarity of the home invasion subgenre. Kate Siegel portrays deaf author Maddie with conviction and contributes to the story’s suspenseful potential. This is a low-budget slasher film that is intellectual, well-paced, and well-shot, but on a higher level.

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The Da Vinci Code (2006)

IMDb – 6.6

Genre – Mystery & Thriller

Directed by – Ron Howard

Cast – Tom Hanks
– Audrey Tautou
– Ian McKellen
– Alfred Molina
– Jürgen Prochnow
– Paul Bettany
– Jean Reno

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – The Da Vinci Code is a chilling, fascinating, and well-crafted mystery thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the majority of the time. The cast also does not disappoint. Dr. Robert Langdon, the college professor who is inadvertently drawn into all of this cloak-and-dagger intrigue, is played by Tom Hanks with a stolid and passive demeanor, but Audrey Tautou as Sophie, the woman who may play a larger role in the unraveling of the mystery than even she can imagine, is played by Audrey Tautou with a subtle charm.


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Apostle (2018)

IMDb – 6.3

Genre – Drama, Fantasy & Horror

Directed by – Gareth Evans

Cast – Dan Stevens
– Lucy Boynton
– Mark Lewis Jones
– Bill Milner
– Kristine Froseth
– Paul Higgins
– Michael Sheen

Why is it added in the list of movies like Get Out – This film is a must-see for everyone who likes authentic horror. It’s a historical play set in the early 1900s that’s well done and written. The tempo is superb, the tone is driving and rhythmic. The characters were well-developed and easy to relate to. I think it’s almost a waste that it’s just available on Netflix and hasn’t received a theatrical release. This video will appeal to anyone who likes the idea of paganism, cults, and religion without pandering to Christians or period pieces.


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