So, on one fine evening, Rhea Chakraborty was arrested after 3 consecutive days of questioning by the Narcotics Control Bureau. Rhea, along with her brother Showik Chakraborty, has been arrested for the procurement of drugs like weed and hash for Sushant’s and their personal consumption. With this, Rhea Chakraborty, her brother, and a few other drug peddlers have become a part of a drug syndicate. Interestingly, an old tweet of hers pointing out a girl’s involvement in drug trafficking is also being used against her.

The tweet is as follows:

Now, if we look 3 months back, Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide received a lot of media attention, up to an extent that some news reporters barged into Sushant’s parental house in Bihar to capture the ‘real-time’ griefs and emotions of his father. For certain days, it was believed Sushant was in depression which sparked off a dire need for mental health counseling in the country. Following this, another theory crept up that he was murdered. Then there were some business partnerships and many more speculations which finally rested on a very effective one, i.e. drug syndicate.

Up till now, Rhea, who was a gold digger and an opportunist who honey-trapped on Sushant in order to bask in his fame and enjoy on his money, suddenly was realized to have giving drugs to an already depressed man. Then comes into the scene, the perils of nepotism and an actress who compares Mumbai to PoK, an ex-girlfriend who earlier claimed Sushant wasn’t depressed but later realized he was, as he was being given drugs; to some tabloid journalists who already declared Rhea Chakraborty a high-profile criminal before any legitimate trial for consuming a drug whole India loves to consume conventionally, i.e., Ganja (marijuana). Sources said she forcibly was giving the drugs to Sushant, which is too naive as to how could she forced him to smoke a joint?

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Now coming to a serious note, there exists no evidence whether Rhea peddled drugs. Any recovery of drugs (read marijuana) made in this case is too small to amount to drug peddling. Also, according to experts, the quantity of drugs varies from substance to substance to qualify for an offence under the NDPS Act. In the case of marijuana, even 1kg is considered to be a “small quantity”. Interestingly, the charges of money laundering, cheating, or abetment of suicide are long forgotten now. It’s just a woman at the mercy of 3 Investigation agencies that are trying hard to rise to their own levels of incompetence.

Adding cherry to the cake, it is the tabloid media who are working day and night to project Rhea as another anti-national villain. From ground reporters harassing the lady to their masters in the newsroom brewing hatred against her, all of them are prepared not to leave any stone unturned to cover this topic of their ‘national curriculum’ of journalism. A news anchor infamous for shouting more and reporting less made it his personal agenda to put Rhea behind the bars. On the other hand, another TV channel (*coughs* Zee News *coughs*) felt it really convenient to assassinate Rhea’s character. Even after her arrest, they kept on posting videos that were found in her phone and those videos were misinterpreted just to assassinate her character.

Such filthy media trials have been going on for a very long time where students are accused to have terrorist connections and protestors are declared anti-national. The media has now deviated from its path of reporting the issues that actually the nation wants to know. The nation did want to know the mystery behind Sushant’s death but not at the cost of a dying economy, increase in Corona cases, and stagnant poverty.

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The lady may or may not come out clean. However, this unnecessary mud-slinging and hateful incitement of mob sentiments towards a single person is what is dangerous and should be criticized. Otherwise, as another celebrity pointed out today, “It could be you the next time.”.


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