A trip to magnificent place helps us unwind and leaves us alone with our thoughts. When my life got cluttered, I decided to take a break and reorganize my thoughts. I was lucky enough to visit such a beautiful place. To be in parvati valley is in itself an experience.

So my trip started with packing my bag and finding two crazy friends to accompany me on this soul-feeding trip.

We arrived in kasol by following an overnight journey and then reached chalal by trekking for 20-25 minutes.

Chalal is the most popular stop in parvati valley because of obvious reasons. The village has magnificent view of the mountains and the river. We booked a room for a night in chalal and explored the village and came back to kasol for dinner and reached to local people to know about the history of the village and roam the local market.A trip to hilly area is incomplete without indulging in maggi and momos amd we gladly followed the ritual.

The next day, after following this delicious ritual, we took a bus to Barshaini from kasol. We trekked to kheerganga from barshaini. Kheerganga, a meadow where kartik, son of lord shiva is said to have meditated for many years is a holy place. The 14 km trek took us 4 hrs. to reach our destination. The phrase ‘journey is more beautiful than the destination’ fits well here. The journey to kheerganga is filled with amazing , jaw dropping views and natural scenery. An interesting fact that i found out was that dogs on the way were super-duper friendly. Ask me how? Every group had a local dog accompanying them on their way to kheerganga.

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After a tiring yet entertaining trek, we reached our destination in evening and booked a tent for a night. We took the pleasure of taking a bath in hot water spring which is the best thing to do in kheerganga. We had dinner at an open air cafe on a chilly evening with temperature dropping to nearly 8 degree celsius. We enjoyed our night by sitting around a bonfire and interacting with foreigners and got to know about their life, culture and their experience in india.!

Next day we trekked down to Barshaini and started our next trek to Pulga village exploring even small villages like Kalga and Tulga on the way. Pluga has colorful houses and has a dense forest which is home to wild bear. There is not much to do in Pulga except glancing at nature’s magical layout.Pulga is a small and serene village and a popular attraction and party spot for Israelis. Trek to Pulga is very pleasing and like a dream to look at. Most houses in Kalga are built by Israelis for their rare visit in two to three years to explore the mountains and nearby areas.

Famous and less tested dish of Pulga is Thentuk which is of Tibet origin. Thentuk is a hand pulled noodle soup and is served as dinner and sometimes lunch. In this article, I show just a sample of what you expect to see in this beautiful creation of nature and give you the idea to visit parvati valley.




  1. Hi Bhawana,

    Even without reading this post, the images alone tells you that Pavati valley is indeed a paradise – a place to be. I believe, visiting this amazing valley or paradise will help to re-energize anyone. My friend Ryan Biddulph will definitely love this one.

    Thanks for sharing.


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