We all need no introduction to ” John Wick”. The movie gained popularity among the best revenge thrillers genre and the work of Keanu Reeves is again commendable. The movies revolve around a hitman who has retired from his dark past but is forced to retreat to his old ways after a rich spoilt brat kills his puppy gifted by his wife. If you are also a fan of indulging in the dark revenge thriller stories then you will find this list of best revenge thrillers pretty useful.


This movie is base on DC comics but follows a different timeline. This is a different kind of superhero story and has amazing performances to its name. The story of the movie is based on the times of the cold war. The superheroes have retired from the action but return when one of them dies. They dig deeper to avenge his death after there is a hint of conspiracy.



This is one of the less-known but one of the best revenge thrillers that you would stumble upon. There are many A-list actors in the movie and the cinematography is impeccable. The action sequences are also very well directed and are super intense. Though the movie was not a huge success, you can still indulge in watching this one if you enjoy movies depicting naval life.


DARKMAN (1990)

Imagine there is some scientific discovery of making synthetic skin. In the movie, it’s been done by a scientist named Peyton Westlake. He is assumed dead when a gangster attacks him. Peyton takes the form of anybody using synthetic skin but he can be in that form for only 100 minutes. The music of the movie is also fantastic. The movie is a must-watch and falls under the category of horror, action, revenge thrillers, and science fiction.



This is a Korean movie which shows a journey of a man who is trying to save a little girl. The man owns a pawnshop but is caught in a situation where his friend’s mother steals drugs from a dangerous cartel. The mother and her daughter are kidnapped by the people of cartel. The pawnshop owner tracks the kidnappers down to save them using his ex-Army intelligence officer qualities.



Gon is a skilled hitman who is raised by mafia men after being abandoned by his mother. He is guilt-ridden after he mistakenly kills a young girl. Just when he is about to retire one last task awaits for him that will free him from the guilt of killing that young innocent girl. He takes this chance at redemption.

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MATRIX (1999)

Matrix is a quite famous film in the area of revenge thrillers and for the right reasons. The movie depicts the story of a computer hacker and has a perfect blend of mystery, action and thrill. It is no surprise that the movie won 4 Academy Awards and changed the way people look at sci-fi movies.


MACHETE (2010)

A man named Federale Machete loses his wife and child after his boss betrays and sets him up. He plans to take revenge and get finish those who double-crossed him. The movie is a mix of action and dark comedy and you would enjoy watching this one.


MAD MAX (1979)

A motorcycle gang targets a police pursuit driver for the death of their former leader. They target his wife and child to get back at him. He decides to avenge them and sets out to find them and finish them. The movie was a low-budget but the quality will make you believe otherwise. It performed very well and there were all praises for the brilliant work of the cast and the director as well.


PAYBACK (1999)

Till now we were talking about revenge thrillers where a man avenges the death of his family but what happens when his wife shoots him and betrays him with his best friend. They are robbers who commit the crime of robbery but he is shot by them on one such day of the casual robbery. He recovers and returns for revenge and his share. The complexity of characters is well-depicted and all the actors did a fair job in justifying the characters.


OLDBOY (2003)

The life of a common man turns upside down when he is kidnapped and kept in a cell for 15 years without any explanation. He is released for 5 days and must find his kidnappers in the specified time only. The storyline is smart and the action is mind-blowing. The movie has many twist and turns which will keep you hooked till the end.



This is again one of the most talked-about revenge thrillers. The movie portrays the story of a secret agent who finds out that his fiancè is murdered by a psychopath killer. He promises himself to avenge his love, whatever it may take. The execution of the story is fantastic and you won’t regret investing your time in watching this masterpiece.

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KILL BILL (2003)

A girl who is about to get married decides to leave her days of being an assassin behind. But she is denied this chance after her old enemies crash her wedding and kill everybody and she goes into a coma. She wakes-up after 4 years and seeks vengeance. This is a masterpiece directed by Quentin Tarantino which is filled with action, violence and drama.


This is a very complex movie which will keep coming back to you for many days. This is one of the best revenge thrillers you would find out there. Tom Stall is a full family man. When two criminals show up at his diner he kills them to protect the waitress. This action has its repercussions. This film was nominated to two academy awards due to such great execution.




Nils son has been murdered for something he didn’t even do and he decided to do something about this. Nils has been awarded the Citizen of the year award but doesn’t care about anything else he just wants justice. He does something which puts a line between the mafia boss and a gangster. The movie is filled with action, drama, dark humour.



MAN ON FIRE (2004)

John Creasy who is an Ex- CIA has been hired to protect a nine-year-old after his retirement. The girl is kidnapped and the hells breaks loose and he decides to track the kidnapper down and starts his dangerous mission. The film has a great cast, great storyline and enough amount of thrill. The work done by the cast is remarkable. this is a great revenge thriller you must not miss.



Point blank is a very famous movie in the best revenge thrillers genre. The story is about a mysterious man who decides to retrieve the amount which was taken away from him after being double-crossed. The soundtrack is amazing and the visuals are great and the performances by the star cast are spell-bounding.

BLUE RUIN (2013)

The blue ruin is a riveting movie which will keep you glued at the edge of your seat throughout with its twists and turns. A man’s life takes an unexpected turn after he comes to his hometime to protect his estranged family.  The movie is a perfect mix of thrill and emotional drama. Probably one of the best revenge thrillers for you to watch.


THE LIMEY (1999)

An English ex-con is released from prison and sets on a journey to find out who killed his daughter. You will see how every action has its reaction to our surroundings and on the people we love. The thrill and the storyline are well-paced and the build-up for the climax is stupendous. Terence Stamp has again proven his acting prowess with this one.

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John Matrix is threatened after his comrades are killed. Shortly after the threat his daughter is abducted and John is asked to do things which he would never do if he wants to see his daughter safe.

Clearly, John is underestimated by them when he decides to take on the entire group holding his daughter hostage. You must watch this one if you love revenge thrillers.


FURY (2014)

The movie shows that the Nazis are in trouble. Yes, you guessed it right the movie is a World War 2 story starring Brad Pitt.  Sergeant, Don, Collier goes behind enemy lines for the completion of a very dangerous mission with only 4 men. The trick is to trust your partner with your life and the most resilient one survives. You gather all your strenght hormones as this movie is a very serious one.



American Sniper is a very famous movie which is based on the real-life story of a U.S navy seal. Chris Kyle cannot shake his belonging on the battlefield everywhere he goes. He hears the sounds of firing and can’t seem to leave the war days behind him. He is quite a good soldier. Whenever he pulls a trigger he just hopes he didn’t make a wrong choice of killing an innocent after he decides to protect his comrades. The movie will make you realise the importance of such soldiers which let you sleep safe and sound in your home.



TAKEN (2008)

The movie shows the story of Bryan Mills who is a former government operative. His daughter is abducted and he makes it his life mission to take revenge and bring back his daughter safe. He uses all his skills in this mission. This is not one of his regular personal mission this time, it is to save his daughter. The emotional condition of a father is so beautifully portrayed and the movie is well-directed. As always Lian Neeson is brilliant. You must not miss this one.



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