India is a land of cultures, traditions, and customs. all the traditions are valued here. Though we have reached the moon we take pride in our value system and don’t forget where our roots are. India has reached a platform where it got recognition from other strong countries. Our country has offered so much to the world like the concept of Zero, the ancient formula of well being of humans, ‘Yoga’ and ‘Ayurveda’. But, still, there are many Mysteries of India which are yet to be solved.

The world is full of many mysteries, some are solved and we know the reason behind it whereas some are still beyond explanation. India is also home to many such unsolved mysteries. If you think you are good at the game of guessing, think again.

Some of the mysteries are age-old and spooky, others are recent or political. Scientists have come up with many theories which are not solid enough to explain such activities. If you love reading and knowing about such stories then this article would definitely agree with you. Have a look at all the mysteries of India-


Mysteries of India

1. Then Nine Unknown Men-

Nine Unknown men mystery


You can also compare it to the Illuminati of the West, though it is much more mysterious. This was a secret society founded by the emperor Ashoka after the battle of Kalinga where nearly 100000 men were killed. This made him convert to Buddhism and he ended up making this secret society. The main purpose was to preserve the books containing knowledge which can cause heavy destruction to mankind if fallen in wrong hands. The books are said to cover the following subjects: Cosmology, Gravitation, Sociology, Physiology, Microbiology, Alchemy, Propaganda & Psychological Warfare, Light, and Communication.

Many people still believe that the nine unknown men exist to this very day successfully guarding mankind against harm. This is probably one of the most perplexing mysteries of India


2. Kongka la pass-

Kongka la pass mystery

image source- medium

the powerful countries in the world are fighting among themselves to be the ultimate superpower and have control over almost everything. But some things are beyond control. Same is the case with the Kongka La Pass. This is the disputed area which lies on the Indo-China border and is said to be the home to UFO. After the war of 1962, this area has been declared as No Man’s land. Many UFO sightings have been recorded in this area and it is said to be the underground base to the UFO. Locals have also acknowledged that they have seen these UFO’s which rise from the ground and go back after completing whatever its agenda is.

Both Indian and Chinese governments are aware of these sightings but have not confirmed anything maybe for safety purposes. Whatever the reason is, this is one of the most unusual and weird Mysteries of India which remains unsolved till date.


3. The decline of The Indus Valley civilization-


Indus Valley Civilisation decline mystery


This is probably one of the oldest and most widespread civilizations in the world. It was present Northeastern Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northwestern India. The mystery around this civilization is that how did it decline. Many excavators and historians have suggested multiple theories stating the reasons for the decline of this civilization. Some suggest that it was flooded whereas some suggest that the arrival of Aryans brought its downfall. Some recent studies say that the Indus Valley civilization declined due to weaker monsoon.
I guess we have to wait a little longer to know the actual reason behind its downfall as none of the above-mentioned theories is absolute.

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4. Kodhini the twin town-

kohini the twin town mystery

                                     image source- Times of India

This is not a scary or creepy mystery but when you visit this village you could not miss but notice twins roaming around every street. The village is famous for its population of an abnormal number of twins. The village has a population of around 2000 and there are said to be around 350 pairs of identical twins. Doctors are not able to judge the biology behind this case. They say it can be either hereditary or it might be something they eat. There are no solid theories to support their reason.
Mind you, on an average, there are 4 twins per 1000 but in this village, it goes up to 45 per 1000.


5. Death of Subhash Chandra Bose-

subhash chandra bose death mystery


Subhash Chandra Bose was a freedom fighter and his death happened when his plane crashed in Japanese-ruled Formosa. It is said that Bose sustained burns and was able to escape. His body was also not seen after the plane crash by anybody. The death certificate was also not issued.

Later he was said to be spotted as Gumnami baba who was a saint. Many believed that e was Subhash Chandra Bose in disguise. It is said that he was Bose because of the discovery of 24 boxes containing the belongings of Gumnami baba. The boxes contained Belgian typewriters, books gifted to Bose by ‘sister’, many pre and post-independence newspaper cuttings with his comments written on them, rounded spectacles, and some family photographs.


6. Bullet bike incident-


bullet bike mystery

                                        image source-

One day Om Singh Rathore of Jodhpur was riding on his Royal Enfield bullet from Bangdi to Chotila when he lost control of his bike and met with an accident and hit a tree. He died on the spot and his motorcycle fell into a ditch. The following morning the police confiscated the bike and took it to the police station but the next day the bike was missing from the police station and was said to be found on the site of the accident. the police once again took the bike to the police station and put it under chains and emptied the fuel tank. All their efforts were in vain, the bike was again found at the site of the accident the following morning. All the attempts made by police were worthless as the bike kept returning to the accident site again and again.

Finally, the police gave up and a local temple was built at the site in the memory of Om Singh Rathore


7. Alien rock paintings of Charama-

alien rock painting charama mystery


There are paintings found in the caves of the Charama region of Chattisgarh caves which are said to be 1000 years old. The paintings show figures which resemble featureless aliens and their UFO’s. People have different theories behind these paintings. Some belief in the stories said by their ancestors about the ‘Rohela people’ who were from space and landed on earth in the rounded flying objects and take away a few villagers who never returned.

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The figures in the paintings do not have eyes and nose and are shown holding weapons and wearing spacesuits. These are all the stories having no solid proof to it.


8. The mystery of Dumas Beach-


dumas beach mystery

               image source-

People visiting the beach claim to hear whispers and strange voices. When they turn around to look there is no one around. The beach is said to be the burial ground for Hindus and is one of the reasons for the mysterious happenings that take place on the beach.

Many people are said to have gone missing from the beach and were never found. This place is both mysterious and haunted.


9. Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri –


Lal bahadur Shastri


There are various stories surrounding the death of our 2nd Prime Minister. Some say that the person behind his death was Indira Gandhi as she was the one to be the most benefited. Some say that his body turned blue suggesting that it was some sort of poisoning. The other reasons for strengthening the suspicions surrounding his death is that his body was not sent for post mortem. Many requests were made by his family for it but this never happened.

This is still one of the most confusing Mysteries of India and a very high profile case for that matter.

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10. Village Kuldhara-


Kuldhara village mystery

                                    image source- wikipedia

The ruins of this village lie 15 km from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. There were around 1500 people residing in this village but they disappeared overnight. Nobody died or got kidnapped the truth is they left the village. There are different stories explaining this exodus. Many say that there was a cruel ‘deewan’ who fell in love with one of the daughters of the village chief and wanted to marry her. He is said to have threatened the chief to marry his daughter to him if he doesn’t do as asked he would raid the village and marry forcefully.

After discussing this matter with other chiefs they decided to leave the village never to return. While leaving they cursed the village that nobody ever lived here again. Anyone who has tried to live here died a mysterious death. The village is deserted till date and nobody want to take chances by living here and meeting the same fate as everyone else.

11. Red rain Mystery-

the mystery of red rain

                                    image source- youtube

In 2001 Idukki, Kerala experienced Red Rain that is said to have a resemblance to blood. The region has seen the red rain many times since 1818 and is also known as “The Red Region” due to the same reason.

People give various reasons for this phenomena. Some say that this is the wrath of Gods to punish the wrongdoers, some say that if innocents are killed it rains red. Some even claim that this is due to some extra-terrestrial activity

Centre of Earth Science Studies (CESS) gave a theory stating that it rained red because of the red particles emerging out of an exploding meteor. But they rejected this theory themselves. some blame it on the Arabic Desert dust. The real reason behind the “Red Rain ” is still unknown.

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12. Skeleton Lake, Uttarakhand-

Skeleton lake

                                    image source- Indiatoday


Roopkund lake also known as the skeleton lake has many human skeletons spread around its length. the lake lies between The Himalayas. The lake is in Uttarakhand and the place is inhabitable. The skeletons were first discovered in 1942 by a British Forest guard in summers when the snow melted away and the skeletons were unveiled.

They were thought to be the remains of the Japanese soldiers but later it was discovered that the skeletons date back to 850 A.D. The real reason has not been confirmed yet but when the snow melts these skeletons can be seen lying scattered along the river.


13. Ghost Lights in West Bengal-

ghost lights

     image source-

The unnatural glowing lights of different colors are normal visuals in the marshes of West Bengal. These are called ‘Aleya Lights’ also Ghost lights. Fishermen often get ost following these lights and never return.

Scientists say that these are ionized Methane lights and are formed from decaying organic matter. Locals say that these lights are the souls of the fishermen who die in that area. These lights are seen in other parts of the world as well. In European countries, it is said that these lights lead to hidden treasures. Whatever is true, it is guaranteed that these lights create confusion and it is best to not follow these.


14. Bhangarh Fort

bhangarh fort

  image source- wikipedia


This fort is in Rajasthan and is one of the most haunted places in the world. the place is known for unusual paranormal activities so much that the government has put up a board prohibiting the entry in the evening. Locals also say that they have listened to voices coming from the palace. There is a story stating that a wizard name Singhiya fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh. To marry her and make her fall in love with him he did some magic on the perfume she purchased. But, the princess got a whiff of his idea. This angered the wizard and he put a curse on the village and his spirit still roams the village. This is one of the spooky Mysteries of India.

Many people who didn’t believe in the story and entered the fort after the permitted hours haven’t returned.


15. Gyanganj –



   image source- wikipedia

Gyanganj is said to be the home of immortals and is well hidden in the valley of Himalayas. Gyanganj is said to be the ancient kingdom of the immortal beings. the place is camouflaged and these people are hiding from the world but have the power to influence the world in a very sound way when needed. The kingdom of Gyanganj is hidden and doesn’t come in the radar of any satellite.

The yetis or wise men are said to let people in the city sometimes and share their wisdom with them. Many sadhus and kings claim to have met these immortal beings who help them seek knowledge and show their way of life.

The existence of this place is questioned by many and many believe in its existence. Both ways it is still a mystery.



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