Reasons why your coffee does not taste right – how you can fix it

Reasons Why Your Coffee Does Not Taste Right

As a coffee lover, one of the most satisfying feeling is taking your first sip of coffee early in the morning. Once you have that cup of coffee, you get the energy to start your do. If you make your coffee at home, you are bound to make mistakes especially because there are endless brewing methods and coffee types and this can be confusing. There is nothing as bad as taking time out of your morning to make a much-needed cup of coffee only to be disappointed with a bad taste. In this case, there are several reasons why your coffee just does not give off the taste you expected.

Your coffee beans are not fresh

Just like other organic products coffee has its own shelf life. Regardless of how faintly your coffee smells or how good it looks; it will expire at one point.

Immediately coffee leaves any roaster, it starts to lose some of its flavor. This is because roasting coffee beans produces a lot of carbon dioxide that is leaked through degassing. Degassing occurs when the coffee is let to sit around for long and this can cause the flavor to escape from your coffee. This process affects the taste as well as flavor of your coffee.

What’s the fix?

There is no way around it, you have to throw away the old coffee beans otherwise you will have to deal with the awful taste every time you make some coffee. Next time you purchase some coffee, don’t go overboard. Your coffee will taste better fresh so it’s better to get your coffee in reasonable quantities. Always to check for roast date to get a fresh batch.

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You are using low quality coffee or it’s a bad roast

Low quality coffee will show in the type of flavor it produces. If your coffee is not coming out right you need to check the bean quality. Generally. Arabica coffee has more flavor that Robusta.

Roasting your own coffee beans is complex. Without the right equipment, technique and quality coffee beans then you will not get good quality coffee. Besides, the sugar and protein contents found in coffee beans are inconsistent even when using the same coffee bean types. This means your coffee won’t always taste the same.

What’s the fix?

You need to consider the type of coffee beans you use. if you like a more flavorful coffee, then go for bens like the arabica. If you roast coffee at home maybe you should consider finding different brads of coffee beans, upgrading your equipment and also finding a new recipe.

The grind on your coffee is too big or too small

The type of grind has a huge difference on how your coffee will taste. If your coffee grind is too fine, it will result to over-extraction during the brewing process. This can cause your coffee to have a bitter, unappealing taste. On the other hand, larger coffee grounds have more surface areas and therefore will not dissolve quickly during the brewing process. This can result in weak, sour coffee with an unappealing flavor.

What’s the fix?

The type of grind on your coffee depends on the brewing method. Every brewing method has its preferred level of grind. For example, a French press requires extremely coarse beans to make the perfect cup of coffee. A cold brew coffee on the other hand will work best with finely ground coffee beans.

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You have the wrong temperature water

The standard water temperature of brewing coffee lies between 195°F and 205°F. when its hotter than that, it will destroy the quality and taste in your coffee as well as the flavors and volatile oils. A little bit colder than that and the coffee will be under-extracted. (But this only applies to some coffee brewing methods.

So, to get the right coffee, you must maintain the temperature of the water between 195 -205 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, when the water is above 205°F it will scald your coffee grounds and this may result in a burnt taste. Temperature below 195°Fwill give you flavorless coffee.

What’s the fix?

Make sure to do your research on the perfect temperature water and your brewing time depending on the type of brewing method you are using “Super blog everything you need to know to make the perfect cup of coffee. Also, invest in a thermometer to measure the correct temperature types.


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