There are so many instances when we get stuck in a situation and think if I will be able to handle this stuff. But at the end of the day, everything is fine and you realize your own strength. As life passes by you keep on exploring different yet untouched parts of you. Isn’t it amazing how less do we know about ourselves?

It is very easy to give suggestions to someone else and judge people for their strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to ourselves, we just avoid the thought and think that we know better. My question is, Do we?

It is necessary to make most of your time and ability and this is possible only if you know everything about self. The best way to know yourself better is to engage in some me time and ask questions to self. Attempt things which you think that “is not your cup of tea”. One should not be afraid of failures. Failure is the best teacher and you always end up learning something about yourself.

But what questions to ask for self-discovery?

Don’t worry we got you covered. Given below are some questions which will help you identify everything better. Try attempting these and you will surely discover some new aspects of your personality.



1. What is your idea of an ideal day-






Try asking yourself that what things or events will make your day perfect according to you. What gives you an image of an ideal day, this will help you understand your interests better.



2. When was the last time when you felt alive-






This is the best question you could ask yourself. This will make you realize where your true happiness actually lies and what keeps you going in your life.

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3. What are you grateful for-




As humans, we have a habit of asking for numerous things but when we actually get them we don’t acknowledge them and start asking for more.

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It is important that you make a list of things you are grateful for this will give you a sense of satisfaction and you will feel yourself to be lucky than most of the people.



4. What do I crave for in my life right now-






You may be professionally in a very good place but you feel that something is missing. Try asking yourself, what is that something. The answer will make you understand that all things are equally important with time. You just wait for the right time or create it yourself.


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5. What advice would you give to your younger self-







While growing up we are least worried about our future. There are many mistakes that we make and realize it afterward. Some are mistakes, some are blunders. Of course! we learn from our mistakes and advice ourselves to abstain from that particular thing.

As an adult also take a step back and ask yourself would you feel good about it while looking back after some years?



6. What do I love about myself-







Don’t always complain about your weaknesses. Nobody is perfect. Instead of focussing on your flaws embrace and enhance your positive points.

It is necessary to give yourself some credit. It doesn’t hurt.



7. Who is most dear to you and why-






Ask this to yourself and you will know who is the most loved person by you. This will tell you about the kind of people you align with.


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8. What was the thing you didn’t attempt because you were too scared-







This will surprise you and you will identify your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s worth taking the risk depending upon what it is worth.

When you identify this thing chances are you might decide to overcome your fear and take that plunge now.

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9. Who inspires me and why-








There is always a person in our life whom we admire a lot. We find something special in even the simplest things they do. Maybe this is because of the way they do it or simply you are interested in what they are good at doing.

Find the answer and be happy.



10. What kind of places do I like to travel-








The kind of place you want to visit tells a lot about your personality. Some of us like to just be with our loved ones, some of us want to travel solo and be with our thoughts, some of us like to go to a calm and serene place while some of us want to party hard.

Whatever be the case identify your personality and know yourself better.


11. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years-







Maybe you want to be in some other country, or you want to start up your own business. Get an insight now to make better and fulfilling decisions.



12. What was the one thing you thought you couldn’t do but you did-








This will boost your confidence and you will start trusting yourself more.

We have a habit of underestimating ourselves and end up settling of less than we actually deserve.



13. What is that something new you want to learn-







It can be any hobby. You might want to learn some dance form or playing a musical instrument. It can be as simple as developing a habit of reading. Different individuals have different tastes according to their personalities.



14. What takes up most of my time-








It can be something productive or something you need to cut out asap like procrastinating or nagging.

Whatever it is you must give it a thought and analyze accordingly.

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15. What makes you unhappy-








Asking yourself what makes you happy is so common. It is equally important to identify things that make you unhappy or grumpy.

Next time you do that thing or someone else tries doing that to you, you will just program your brain to cut it out.



16. What new did I learn this week-







It might be a simple shortcut on your laptop or something big to help you at your workplace. Find it out and credit yourself or give a pat on your back ?



17. What are my priorities at present-








Setting your priorities straight helps you win half the battle. It is of utmost importance to lead a drama-free life.



18. How am I dealing with negativity in my life-







No matter how hard we try to keep it at bay, it finds a way to creep in our life. You should ask yourself what are you doing to avoid it and whether it is enough or not.

If not you will definitely try something out to eradicate it completely.



19. How am I dealing with emotional pain-







We all have our highs and lows. It is inevitable and we must accept the fact that life is a roller-coaster ride and we should be prepared to handle the worst. Find out how you handle such situations.



20. How do I rejuvenate and be more energetic-








For some, it is an hour-long chat with the best pal and for some people, solace works. You just need to identify your niche.



These were a few questions you can try asking yourself and seek answers. You will surely find something new about yourself and feel happy.

If you have some other questions in mind then comment below and help your fellow readers.




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