The history of Indian drama dates back to the days of Raam-Leela and Nukkad-Natak being held at various places on various occasions. Slowly this drama was depicted on television. Many amazing TV shows were also made like Vyomkesh Bakshi, Alif Laila but as time progresses the brains got smaller. Some are legendary with some amazing storylines but some are unworthy and crappy.
In fact, Pewdiepie made fun of Indian TV shows. These shows defy the laws of science and have no storyline plus weird plot twists. You curse the makers of such shows for feeding people’s brain with such dirt. At first, you find it funny but then it becomes irritating and you pity those who watch such non-sense and increase their TRP’s.

Here is a list of all such TV shows which can make your eyes bleed and can compel you to pull your hairs and scream at the top of your voice. So here are Ridiculous Indian TV Shows.
Have a look-

1. Naagin-


It made it to the top of our list. The most talked about Indian TV shows. Top rated actresses are a part of this weird series. Sequels are being made and people watch this with interest. But if you apply a little bit of science then this show doesn’t make any sense.
You also question the integrity of the leading actors working in this show.


2. Sasural Simar Ka-

sasural simar ka

The most ridiculous Tv show. All supernatural creatures are found in this show. Such hotch-potch and you are left asking questions like how is this even possible? Where is the science, baby? Mom, why are you even watching this?
This is my favorite on the list of the most hated TV show.

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3. Baalveer-


Yeah, I know this show is for kids but its a little too much negative for their innocent brain. I mean witches and fairies, we should be a little more practical and not give them false hopes.


4. Paheredaar Piya Ki-

pehredaar pyaar ke

This show literally crossed all lines of super-weird and awkward. I mean marrying a small boy with an adult surely made my mind go ‘WTF’. I just thought who allows such content on TV. Where is the censor board now?


5. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi-

kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi

The most talked about saas-bahu drama. Generations came and generations went by but their ‘BAA’ (great grandmother) didn’t change a bit. Just saying!
Plus that Mihir Virani came back after so many years


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6. Kasauti Zindagi Ki-

kasauti zindagi ki

I personally find it frustrating when a rich businessman tortures a middle-class family to marry a girl he just likes. These kinds of shows prove that money can buy you everything quite easily. This doesn’t happen in real life Mr. Bajaj.
P.S- Don’t forget the vamp ‘Komolika’.

7. Brahmarakshas-

Ridiculous Indian TV Shows

The trailer made me go ‘hahaa’. Yet another non-sense supernatural concept. It is a weird concept when a young girl goes out of town to attend her friend’s wedding and the bride dies mysteriously. Girl goes on to avenge and to hunt the mysterious creature “Brahmarakshas”.


8. Kavach: kali Shaktiyon Se-

Ridiculous Indian TV Shows

Another serial based on ‘bhoot-pret’ possessing a girl’s body. When will they ever stop making such things? They don’t even change the pattern or dialogues.

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9. Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki 

kahaani ghar ghar ki

This is a show which ran through our entire childhood. Another great gem from Ekta Kapoor. PewDiePie even made fun of the editing of the show among other things. It was truly a marvel which made things worse and lowered the bar.

Honorable Mentions – 

  1. Big Boss
  2. Roadies
  3. MTV Splitsvilla
  4. Emotional Atyachar
  5. MTV Love School

I am sure there are lots of worst television shows out there but these were some of the best who stole the crown. Ridiculous Indian TV shows, Do you think we missed anything? Which tv show that made you go “WTF”.

Image Source - IMDB


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