27 Hilarious Chandler Bing One-liners

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Chandler Bing is the definition of sarcasm. I am sure you have watched the friends Chandler must be in the pile of liked character. He made us …

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23 Places to Visit to Witness Snowfall in India

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Winter is a time when everything turns to a white landscape and everything seems to be picture perfect. There is a different feeling when we get …



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  We all grew up watching different movies and their various parts like The James Bond series or the Missin Impossible series and the thing we …


13 Drinking Games To Try On Your Next House Party

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We all love hanging out with our friends once in a while and enjoy a little booze. This little turns to blackout sometimes but it is …


Badass Walter White Quotes from Breaking Bad

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One of the TV’s most realistic shows got to be ‘Breaking Bad’. Walter White is the mastermind in the show. He can handle any situation and …


The Ultimate Game of Thrones Season 1 Quiz | How Well Do You Remember?

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Game of Thrones season 1 quiz, this post is all about that. How well do you remember season 1? Game of Thrones is not a show …


Qualities of Chandler Bing That Make Him So Relatable

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All the character from tv show friends are very relatable and I am sure all of us can relate to Chandler Bing. It is probably one of …


Things You Should Look Forward in 2019

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2018 Has been a great year, we have seen so many social media trends. This year India also saw many important changes. Section 377 was scrapped. …

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25 Most Funny & Entertaining Subreddits You Should Subscribe To

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If you think about the search for some user feedback or answers online what comes to mind? You must be thinking about Quora. Well, there is …


Getting a Pre-Wedding Shoot? Remember These Things

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How good it is to find a person who you get to annoy and still feel loved by them for the rest of your life. You …