You will experience the same surge of excitement that you did after viewing the movie Memento when you watch the most outstanding movies like Memento that are listed below.

Just like the film Memento was packed with suspense and mystery, there are times when we yearn to watch something akin. Consequently, if you’re wanting to see something of such sort, then below mentioned are some of the movies similar to memento. You’ll witness how the human brain is capable of badly screwing up any scenario.



11 Movies Like Memento


Inception (2010)

IMDb – 8.8

Cast – Leonardo DiCaprio
– Ken Watanabe
– Joseph Gordon-Levitt
– Marion Cotillard
– Elliot Page
– Tom Hardy
– Cillian Murphy
– Tom Berenger
– Michael Caine

Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a world-class crook who, with the aid of a group of sleep experts, gains access to people’s subconscious minds and takes what they value most: ideas straight from their minds. His final task, which could help him clear his record, is to instill an idea rather than steal one from another person. The challenge arises when certain people are trained to prevent their ideas from being taken.



Se7en (1995)

IMDb – 8.6

Cast – Brad Pitt
– Morgan Freeman
– Gwyneth Paltrow
– John C. McGinley

William Somerset, a detective lieutenant, is about to retire. He is partnered with David Mills, a fresh-faced rookie detective. Together, they search for a serial killer who operates under the guise of the seven deadly sins. Tracy, Mills’ wife, is gravely depressed and worries about her husband’s life in the meantime.

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The Prestige (2006)

movies like memento

IMDb – 8.5

Cast – Hugh Jackman
– Christian Bale
– Michael Caine
– Scarlett Johansson
– Rebecca Hall
– Andy Serkis
– David Bowie
– Piper Perabo

Robert Angier, his beloved wife Julia McCullough, and Alfred Borden are friends and assistants of a magician. When Julia accidentally dies during a performance, Robert blames Alfred for her death and they become enemies. Both become famous and rival magicians, sabotaging the performance of the other on the stage.



The Usual Suspects (1995)

IMDb – 8.5

Cast – Stephen Baldwin
– Gabriel Byrne
– Chazz Palminteri
– Kevin Pollak
– Pete Postlethwaite
– Kevin Spacey
– Suzy Amis
– Benicio del Toro
– Giancarlo Esposito

What movie could be more appropriate than The Usual Suspects about five suspects who are anything but the usual suspects? The story begins with the lone survivor of what the authorities believe to have been a violent and explosive narcotics exchange gone wrong.



Shutter Island (2010)

IMDb – 8.2

Cast – Leonardo DiCaprio
– Mark Ruffalo
– Ben Kingsley
– Michelle Williams
– Emily Mortimer
– Patricia Clarkson
– Max von Sydow

The protagonist of Shutter Island is Teddy Daniels, a federal marshal from the United States who was sent to the island with his partner Chuck Aule to look into the disappearance of a patient.



Gone Girl (2014)

IMDb – 8.1

Cast – Ben Affleck
– Rosamund Pike
– Neil Patrick Harris
– Tyler Perry
– Carrie Coon

Young, hip, and charming describe Amy and Nick Dunne. The perfect dream pair? At least initially, it would appear that way. The glossy facade, however, was torn apart by infidelity and financial issues. One morning, Nick is put on suspicion after Amy vanishes without a trace. Has he murdered his wife? He is attempting his hardest to change the negative perception that the media has of him as a cruel husband.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

IMDb – 7.8

Cast – Daniel Craig
– Rooney Mara
– Christopher Plummer
– Stellan Skarsgård
– Steven Berkoff
– Robin Wright
– Yorick van Wageningen
– Joely Richardson

While working on a novel, wealthy man Henrik Vanger contacts the journalist Mikael Blomkvist. Vanger is looking for an explanation for his niece Harriet’s disappearance, which happened more than 40 years ago. He believes that Harriet was murdered and is thus dead. He looks to Mikael to dig into her death and disappearance.



The Machinist (2004)

IMDb – 7.7

Cast – Christian Bale
– Jennifer Jason Leigh
– Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
– John Sharian
– Michael Ironside

This film is about a man working in a heavy industry. He suffers from insomnia and hasn’t slept for a year. This condition is causing him to lose weight, and his perception of reality to become twisted. Soon he doesn’t know what’s real or not.



The Game (1997)

IMDb – 7.7

Cast – Michael Douglas
– Sean Penn
– Deborah Kara Unger
– James Rebhorn
– Peter Donat
– Carroll Baker
– Armin Mueller-Stahl

An unusual birthday presents is given to Nicholas Van Orton by his brother Conrad. A present of a game that sends him spiraling into a nightmare; a conspiracy (or so it appears) The Game is full of uncertainty and anxiety from the beginning and presents many difficult questions about life and death and the truth.



Vanilla Sky (2001)

IMDb – 6.9

Cast – Tom Cruise
– Penélope Cruz
– Kurt Russell
– Jason Lee
– Noah Taylor
– Cameron Diaz

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Tom Cruise plays Dave, a wealthy yuppie. He is the majority shareholder with a 51% stake in his father’s business and is consequently continuously at odds with the other “7 dwarves” who make up the board. His personal life is a wreck, and the closest he comes to love is a shallow connection with Julie. Despite this, Brian, his best friend, who adores Julie, stands by him.



Enemy (2013)

IMDb – 6.9

Cast – Jake Gyllenhaal
– Mélanie Laurent
– Sarah Gadon
– Isabella Rossellini

The enemy is not likely to appeal to every viewer because it leans more toward art house films than mainstream ones. The plot centers on a college professor who has a regular lifestyle until he decides to find his doppelganger after seeing him in a movie. This decision sets off a series of unfortunate occurrences that have terrible results.


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