Since childhood, we made innumerable promises and took many resolutions. Yes, the promises kept changing from our school days to our teen years. But did we complete them? Hell no!

This post is dedicated to those unfulfilled promises which we made to ourselves at some point of time in our life.

Have a look-

Resolutions that Were Never Completed


1. To return home before sunset-

Well, this one is applicable to date. Playing outdoor games and returning home late was one of the main reasons for getting scolded. So we promised our mothers that we will be hone before sunset just to break that promise again. Oops!! Still continuing…


2. Studying regularly-

Thinking that so much time is left for the exam we will study tomorrow. But that tomorrow came only on the night before the exam. Semesters went by but we never kept the promise to study on time. It was one of those Resolutions that were never completed.


3. Regular workout-

Resolutions that were never completed

Hey! Its new year and the resolution is still not new. Taking a resolution to focus on healthy eating, regular workouts and failing every time.We all know how it feels! Right?


4. Submitting assignments on time-

resolutions never completed

Never able to complete our notebooks on time and submitting the assignments late in college was a ritual. Promising yourself to complete that pending work on time and failing every time had its own fun.


5. Taking bath regularly-

resolutions never completed

This one is solely dedicated to ‘hostel guys’. No matter how hard they tried it was just next to impossible to wake up on time and take a bath.Plus the late night parties made it really hard to wake up on time.

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6. Be the master of a trade-

Taking our interest to another level was something we all aspired for.Be it playing some musical instrument, dancing, singing but the hectic schedule made it hard for us to take it to the next level.


7. Organising everything


From our almirah to our life. We always wished to keep everything in order and we actually tried, but it lasted for only a week or two. Hearing lectures for not keeping things in place was easier than arranging everything.

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Yes now we have learned to live with our choices but these are the things that many of us tried to accomplish at some point in our lives.But life is all about setting new goals.

Let us know what were your crazy goals or resolutions and did you accomplish any?




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