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26 Best Indian Beer Brands To Try On Your Next House Party

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Beer is a drink associated with good summer days and has proved to be very refreshing. They go best with the pizza. a bottle of beer …


Things That Are Considered Offensive In Other Countries

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I don’t think that there will ever be a person who doesn’t want to travel and explore new places. Yes, the company he prefers may vary. …


Things that we all follow in India on Diwali

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  There is something different in the ambience nowadays. With all the festivities spread all around and you gaining the extra holiday weight will make you …

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Take This How I Met Your Mother Quiz To prove You Are A True Fan

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When it comes to watching comedy shows there are certain series which have proved to be evergreen. How I Met Your Mother is one such show which …


Most Right swiped Professions On Tinder In India

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Dating can be tricky and a risky process in today’s world. Things don’t work out as they did in the old times when you used to go …


Romantic Movie Cliches That Don’t Happen In Real Life

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We all love watching romantic movies once in a while because they do put us in a good mood with their happy endings. But we can’t …

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28 Things To Do In Kashmir To Make Your Visit Memorable

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Kashmir is literally heaven on Earth. You have to visit it to believe it. It is a hilly area yet different from all other hill stations. …


38 Best Series on Netflix you should definitely watch

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When it comes to watching amazing TV shows that are worth your time then Netflix is just right for you. If you are in the mood …

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25+ Worst Horror Movie Cliches That are Annoying

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October is famous for bringing that cold breeze, autumn, and the spooky feeling. Personally, I am not a fan of horror movies but I don’t mind …


How to let yourself define your career and life goals

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It amazes me how two people share their time with each other yet their interest and thought process is different from each other. Each individual is …