Day by day more and more emphasis is being given to women safety and empowerment. Women play a major role in the development of a country and are responsible for all the lives on this planet. Alas! the condition of women is not what it should be like even in the 21st century. But having self-defence products for women handy can solve many problems.

Women must not be dependent on men to protect them and come to their safety. They must be able to take care of themselves. Here is a list of some self-defence products which every woman must keep handy.

Self-defence products for women

Chilli Spray Pack of 2

Chilli spray

This is the most common product which people know about when it comes to safety. Chilli spray has been in the market for very long and is good enough to disable the person who is trying to harm you for a few minutes. The range of spray is up to 8 feet. When the spray comes in contact with the concerned person it causes a burning sensation in the eyes.

Price- INR 349

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Aluminium Baseball Bat

Baseball bat

This sounds a bit extreme but the feasibility is good. Keep it under the back seat of the car. If you ever get stuck inside a car the glass is quite strong and is unbreakable with normal human efforts. Having this bat in such a situation can prove to be super useful.

Price- INR 849

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Fighting ball

How about becoming your own self-defence expert just by little practising at your home. This fighting ball is the perfect product to sharpen your reflexes. You have to hit the ball and it comes back at you. The harder you hit the ball the faster it returns to you. This will improve your response time and make you active overall.

self defence product

Price- INR 491

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Automatic safety alarm wrist band

This wrist band is made up of waterproof material and produces a deafening sound of 130 decibels. The usage is very easy you just need to push the button which produces a loud noise. The best part is it has an adjustable wrist band which can be easily used by blind people also.

wrist band

Price- INR 1499

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Optivave SoS Tracker

SOS tracker self defence

The main issue with SOS alarm is that. it gets activated due to many buttons present on the device. But, this device is an exception. It doesn’t send a false siren alert. You can use it up to 6 months by putting disposable coin cells. It doesn’t require any charging which is a plus point. It has my buddy trigger option which gives a ring to the SOS contact.

Price- INR 1975

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Mini torch with USB

Not exactly a self-defence product but a hand one we must say on a dark night. The best part is it has a charger attached with it so you can stop worrying if your phone is dead at the wee hours. It is water-resistant and very light-weight. This is easy to carry as it has attached keyring to it. So, you can put it on your bag or along with your car keys.

Price- INR 349

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Safety Product Premium Kit

self defence kit

All of the above in one kit. This is a premium product when it comes to self-defence and is quite economical. there is a rechargeable mini LED spotlight. 130 decibels safety alarm with keyring. You also get a pepper spray which comes in a leather cover making it easy to carry. This pepper spray is strong and good to take down 3-4 people at one go.


Price- INR 1499

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So, ladies do grab these self-defence products for women even if you think you don’t need to. Things like this never come with a warning. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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