When I first saw the preview of Sex Education on Netflix it seemed like any other sex comedy sitcom. But when I started watching it, I realized this is a brilliant show. Characters are relatable and you get the sense of closeness to the subjects. It is more than a comedy, it is a story about struggling to find love, fitting in the society where you need to act a certain way. It is a story of abuse and how it can affect your whole life. Sex education is more than comedy. Quotes from Sex Education are also very thoughtful and amazing.

In this article, we are putting together some of the most awesome Sex Education Quotes.

Fun and Inspiring Quotes From Sex Education



1. Intercourse can be wonderful, but it can also cause tremendous pain, and if you’re not careful, sex can destroy lives.

Sex education quotes

2. We’ve been holding hands for 45 minutes. I know how to hold hands. I’m here to fornicate.

Sex Education Quotes

3. I mean stop passively hearing and start actively listening.

4. One day, you are gonna meet someone who appreciates you for who you are. I mean, there are seven billion people on the planet. I know one of them is gonna climb up on a moon for you.

5. Look, sometimes, the people we like don’t like us back, and it’s painful, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

6. I am really freaked out by bumholes.

7. I wish I could be a normal kid with a normal dad and a normal dick.

8. If you like him, do what you want.

9. Why don’t you start by telling me your earliest memory of your scrotum?

10. Nice guy finish last. Especially when there’s a nicer guy with rock hard abs.

11. Knowledge is power, power is status and status means popular.

12. You are compellingly odd, Milburn

13. Anyways, I don’t do boyfriends.

14. You can’t choose who you are attracted to. You can’t engineer a relationship. You have to do what’s right.

15. You are so funny you make my dick hurt.

Sex education quotes

16. I don’t know what I want. No one has ever asked me that before.

17. Wonders never cease

18. Only you could turn the topic of dreams into existential angst

19. I think I have a problem. My body has complete control over me.

Sex education quotes

20. Last night I looked at some cheese and got an erection

21. It’s about making an effort to take little steps to meet her halfway.

22. Sex doesn’t make us whole

23. Dreams aren’t real that’s why they are called dreams

24. You don’t know what my reality is

25. I think we got it wrong. I think we are supposed to be friends.

26. I think I realized I would become too independent for relationships.

27. I have had to work really hard to love myself, and I won’t go back to hiding things about me again.

28. You have gotta let me figure out who I am and what else I like to do on my own

29. You shouldn’t let them bully you.

30. People who hate musicals have no soul.

31. When you love a person, there’s always a tiny part of you that’s terrified that one day you’re gonna lose them.


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32. We all have flaws and our bodies do things we have no control over. But we can always control being truthful.

33. When you love a person, there’s always a tiny part of you that’s terrified that one day you are gonna lose them.



So here you have it. Some of the most powerful Sex Education Quotes. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.



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