Well, due to the outspread of Corona Virus, all of us are locked down at home. I feel this is the best time to think of redecorating your home. While sitting at home, you can sort the things out- what is required and what is not required, what needs to be repaired and what was never used.

Take out the things that haven’t been used yet and discard the things that you no longer use. This might create more space in your home. You can then think of getting some new funky furniture or home décor items. Again, getting new furniture or home décor items shouldn’t be heavy on your pocket.

To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of pocket-friendly home décor items that won’t cost you more than Rs. 500:


Pocket-Friendly Home Decor Items

1. Wall Mirror Décor

pocket friendly

The most underrated home yet one of the most useful home décor items is a mirror. They’re versatile enough to transform the room. It completely makes sense to invest in any fancy mirror. You can either shop for a fancy mirror costing less than 500 bucks or you can buy a simple mirror and put that in a vintage frame. I found heart-shaped acrylic mirror accessories that cost less than Rs. 500.


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2. Fancy Lights

I feel that the way fancy lights change the ambiance of a room, no other thing can do. You can either get hued bulbs instead of normal LED bulbs. You can also put lights on the door frame or window panes. You can also get light curtains which will cost less than Rs. 500. I found these cool Star Light curtains that cost less than Rs. 500.

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3. Glamorous Lamps

A whacky looking lamp is enough bringing a different appeal to your room. It completely depends on if you wish to have a floor lamp or a table lamp. If you are going for a table-top lamp, make sure that it is suave. Otherwise, if you’re going for the floor, make sure that the lamp provides the decadence to the room. I found a Mosaic Style Dome Shaped Glass Table Lamp which costs less than Rs. 500. Among the best and most selling pocket-friendly home decor Items to redecorate your home.

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4. Artificial Flowers

A bunch of colorful flowers is what you need to make your home inviting and attractive. You can arrange them as per your mood and style. I found a bunch of Artificial Roses along with a flower vase that cost less than Rs. 500.

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5. Funky Photo Frames

pocket-friendly home decor Items

You can bring the funk in your rooms by changing or decorating the frames of your photographs. They get your home a dose of personality. You can also utilize your craft supplies to redecorate existing frames. You can get a lot of inspirational ideas on the Internet. You can also check out Amazon for some funky and aesthetic frames. I found Peacock Shaped Verdigris Finish table metal photo frame that costs only Rs. 445.

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6. Corner Tables

Instead of getting those expensive, lavish corner tables, you can opt for a rustic wooden stool. Not only it will look gorgeous, but the most portable corner table for you. The good news is that it costs only Rs. 300. You can check it out by clicking here. best pocket-friendly home decor Items that will give your room a hip vibe.

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7. Colorful Curtains

Apart from making your room look neater, curtains also add texture and color to your room. You can check out these Polyester Curtains which cost on Rs. 349.

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8. Indoor Plants

If you have a thing for nature and gardening, you can add some indoor plants to your room. It will make your room look fresh and even you will feel fresh. You can find Bonsai Plants on Amazon worth Rs. 200.

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9. Artsy Carpets

Spreading an artsy carpet on your room’s floor can do wonders. I found this artsy carpet which costs less than Rs. 500.

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10. Wire Rack

This item is whacky and useful. Using a stylish wire rack, you can stack magazines on your corner table or in your study. The best part is that it costs Rs. 449. One of the best pocket-friendly home decor Items to redecorate your home you can get.

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11. Wall Art

I am sure that nobody likes returning home having dull and mundane walls. You kinda miss out on life if your room’s walls look lifeless. Your interiors should be inviting and relaxing. The best way of revamping your humble abode is by getting wall art. I found this Maple Craft Touch Me Not Brown Leaf Wall Art which you’ll easily get in less than Rs. 500.

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12. Floating Bookshelf

If you wish to give your room an artsy look, you can always opt for getting floating bookshelves. Keeping books on these shelves which will be hanging on your walls might end up bringing out the bibliophile in you. The best part is that they only cost Rs. 399. It is among the best selling pocket-friendly home decor Items to redecorate your home.

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13. Artsy Tapestry

In case you’re skeptical of putting something directly on your wall, you can use tapestry to add the glamour to your wall. I found this Mandala Tapestry which costs less than Rs. 500.

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14. Bamboo Stool

If you wish to add a bohemian touch to your room, you can opt for a bamboo stool. It typically costs Rs. 499. You will find the variety on Amazon.

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15. Quirky Clocks

Well, if you have a classy or quirky clock, it will never go unnoticed. I found this classy pendulum clock which costs on Rs. 439.

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They say home is where the heart is. You can’t get a feeling of unwinding when your house is dull and lifeless. In your home, every corner becomes a reflection of your personality. So, go ahead, shake things up, and make your home truly interesting.

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