The most popular games that can help in improving mental functions started with a pen-and-paper game usually printed on pages of a newspaper or in a gamebook. Gone are the days that you’ll need to grab a pen and play one since these games are now very popular online.

Why is there a need to improve brain functions?

Our brain works throughout our life, controlling the body’s functions and helping us understand and interact with the rest of the world. A healthy brain helps our mind stay active and clear so that we can continue to live meaningful lives. Improving our brain functions also helps us avoid neurological disorders, especially when we grow old. Apart from eating “brain foods” such as green leafy vegetables, berries, and nuts, online games can also help improve brain health. They can serve as exercises for the brain so it functions better every day.

Online games that can train the brain may also help in improving brain power such as logical skills, response time, and memory.

Good thing that Solitaire Games Online offers a plethora of brain games that can help improve mental faculties. So, if you are missing the classic printed games on paper, you can now easily access games for the brain on their website. Try playing these free online games for improved mental fitness:

Sudoku Online

Sudoku game may appear to be a simple and boring game for other people but this number placement game totally relies on your short-term memory skill. This game requires good concentration wherein you need to complete the Sudoku puzzle by placing the numbers on their proper sequencing. Sudoku online puzzles have varying degrees of difficulty from easy levels with just a few numbers to more complicated sequence number line-ups. This free online brain game helps improve concentration and memory.

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Online Crossword Puzzle

A popular classic brain trainer game, the online free crossword puzzle can challenge your language, vocabulary, and identification skills. It is also a good way to divert your attention and have a break from the mundane stuff once in a while. Online crossword game helps your build a good set of vocabulary while increasing your knowledge base. Playing crossword puzzles daily is also a good form of relaxation, a quiet time for yourself, and a worthy activity that would improve mental skills.

Why play games on is a totally free online game platform wherein you get to access fun and simple games that can also help improve mental functions. It offers games from different categories and they can easily be played via your browser. The games don’t have ads or paid upgrades, and the player doesn’t need to provide his or her private details in order to enjoy every featured game from the site. That is a secure and safe platform for any player. This website features games that are designed differently on a daily basis which means that on a certain date you get to play a different challenge on your favorite games. A quick escape from your busy lifestyle is good when you get to enjoy it while sharpening your mental abilities.


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