Like it is popularly said, every girl is a daddy’s little girl. Even though it is a notion that fathers lover all their children equally. We all know that secretly daughters are the apple of their father’s eye. No relationship is as pure and special as a father-daughter relationship. For a girl, a father is the first man that she encounters in her life and the love she receives from her father becomes a deciding factor and a benchmark for every man who comes her way in life.

Fathers are the strongest guards and pillars for their daughters. Right from helping her take her first step to walk her down the aisle, fathers never really let go of their little girls.

Every father-daughter duo is not only special but the most fun bond in the family. In fact, even in the entertainment and media industry, there have multiple Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV shows that depict the father-daughter relationship beautifully. Check out some of the movies and TV series who hit the nail in the right chord while depicting the perfect father-daughter relationship with the perfect storyline and screenplay.

These are some of the movies and shows that you would have already watched and loved. If not, watch them right away with your father and feel all of them feels immediately.


Father-Daughter Duo Movies

1. Piku

The movie showcases an imperfect father-daughter relationship in all its candidness and glory. She is a strong vivacious and independent woman and a daughter while he is a very picky, old and stubborn father. She schedules her entire day according to his convenience while he doesn’t let her breathe a little in between. A little road trip, some constipation issues, Irfan Khan and lots of quirky and cute instances make this movie a light-hearted family entertainment.


2. Despicable me

The world knows this movie for its minions but what really melted our hearts was how the supervillain gradually turned into a loving father as the movie unfolded. Gru is known for his mischief evil moves, as he adopts three little girls, he starts to become a father figure more and supervillain less. This will probably be the first movie where you will feel emotional for the villain as he slowly transforms into a hero like his daughters consider him.

3. Dangal

Inspired from the real-life story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, Dangal is a power-packed yet a heartfelt movie. The plot revolves around a father who lived with a dream of looking at his sons win the gold medal in wrestling. Life takes a turn when he only gets daughters. Facing the societal oppression and discrepancies of people around him, he trains the girls to become world-renowned wrestlers. The journey and struggle towards victory is a story worth telling.

4. Mohobatte


One of the classic 90’s movies starring the big names like Amitabh Bacchan, Shahrukh khan and Aishwarya rai. Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of an overprotective and possessive father to his only daughter Aishwarya Rai who falls in love with Shahrukh Khan, who happens to be the student in Amitabh Bachchan’s gurukul or the school made out of discipline and principles. The film is all about love, emotions, fear and realization.

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5. Avengers endgame

We cannot possibly ignore Avenger’s endgame when the whole world can weep with just three little words after the movie- “Love you, 3000”. The bond between Tony Stark and his daughter is the most precious one in the movie. Even though the movie is a saga in itself, you cannot miss the duo which melted a million hearts. The last scene where they play the last recording of Tony Stark talking to her daughter gave us all the chills that our emotional hearts wasn’t ready to take.


6. Hobbs and shaw

The latest movie in the Fast and Furious franchise was a power-packed action-filled movie. The most intrigued part about the movie was the storyline which didn’t suffice to only a thriller plot but also loves, emotions and family. The bond between Dwayne Johnson and her daughter was hard to resist in the movie. Even though he is an agent and fights bad guys throughout the movie, at the end of the day, he just wants to go back to his daughter and spend time with her.


7. Modern family

The popular sitcom is all about family as you can make out from the name. This TV show has touched the mark of a father-daughter relationship in so many ways. There are a lot of father and daughter pairs in the show and with each passing season, the writers have made sure every relationship showcased in the serial gets utmost screen time and importance in a funny, emotional and yet serious way.


8. This is us

If you haven’t watched this TV show yet, then chances are you are living under the rock and would be needing a lot of tissue boxes when you sit down to finally watched it. The show will touch ever emotional nerve inside your body. Once you are done with the first season, you will start idolizing Jack Pearson like your own father.

9. Interstellar

Interstellar was a sci-fi movie based on its genre, but the storyline was heavily dependent upon the relationship between the father and the daughter. Matthew along with the other scientist’s travels across the wormhole in space in order to attempt the survival of humanity and after years of getting stuck in space and time, finally returns to meet her daughter and prove her scientific theory.



10. Definitely maybe

This is an all-time feel-good movie. Ryan Reynolds plays a loving father to his 10 years old daughter who eagerly wants to hear her parent’s love story. He decides to narrate the story to her but adds a little bit of mystery to the same. He tells a story with various characters and lets her identify her mother in the story. It is a simple heart touching movie with some moments that will make you go aww instantly.


11. Taken

Just when a former government employee and a secret service agent is making efforts to reconnect his bonds with his daughter, a group of human traffickers abducts his daughter Kim from Paris. Within a few days, they are about to sell her at a good price to a billionaire. Now, Brian only knows that one of the kidnappers had a tattoo and has heard his voice. He travels all the way to Paris and uses every technique he knew in his life to save his daughter.

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12. Father of the bride

Father of the Bride is an old school love tale. The movie is pretty straight forward where Steve Martin plays the role of a loving father who is handling the whole wedding fiasco when his daughter takes a daunting decision of marrying a man she just recently met. The whole movie is filled with tiny bits of emotional tear-jerking scenes, situational humour and overall light storytelling.


13. Crazy stupid love

After the divorce of a middle-aged man Cal, he rediscovers himself and the lost manhood with the help of a newfound friend. The friend happens to be Jacob played by Ryan Gosling who is a womanizer himself but ends up falling in love with a girl Hannah, who surprisingly Cal’s daughter. Now that Cal has learnt some tips and trick from Jacob, he doesn’t approve of their relationship. Gradually, all the love stories take a turn and it goes on to a happy ending, perhaps.


14. Yaadein

Yaadein is like an old book that you take out from the dusted shelf after years and it opens up the box of nostalgia. This 90’s Bollywood movie kick-started Kareena and Hrithik’s careers. Jackie Shroff played the father of three absolutely lovely daughters and the whole movie revolves around their bond and sacrifices that he makes for her daughters and their love.


15. Like father

The plot revolves around a workaholic daughter and an estranged father who is ow trying to mend the broken threads between her daughter and himself. After a blurry drunken night, both of them end up waking up in a holiday cruise where they eventually rekindle their relationship. The movie is a very light comedy with plenty of emotional scenes. Perfect for a Netflix and chill kind of a day.


16. Tall girl


Being a 6 feet teenager in a high school where everybody is trying to outshine, Jodi wants to not stand out at least for once in her life. She has an over concerned and overprotective father who just wants his daughter to feel belonged and fit in the crowd. Even when she is stuck in a weird kind of love triangle, all he does he stand by her and motivates her to feel her own worth.



17. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

One of the iconic movie of the ’90s that still makes our generation believe that friendship is the foundation of love. However, the story revolves around an 8-year-old girl Anjali who is trying reunite her father Rahul and his long lost college best friend Anjali in order to complete her mother’s last wish. The movie has got love, drama, emotions, friendship and humour all in the right amount.


18. Jersey Girl

The story is about a successful PR of the music industry who falls in love with a girl and gets her pregnant. The girl eventually dies during the childbirth leaving behind a greaving father and a beautiful baby girl. The man full of grief makes certain fatal statements in a press conference that blacklists his career. He leaves the glam world and returns to his father’s house. As he is trying to retrieve his life back. He swears to be the perfect father for her daughter and hence the story intervenes.

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19. Chachi 420

After a rather unpleasant divorce, Kamal Hasan is forced to take the guise of a woman in order to be around her only daughter. His desperation to live close to his daughter takes a lot of fun and interesting turns in the story. Kamal Hasan has played the iconic role of a Chachi brilliantly and flawlessly. Even after all these years, the movie still remains to be a treat of a family drama to watch with the entire family together.


20. Ek ladki ko Dekha to

This movie set out to break some major stereotypes in our society today. But most importantly, it showcases a father who unconditionally loves her daughter but fails to understand her feelings as she grows up. The real father and daughter Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor played the reel life father. Ultimately, Sonam gets her father’s acceptance in the end. Rajkumar has also acted well in the movie and the social message about LGBTQ was brilliantly showcased in the storyline.


21. Main Aisa hi hoon

This movie is a remake of the Hollywood film “I am Sam” where Ajay Devgan is an autistic grown man is a single father of a 7-year-old Gungun. He decides to raise her own his own after her birth mother Esha Deol decided to abandon them. Both father and the daughter starts to live a normal life and their bond becomes inseparable. Their lives take a twist when Esha Deol’s father decided to file a case for custody against Ajay Devgan.



22. Hey Baby

Life of three bachelors takes a major U-turn when an estranged baby is left on their front door. Soon enough all three of them fall unconditionally in love with the baby not knowing who the actual father is. In the second half of the movie, it is revealed that Vidya Balan was the actual mother and Akshay Kumar is the real father. However, she decides to take the child away from the boys and they try to win her back. The movie contains hilarious punches and heartwarming scenes. It is definitely one of the movies that one can watch over and over again.


These were some of our favorite father-daughter duo relation inspired movies and TV shows. All of them come from a different genre of entertainment but a common thread that holds all of them together is the portrayal of the unconditional love between a father and a daughter.

Let us know how many you have seen and how many you will see right away with your father. Also, if you have any more recommendations and suggestions to be added, we would love to add it to the watch list.




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