We all love watching romantic movies once in a while because they do put us in a good mood with their happy endings. But we can’t ignore the fact that they are unrealistic as hell and just don’t agree with our real life happenings. The things that are shown in the movies rarely happen in real life. The story-line is too predictable for you and sometimes you can also guess what the next dialogue is going to be. There are many cliches and we have written those in this article.

Romantic Movie Cliches


Music playing in the background whenever you see your love interest-

This one is the most played out. No movie is complete without music being played in the background. Either violin starts playing in the background or sound of piano falls into your ears.





The wind starts blowing at the perfect moment-

Whenever the actors say a romantic dialog their hair start to along with the wind. You must be surprised how they are in the perfect place even after such wind-catching action. In real- life we have to struggle to keep ourselves sane even on a non-windy day.




Super strict dad of the girl-

What is a rom-com without the guy trying to convince the super-strict dad of the girl to give away his girl to him?




Super cool mom of the boy-

This is a pure classic. The guy shares everything with his mom and his mom is super cool about everything he tells her. She is extremely supportive which is not a general scenario in real life. One of the most widely popular romantic movie cliches.






Singing songs-

There is a song for every occasion. Be it realizing you are in love or when you propose a girl or when she accepts your proposal. I don’t get it why we don’t sing songs whenever we fall in love.

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And the Whole college dancing-

Not only the hero sings a song. but also he gets many people to dance with him and match steps with him.




Playboy falling for an innocent girl-

A playboy who has been with many women gives his heart to a sweet, shy and innocent girl. Not only this, he actually has a change of heart and goes crazy for her.

Can we get real here? This never happens.





People with family animosity falling in love-

The family rivalry is complicated and what are the odds that you will fall in love with a person you hate the most? You will say this doesn’t happen but in a romantic movie, this almost always happens. First, they will fight over everything then boom they are in love.





Going to the airport and confessing your love-

How come they have to confess their love at the last moment. Plus the airport security is shown as a complete joke here. We can also get practical and call the person. But in romantic movies, this gesture is kind of essential to prove your love.




Slow motion-

From meeting the person they fall in love to hugging each other. Everything is in slow-mo.





Getting a makeover and suddenly becoming the talk of the town-

been there, seen that. This has happened in so many movies when a girl is tired of non-existence that she decides to get a makeover and get in the good books of the guy she really likes. Suddenly she is the talk of the town and also makes the guy fall in love with her.





Best friends falling in love-

Of course! After dating different people and denying that they just don’t feel things differently for each other. After having their fair share of disappointing relationships and getting together at the end of the movie. This cliche never goes out of style.

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Falling in each other’s arms-

Chances are high that if this happens in real life you would wind up getting hurt or the other person will call you blind. But in movies, they land perfectly in each other’s arms and make an eye contact for good two minutes before getting up.





The guy standing with flowers at her doorstep-

During the late hours when she is probably asleep and the actor cannot wait till the morning this has been shown in many movies. In real life, she doesn’t live alone to let him in during late hours.





Kissing in the rain-

Seriously! What’s up with this one. It starts raining out of nowhere when the actors kiss and it is not uncomfortable at all. It is easy for them to just stand there and not shiver due to cold.




Guy proposing in a grand way-

Why is it necessary to show that a proposal is incomplete without a bunch of people watching this procedure and clapping in the end when the girl hugs the guy.

Not everyone is so vocal and comfortable in the public regarding their feelings. Not everyone lights up the hallway as soon as the girl enters. Unrealistic!




Unacceptable lies getting forgiven easily-

How many movies have shown a guy getting a girl so that he wins some bet, or him hiding something really big just so the girl finds out herself and ditches him? In real life, you hardly get second chances but here it is no biggie and he is easily forgiven after of course shedding some tears.





Meeting the ‘right one’ while dating someone else-

Either of them is dating someone else or both of them are dating someone else before realizing that he/she is “the one”. Generally, this will be considered immoral but in the movies, it is shown as no big deal to cheat if you are in love.

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Stalker guy getting the girl to fall in love with him-

Making a girl go out with him based on some warning to kill himself and actually getting her to fall in love with him is so unreal. this is an alarm which should start ringing in your head as soon as that psycho threatens to kill himself.

In movies, this kind of behavior is glorified.





The possessive behavior being idolized-

In the movies, possessiveness is regarded as an essential part of your behavior if you love a girl. She is not allowed to talk to people and she is not allowed to do anything without the permission of her lover. The strange part is that the girl doesn’t even mind and possessiveness and jealousy are considered ‘cute’ by her.





Calling off a wedding at the end moment-

You gotta do what you gotta do. Realizing they can’t screw up their whole life just hours before their wedding is such a cliche and so is running out on their wedding.





A career-oriented guy getting life lessons from a free-spirited girl-

This one is so out there. A guy has his whole life planned out that how he is going to earn till he is 40 and then enjoys his life. Suddenly, a girl comes along and imparts life lessons and changes his way of seeing life.





Long distance relationships working out-

There is nothing wrong in a long-distance relationship. But we all know that they don’t work out every time. But in the movies, it is never the case. They always make it work.






  1. Hi Bhawna,

    The is a reason why the movies are called movies. They’re portray real-life scenes but they’re not real. We spent time and money on them because we want to entertain ourselves. So when watching these movie scenes, you want to watch them with a kids eye, not an adult. Because if you watch a movie with an adult’s eye, you probably might not want to watch again because you will be like, its not real.

  2. Hi Moss
    Yeah I couldn’t agree more. Movies are perfect to divert our mind and have fun. That’s why we watch them and enjoy them. Some things do happen and some don’t.
    Rom-coms are perfect for that matter.
    Thanx for stopping by. 🙂


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