It amazes me how two people share their time with each other yet their interest and thought process is different from each other. Each individual is unique, just like the concept of DNA, how the DNA of two people can’t be the same; similarly, their personality also can’t be the same.

When we take a close look at any group of friends sitting together, we can easily spot that some people are taking the conversation forward while some are just listening and enjoying it. The humans can be classified into three types here- Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts. For eg- Some people find it easy to talk to people and make friends while some remain quiet and are a little uncomfortable among new people. This is the basic difference between Extroverts and Introverts. Then come the Ambiverts, These talk to people easily but do not share their secrets with everybody. They are selective about what they share. Neither too outgoing nor too shy.

A human brain develops every day. It is a connection of neurons and is responsible for our behavior and interests. This is the reason why the learning phase in our life never stops.  There are always some things that you enjoy more than others. These are the tell-tale signs from childhood days as some like to participate in sports while some like to enjoy their solace and sketch. This is all due to our “PSYCHOLOGY”. The one who understands it and embraces the way his mind reacts is sure to become successful.

While in school we are least concerned about our future or what profession are we going to choose. For us, school life is all about enjoying ourselves and study whatever is being taught to us from the syllabus. There are certain things which we experience in our school life. We all enjoy different activities according to our area of interest.

Here is a list of all the things associated with our childhood-


  1. Running from the assembly to avoid those PT sessions.
  2. Sitting in the art room doing nothing or doodling anything and admiring the work of that single person from your class who is an amazing artist.
  3. Going to the dance class and having the best time of your life though most of you are not able to match and coordinate the dance steps with the rest of the dancing
  4. Hating and cursing your teacher for taking that Games lecture and killing your excitement of whole day for playing Volleyball.
  5. Missing all the classes during sports week or Annual fest week.
  6. Copying your maths homework from your studious classmate to avoid the scolding from your strict teacher.
  7. Sitting in the library talking to your friends in a hushed voice and getting interrupted by the bookworm sitting next to you who is engrossed in reading.
  8. Going to the music room and listening to the one playing the Guitar and trying your hand on that instrument only to realise this is not your thing.guitar
  9. Fearing that you might put a wrong chemical in the beaker and what if it explodes. Surely some of us enjoyed playing with the colourful chemicals and powders but most of us found Chemistry a tricky business.
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This was the fun part but there are some problems also related to your school life. There is peer pressure and a constant pressure from the parents to perform well in the academics.

Some of the problems faced widely by the students in their schooling days are-

  1. Too many expectations-

Parents want to see their children succeed and it is a competitive world out there so they constantly remind them about the race in which they are supposed to run and excel. This is not completely wrong but a child must not be pressurized to outperform others. He must be taught about the importance of academics in life as well as feel free to enjoy his areas of interest.




  1. Peer Pressure-

Teenage is a critical age for a child transforming into an adult. The hormones are going haywire and they want to be heard and accepted. It is very likely that they give in to peer pressure just to fit in. It is quite common to see themselves compared with other students and this comparison is not healthy. They must be nurtured with love and care and should feel independent to make their own choices.



peer pressure


  1. Following a pattern-

Everybody wants to play a safe bet. This rule applies to every aspect of life. People tend to follow a trend rather than standing out because they feel it is a safe choice to make.

Parents often convince their children to follow a career choice which they feel will be a safe option even after 10 years from now. This is the biggest mistake that anybody can make.



  1. Lack of guidance-

It exists not only in children but also in parents. They may or may not be updated with the new job prospects and new industries which are flourishing and hence prefer everything old school.

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  1. Living in a shell-

Parents want all things nice for their children and sometimes end up protecting them more than it is required. The entire childhood is spent living in a shell and they are just not ready for the outside world. Children must be allowed to take risks and make mistakes. This is how they learn.







All these problems are not new and are prevailing from the time we can remember.  So what is the solution to these problems? Most of these exist due to the lack of awareness and difference of opinions between parents and children. We need a guide who listens, understands and solves the problem and brings both the generations on the same page.

Brain Pundits is your guide for this matter.


Lack of proper guidance ends up putting several students on a wrong career path. Eventually, they realize that this is not what they want to do. College life passes while enjoying with friends and exploring new things. The placement season arrives and you are least enthused to sit in an interview because this is not what you are meant to pursue. Your heart starts talking to you and you look for alternatives.

Even though you take up a job for the sake of money you are not happy after some time and start questioning your decisions.

Here you realize that you didn’t get proper guidance at the initial stage i.e. after school.

 It is very important to realize the difference between earning and living.


The next problematic phase in your life is when you enter the professional world and deal with people regarding your work on a daily basis. If you love your work then this is the golden phase of your life but if you don’t then this creates some serious trouble and you start feeling certain things. Given below are some things that you experience if you are in the wrong profession.



  1. You think about past mistakes-

You get teleported back to the time where you were in the initial stage for making the base of your career. You start thinking about the possibilities. What I should have done, what would have been the end results.



  1. You start fantasizing about quitting-

You start thinking about how your life will be in the coming years if you quit this job now.  This is a cry for help and you must never ignore this.

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quit job



  1. You find it hard to get up in the morning-

There is a serious lack of motivation in your life. You don’t feel really excited and energetic to go to the workplace. This is how you feel every morning.



  1. Surf for more options on Google-

In your free time, your search history is filled with different search results on what career prospects are there which require your current skillset.


job hunt



If you experience these things then it is your responsibility to make yourself happy by acting on it as soon as possible. If you just take a step back thinking that it’s too late and you can’t just take such a drastic step then find a friend who could help you in this area.

It is not compulsive that you have to start from scratch if you want to make some modifications in your career. You can use your current skillset in some other industry and yet succeed.

But how to know what courses will be best suited for you? How big of a risk is this? Do you need to start from scratch?

No need to worry. The team of skilled professionals at BRAIN PUNDITS will guide you well through your journey and make sure you make choices that will take you places and make you successful.


They have different psychometric tests that you can take up at different stages- after 10th, 12th or after graduation and even if you are working and earning.


Brain Pundits is building a service that will allow people to measure their minds and tell what are their strengths, their weaknesses, what are their opportunities and their threats.

There is a team of experienced psychologists which maps your psychology through psychometric tests and advice you accordingly. They map every aspect of your personality before giving out your report. They help you in identifying the core interest with respect to their future occupation and what courses you must opt to land up in that preferred industry.

Personality, aptitude and orientation style are significant determinants of an individual’s success in their careers. Try taking a test at Brain Pundits or tell your juniors/colleagues who are in a dilemma.





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  1. Hi Bhawna,

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    Thanks to you for sharing such a great article this will help many in order to understand their feelings And thought process

    • Hi Donna
      You are absolutely right. We need to identify the fact that each individual is unique and has his own strengths and way of dealing with a situation.
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    • Hi Thurman
      All of the information is discussed with the team of Psychologists at the workplace and referring to the research done in the mentioned area
      Glad this could help you in some way 🙂
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