6 out of 10 women suffer from PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome). In this cyst is formed over the ovaries which affect your health. Blame it on today’s lifestyle which takes a toll on our health. But you can Cure PCOS naturally.
There are some early signs which can be taken as a warning and this problem can be controlled.
Here are some common symptoms to identify.

1. Weight increase , obesity
2. Unusual hair growth on your face and body.
3. Feeling of depression.
4. Loss of appetite.
5. Irregular periods and infertility.

These signs should not be ignored and the doctor must be consulted. PCOS can be treated by medicines fully or at least its effects can be controlled.

Besides taking your medicines there are some things which can be done on regular basis to keep this problem under control. These are given below-


1. Keeping a check on your diet-


This is probably one of the best things that can help you get through this. Eating vegetables and fruits can do wonders. Protein-rich, high-fiber diet is best. Sugar and processed food should be avoided as much as possible because the hormones(especially insulin) gets disturbed and the weight loss is not easy.

2. Exercising regularly


Exercising is must to keep your weight under control plus it lifts up your mood. A brisk walk or jogging or even a 30 minutes cardio can do wonders for you. If you are not going to gym, you can consider yoga. Not only it helps your mind, it also has positive effects on your body. So it is a must.

3. Drinking plenty of water


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Half of the problems are solved with the proper intake of water as 70% of our body is fluid. Water helps in proper blood circulation which is also beneficial in hormonal secretion. Apart from this water is also good, if you want to stay fit, keep those pimples away and have that glow on your face. So drink at least 2-3 Ltrs of water daily.

4. Good Company


As there are chances of going into depression it is advised to be actively involved in some work that makes you happy. Keeping good friends and family around you lifts up your mood.


5. Load up on Calcium and Vitamin D

This helps in keeping your bones stronger and keeps you healthy. A good calcium-rich diet will help you in keeping PCOS at bay.


With these Ways To Cure PCOS Naturally, this problem can be controlled from becoming a bigger problem for you in future. So ladies be cautious and stay healthy.



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