Monsoon is here in India and we know it. I opened my Instagram and the story section was filled with similar status about rain and how people are in love with the weather. To be honest I am not a rain-loving kind of person. Yes I agree that the weather is nice after that blah blah but there are certain things that turn everything off for me regarding this particular time of the year. So if you are not a rain lover. You gonna relate to these things.


NOT a rain lover? Then you will relate to these things…


1. Frizzy hair-

rain bad hair

Well, all the girls will understand and relate with this one.
No matter if you apply serum hairspray after a point your hair start dancing in different directions.

2. Pimples-

Not a rain lover

Several skin problems are invited during this season. Skin becomes naturally oily and it results in zits. Bonus points-these are painful?

3.water puddles bad roads-

bad roads in the rain

Well! The most obvious one. It is such a horrible task to walk on the road after rain. The vehicles passing by hit the puddle and sploosh ? the water is on you

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4. Caught up in a room-

You have to delay many tasks just because it seems hard to go out and be 100% productive

5. Feeling blue coz no sunshine-

no sunshine

I love the sun. Sunny days automatically brighten my mood. When it rains continuously for some days a feeling of laziness conquers your body. After a point, we all start feeling blue and crave for sunlight

6. Suffocating –

As soon as you turn off the AC you start feeling suffocated and it becomes humid.
If there are many people in the same room it becomes worse.

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7. Everything takes forever to dry-

Erghh! Literally, everything in your shoes your favorite pair of jeans takes so much time to dry completely. It’s quite irritating


       8. Electricity problem

candle light

You finally started to embrace the rain by cuddling under sheets to watch something on TV

And boom no electricity.


             9. Troubled rides-

Especially if you wear spectacles. People say it’s fun to drive a two wheeler in rain but you cannot enjoy this privilege. Either you can drive or you can clean your spectacles.


            10. Weight gain-

chai pakore in rain

You have major craving for fried food along with “chai”. Food is the only comfort in your life but fried food gives you major dieting Goals afterwards .

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  1. Hi,
    Interesting post, Bhawana. When it rains continously for some days it annoy me a lot because I like sunny days and it also brighten my mood.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen Verma


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