Remedies for hangover, not a lot of things come to mind! What is drinking when you count the number of shots you intake. Getting drunk when you meet your friends after a long time is a necessity. It is very much required to let your hair down every once in a while. Let your worries and sorrows drown in that peg of whiskey because you deserve it.

But after enjoying a long night of partying hard and letting your hair down there comes a thing which you dread the most “The Hangover”. The main symptoms of a hangover are headache, nausea, vomiting, low energy, and heavy breathing.

The next day becomes a nightmare when you don’t feel like going out or talking to anyone because your head is thumping hard. As soon as you keep your feet on the ground after waking up you feel like the whole room is kind of revolving and you sit down just there from where you got up. You want a miracle to cure the hangover. As it is not advised to take a painkiller for such pain we have made a list of all the home remedies for hangover. Also, some points to help you avoid the aftereffects of hard drinks are also mentioned in the following post. Have a look-

Awesome Remedies for Hangover


Eating heavy and greasy food before consuming alcohol-



You have one more reason to eat pizza. It is observed that eating heavy and oily food grease up your intestines which results in the absorption of alcohol a time taking process. It is among the best remedies for hangover.

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Drinking water in between-



Drinking half a glass of water after every drink can prove to be very helpful if you dread getting hungover the following day.


Drinking electrolytic drink-

coconut water


Fluids can prove to be your savior and you will see many remedies in which we tell you to include fluids as much as possible. Electrolytic drinks like coconut water or sports drink help you restore the potassium and salt that your body loses.


Eating light afterward-



It is advised to eat heavy food before drinking but this is not the case afterward. It is suggested to eat light breakfast like toast, oatmeal etc which are easy to digest. Getting calories back into the body is important but small meals after every 2 hours can make a huge difference in providing relief against hangover.


Having something sweet while consuming alcohol-

orange juice


Sugar speeds up the metabolism of alcohol. But how to consume sugar between drinks?

We have your back. Take orange juice in between your drinks or mix your vodka with cranberry juice instead of having it neat or with other soft drinks or soda.


Have ginger tea-

ginger tea


Sipping ginger tea will rescue you from that nauseous feeling and vomiting. Make ginger tea before you go out to party and start having drinks. Ginger tea helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels which are thrown out of balance by excessive alcohol consumption.


Take a walk in the park-



This is quite simple and you would think who would drag oneself to the park while feeling nauseous. But trust us, there is no cure better than fresh air. It makes your mind happy and lights and uplifts your spirits. It might not cure it completely but there is no denying the fact that it actually helps a lot.

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Eat protein-rich food-


protein food

everything stops functioning perfectly in your body when there is a disturbance in your blood sugar levels. Just like ginger tea, protein-rich foods also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

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Avoid smoking while you are drinking-


no smoking


People tend to get carried away and ignore the minute things which alleviate the effects of a hangover. Smoking along with a drink is quite a common thing. We don’t realize the fact that it enhances the risk of a hangover. Nicotine along with alcohol make the matter worse.


Don’t watch TV-

tv shows


This is mostly ignored by people. When you are not able to sleep you switch on Tv to kick the boredom. But television puts unnecessary strain on your eyes which leads to headache.



Drink a glass of water before going to bed-


Dehydration is the enemy and needs to be avoided if you want to wake up fresh the next morning. Drink a glass of water before going to bed, it helps in flushing out all the toxins out of your body in the morning.


Keep eating-

Remedies for Hangover


With your drinks don’t forget to eat the starters. This helps in keeping your blood alcohol concentration in check. The food in your stomach makes sure that this balance is maintained.


So, these were some simple remedies and tips to avoid that unnecessary headache the next time you drink. Tell us if you found these helpful in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Bhawna,

    I have been around your site a couple of times, but for some reason, I did see your latest articles. I thought you have not been blogging. Well, this is a masterpiece post especially for those who drink alcoholic beverages. Your tips are profound, and I love them.

  2. Hi Moss,
    Yes, I was inactive for a couple of days hence didn’t get a chance to publish anything new.

    Thought of writing something useful and what’s better than tips to help the people who wake up on Monday with a heavy head.
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