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11 Gadgets we would be saying goodbye to in 2020

Technology is known to outsmart itself and things must keep changing in order to keep up the pace. There are some gadgets that have seen their full length and those might be the gadgets we would be saying goodbye to in 2020.

Here are some of the things that could become obsolete by 2020.

1.Digital cameras

Digital cameras were quite ‘in’ when they first came and they replaced the traditional film cameras with a roll. But, now that cameras come in-built with phones, one can easily capture moments with it. It comes with all the features of a digital camera and even more. You get HD quality pictures and videos. People prefer DSLR/SLR for professional photography and the rest can be taken care of with the phone. Clunky digital cameras will fade out of style.


2. Computers

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Its time to say goodbye to computers as well. With the inventions of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the work done by a computer is no longer in need and has been replaced. The latest research in the area of quantum computers and biological computers have made the traditional notion of computing obsolete. The big personal computers have long been rotting into some corner of your house. Lets bid it goodbye this 2020.


3. Storing Devices

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The traditional storing devices have seen the length of their course as the revolution of cloud storage comes into the picture. Storing devices like hard drives, external hard drives, memory stick or memory card is now outdated as it’s easier and cheaper to set out a cloud network where you can store all your stuff and access them anywhere in the world, than spending money researching ways to enlarge traditional storage devices.


4. Standalone GPS devices

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Standalone GPS is no longer required as your phone can perform all the same functions, plus text someone that you’ve arrived. Even cars have GPS systems built-in and to buy a standalone GPS just seems worthless. It may be of use to a specific segment of consumers but for a majority of people, the GPS systems will be irrelevant.


5. Fax machines

Fax machines lost their importance much sooner than expected. Once the paperwork goes, it takes fax machines with it too. Data is stored and shared online which makes the work of a fax machine obsolete.

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6. Calculators

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When it comes to calculators, their work is not irrelevant but the traditional digital calculators will lose its importance soon as most phones have a calculator built-in, reducing the need for this clunky device that only does one job.


7. Alarm clocks

Alarm Clock
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The all rounder phone has replaced alarm clock too. Phones can do the work of an alarm clock and more. It has the options of a stop watch, timer, and bedtime schedule. The next generation will not have seen an alarm clock.


8. Landlines

Landlines are running out of time too. There was a time when all households had a landline but the invention of phones has made this technology obsolete as well. One of the gadgets we would be saying goodbye to in 2020. Office landlines are still in use but home landlines are slowly vanishing.


9. Remote controls

You won’t have to search for the remote or replace its batteries when voice commands and smartphone controls become widespread ways to operate your devices.


10. Headphones with cords

apple headphones earbuds
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From Apple’s AirPods to Bluetooth headphones, the headphone jack’s days are numbered.

11. Charger cables

phone charger
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Chargers are also going wireless with charging pads entering the scene.

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