Durex India is celebrating love is love with the iconic characters

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There is one thing which is common throughout the world. No matter what color you are or what language you speak, love conquers all. As time …


Badass moments of the ladies from Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows of recent times. With all the planning, plotting and interesting twists the show has gained immense …


Some Modern Words Worth Adding in Your Vocabulary

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Has it happened with you too that as soon as someone sends you a text with some short form or a one-word description of something that …

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Best Romantic Novels to Read Before you Die

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There are a plethora of options available for a book reader. The list can be endless, you might get confused about which book to read because …


Traveling with Friends VS Family | Things You Will Relate

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To travel is to live. Every road you take has a different view, every place you go has a different story to tell. The place you …


Some Ideas For Your Next Date Other Than Going To a Romantic Dinner

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Being in love is an amazing feeling. To love someone and to be loved by someone gives you immense joy and sets your heart racing. In …


Things to do when you are feeling low

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Life is a gift and those who don’t enjoy it are committing a sin. We must live our life to the fullest no matter what the …


Next CJI Ranjan Gogoi | Everything you need to know

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Yesterday, Mr Ranjan Gogoi was appointed as the next Chief Justice of India. He will be the 46th CJI and will assume office from 3rd October …


Unexplored Places in India You Must Visit

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The best way to relax and rejuvenate is to take a trip. Most of us plan a holiday in the hopes of experiencing peace but we …


12 Types of People At Gym

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Types of people at Gym The long sitting hours and social media have reduced our physical activities to zero. Technology has provided us with almost every …