All the character from tv show friends are very relatable and I am sure all of us can relate to Chandler Bing. It is probably one of the most popular and loved TV shows of all times. All the characters hold a special place in the hearts of all the audience. This is the perfect show to binge watch and all the puns and jokes don’t get old even after so many years. The show still feels fresh somehow.

Although all the characters are very nice, my favorite is Chandler Bing. He is smart, funny, handsome and is ready to commit to the one he truly loves.

Here I have made a list of all the qualities which make him so relatable. Have a look-

Things You Could Relate to Chandler Bing


1. He loves his friends-



In the show, it is shown that he helps Joey in his days of struggle. While Joey is trying to make a name for himself Chandler is there to support him.
Don’t we all try to help our friends in the time of need and stand by them and assure them that we have got their back?



2. He uses humor as a defense mechanism-




It is very hard to let our guard down and let someone be in our life. Most of the times we hide our feelings by saying something funny and letting people think that we can handle everything easily by laughing at it.

He did this a lot but was always open with his friends. {the time he told Monica about his third nipple}

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3. Practical-



He is financially stable and makes sound choices for himself. This we all try to do, to help us be more mature and organized.

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4. He followed his dream-




When he realized that he should be doing ‘something’ he meant it and in the later episodes, he made that ‘something’ happen for him after quitting a stable job and starting from the scratch in a new field.


5. He grows with time-



In his 20’s he has done some stupid stuff but as years pass he becomes responsible while keeping his fun side intact.


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6. Couldn’t talk to his crush-



C’mon we all know this one. Nobody is cool in front of their crush. We either smile stupidly or say something stupid. Whatever we do ‘stupid’ is a common factor in that. That is why we are able to relate to him because he just can’t act normal. It among the most common things we can relate to Chandler Bing.


7. Not afraid to commit-



Yes, he is shown as the person who just can’t commit but in later seasons he is not afraid to take the plunge with Monica( the woman he truly loves). This quality is being appreciated by many.



8. He tells people’s secrets-


Because it makes them like him. We all have done it at some point or other. We are not proud but it is so relatable.

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9. King of Sarcasm-



His most talked about personality trait and probably the best. He made us understand the actual meaning of the word “sarcasm”. Don’t we all want to be surrounded by people like him who can make us laugh?



So these are some of the traits which make him so relatable. Do you also have a person like Chandler in your life, or are you the Chandler in someone’s life? Do let us know in the comment section below.



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